September Crown Tournament


Hosted by Device of Glymm Mere

The Barony of Glymm Mere (Thurston, Grays Harbor, and South Mason counties, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Francisca de Montoya
Date: September 2 , 2011 until September, 5 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 2th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 5th 2011

Event site:
Bob Nix Ranch
220 Nix Road Chehalis, WA 98532

Crown event no conflicts

The Barony of Glymm Mere is proud
to host September Crown Tournament for the Kingdom of An Tir. There
will be Championships in Archery, Equestrian and, of course, the
new King will be chosen in a grand tournament of fighting skill and
honor. There will be activities for everyone; archery, arts and
sciences, bardic, equestrian, heavy fighting, rapier fighting,
meetings galore… oh, and shopping, shopping and more shopping.
Join Their Majesties and the Kingdom of An Tir for the glorious
spectacle that is September Crown Tournament.

*Please remember to make award recommendations so Their Majesties
may recognize the hard working members of Their Kingdom;*

Rules for September Crown

  • Shield size:
    Traditional An Tir maximum size. Maximum size for heaters and
    rectangles will be shoulder to shoulder, chin to crotch (out of
    armor). Round shields, both arm strapped and center grip, are
    measured from elbow to elbow point while holding fist to fist.
  • Weapon size:
    No weapon will be longer than 5 feet.
  • The tournament format will be a straight double elimination
    tournament. The finals will be best two out of three fights.
  • Please remember to try and pre-register with the Mistress of
    the Lists.

For the latest event information,
please see our website at

is available.

Paper Form:

Merchant Registration

Merchants Attending:

  • Lady Lorelie’s
  • Reannag Teine
  • Iago’s Wares and Sundree 
  • Goodes
  • Edward the Smith
  • Dark Ages Games
  • Gaean Allusions Pottery
  • Hawk and Dove Leather
  • Sacked Village Archery
  • Gypsy Caravan Fabrics
  • Sign of the Hawk
  • Gypsy Caravan Fabrics
  • Burnt Village Wares
  • Intriguing Designs
  • The Camel’s Caravan
  • Gifts from Atlantis
  • The Cat and Candle
  • The Creativity Works
  • Sunara Clothing and Accesssories
  • Sitkum Arts
  • Fecund Earth Pottery
  • Shaughnessy’s 
  • Thistle Hollow
  • Vandy Bennet Design 
  • The Norse Gyspy Forge
  • TKMP
  • Dawson Metalsmith
  • Pastiche Inc
  • Mystical Hourney

Autocrat: Baroness
Francisca de Montoya –

Deputy: Alaina
Blackthorn – moc.liamtoh@nrohtkcalb_aniala

Deputy: HL Muireann
inghean ui Rodain – moc.oohay@75nnaerium

Merchants: Margaret
Fae – moc.oohay@eaf_teragram

Group Camping & Eric
Space Reservations:
HL Aelfthryth il – aelfthrythil [at]hotmail [dot]

Baroness Catriona – moc.onuj@hgialraeht

Arts & Sciences Village
HL Kateryn – moc.onuj@nyretaK

RV Information: HL
Wulfwyn – moc.oohay@yeldarbat
pre-registration required)

Equestrian: local
Lady Solais – moc.liamtoh@sialos_ydal



10:00- Site Opens for Merchants

12:00- Site Opens for Populace

3:00- Archery and Thrown Weapons Ranges Open
if Marshals Are Available


8:00- Equestrian Fields Open, York Practice
Range Opens

8:00- Rapier Lists Open/ Rapier Armor
Inspection Begins

8:30- York Starts

8:30-10:30- Crown Tournament Lists Open/
Armor Inspection Begins

8:30-10:00- Rapier Cadet

9:00- Target Archery and Thrown Weapons
Marshal Class

9:00- Beginners Archery Class at Beginners

9:00- Family Activities Meeting- Officers
and Interested Populace Welcome!

9:00-11:00- Arts & Sciences Meet &
Greet/Social, Arts & Sciences Village

9:00-10:00- Order of
the Grey Goose Shaft Meeting, Location TBD

10:00- Crown Lists Close

10:00- Family Activites Begin

10:00- Marshal Meeting, List Tent

10:00- Exchequer Meeting, Seneschal

10:00- Main Range Opens, IKAC Open &
Open Crossbow Prize Tournament

10:00- Thrown Weapons & Archery Ranges
Open, Main and Beginners

11:00-12:00- Royal
Court, Crown Tournament Invocation and

12:00-5:00- Crown

12:00- Embellishers Guild Meeting-
Embellishers Guild Tent

12:00- Chroniclers Meeting, Chroniclers

12:00- Chirurgeon Meeting, Chi

12:00- Chatelaine Meeting, Glymm Mere Dragon
Wing (Information Point)

12:00- Seneschal Meeting, Seneschal

12:00- YAC Meeting, Family Activities

12:30-1:00- Archery and Thrown Weapons
Ranges Closed for Lunch

1:00-2:00- Order of the
White Scarf Meeting, Location TBD

1:00- Scribes Tea & Social, Costumers
Guild Tent

1:00- Arcuarius Tournament

2:00- Rapier Cut & Thrust

2:00- Best of the Best Shoot, Maser Bowman
or Better in Any Division Only for This Shoot

2:30-4:00- Royal Rounds & Novelty Shoots
(Range will close from Crown Semi Finals until Candle

3:00- Family Activities End

5:00-7:00 (or 30
minutes after Crown Tournament) – Royal Court

Dusk- Candle Shoot at Main Archery

9:00- LOR/LOVE Bocce Fundraiser Tournament,
Starts on the Main Eric, Donation to Play


8:00- Equestrian Fields Open

8:30- Lance de Leon Meeting

9:00- Archery and Thrown Weapons Ranges

9:00- Thrown Weapons Youth Only

9:00- Children/Youth Only Archery Novelty

9:00-12:00- Arts & Sciences Display,
Arts & Sciences Village

9:00-10:00- Order of
the Laurel Meeting, Location TBD

9:30-10:00- Squire Tournament Lists Open/
Close, Armor Inspection Begins

10:00- Family Activities Begin

10:00- Jarl Sir Barak Hrafensfuri Memorial

10:00-11:00- Order of
the Pelican Meeting, Location TBD

11:00-12:00- Order of
the Chivalry Meeting, Location TBD

11:30- 12:00- Kingdom Protector Lists

12:00- “Journey to the Tourney” Cookoff,
Receive Ingredients at Fire Montain Keep Encampent

12:00-12:30- Invocation
of Kingdom Protector Tournament

12:30-3:00- Kingdom Protector

12:30-4:00- Squire Tournament

12:30-1:30- Noble
Estate Meeting, Royal Pavilion

12:30-1:00- Kingdom Equestrian Lists

12:30-1:00 Rapier Lists Open/Rapier Armor
Inspection Begins

1:00- White Scarf Invitational

1:00-1:30- Invocation
of Kingdom Equestrian Tournament

1:30-4:00- Kingdom Equestrian

1:30-2:30- Ladies of
the Rose & Valorous Estate Afternoon Tea, Royal

2:00- YAC Tournament

3:00- “Journey to the Tourney” Cookoff,
Entries to be Presented at Fire Mountain Keep Encampment

3:00- Family Activities End

3:00- Herald’s Meeting, Heralds

3:00- Book Arts College Meeting, Guild

3:00- Costumers Guild Meeting, Guild

3:30- Target Archery Marshal Meeting at
Archer Range, All TAM & TWM Marshals and Chief

4:30-6:30 (or 30
minutes after end of Equestrian Tournament) – Royal

8:00- Bard-off, Bardic



9:00-9:30- Financial
Committee Meeting, Royal Pavilion

9:30-11:00- Curia
Meeting, Royal Pavilion

3:00- Site Closes- PLEASE BE DILIGENT IN


**Items in bold
indicate Royal Attendance**


*At the event, please check
Autocrat/Information Point (the Glymm Mere Dragon Wing near the
main erics) for any schedule changes or other


The Shire of
Fire Mountain Keep is sponsoring a “Journey to the
Tourney” cook-off on Sunday. There are ingredients for four
teams to participate. Get a team together and come to the Fire
Mountain Keep encampment at noon on Sunday to receive your rules
and ingredients. Your entries will be due back at the encampment at
3:00. Come out and show how to keep a Noble, Fighter, Artisan,
Merchant or Spectator well fed for their travels.


The site is primitive with
limited shade and NO potable water available, so prepare

and handicap camping will be located near the central activities,
no hookups are available. RV pre-registration is


Braziers and Tiki Torches are
allowed. Braziers must be a minimum of 12″ off the ground and fire
suppression materials must be within 10′ of all open flame. Fires
must not be left unattended.

Site opens Friday, September 2nd
at 10:00 am for Merchants, 12:00 pm for Populace and closes Monday,
September 5th at 3:00 pm.

Site Fee:
$15.00 adults, $10.00 Youth (12-17), 11 and under free, Family Cap
$50.00. NMS of $5.00 applies. Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.
Barony of Glymm Mere.

**Those traveling with Minors must present the
proper waivers when they reach gate. Any Minors not with their
parents and/or legal guardians should make sure that all forms have
been signed by the legal guardians and a copy of the Parent or
Legal Guardian’s ID is included
. If you have multiple children in one family,
you may use the Family Minor Waiver Form in lieu of individual
Minor Waiver forms, however you MUST still fill out the Medical
Authorization Form for each child. Additonally, there will be
horses on site so an Equestrian Waiver must also be sent with any
Minors attending with anyone other than their Parent or Legal

If Minors attending with anyone other than their
Parent or Legal Guardian arrive on site without the proper
paperwork, the entire party will be turned away at gate. We
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of
children is paramount.

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