***CANCELLED***September Crown


Hosted in-person by Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Hosted in-person by Device of Hauksgarðr

The Shire of Hauksgarðr (Hood River and Wasco Counties, OR)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Rebecca Fletcher
Date: September 3 , 2021 until September, 6 2021
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on September 3th 2021
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on September 6th 2021

Event site:
Hood River County Fairgrounds
3020 Wyeast Rd Hood RIver, OR 97031



An Tir,

We are moving closer to the time where we hope for the return and reuniting with friends and family from afar. As we approach this time, we need to be aware and mindful of the outside factors that may impact our plans and which may, in the more extreme cases, potentially postpone them.

As always, logistics, policy, politics, health, infection rates, and financial barriers are considerations behind Our decisions to re-open and continue Our Kingdom’s progress toward sustainable event planning, and reinstating Kingdom level eventing.

At the core of Our current considerations is the upcoming potential to hold Our Crown tournament, Sept 4.

Our position has always been to resume as normal within Our typical Kingdom calendar, upon reopening. We hoped to bring our Kingdom back together with the fewest issues or complexities that changing key event dates, or combining events could potentially cause.

At this time, We believe the best path forward considering the developing trajectory of current concerns of COVID-19, is to cancel the current plans for Our Crown Tournament, and postpone to a later date.

We have maintained since the beginning that one of the conditions required to hold Our Crown Tournament is that the International border must be open for non-essential travel. With that in mind, the potential need to postpone Our September Crown tournament and not proceed to Our final step of event openings has always been present and possible. Currently there are considerations that remain, and this has prompted this decision.

As the time has come closer, We have considered deadlines and the work being done to prepare for this event. We are aware of the complexities and impact this will have on the people involved, the local groups, and those planning to attend.

We want to thank the event team and those involved in the planned execution of this event, for their hard work under the expected difficulties the first major events were likely to face.

We have heard your voices, and We have taken your words to heart. Many wish for a return, and others ask for caution and delay; We weigh all of these considerations when We plan how to move forward for this great Populace that We have vowed to protect with all of Our power.

We will be reviewing the potential dates to hold Our postponed Crown Tournament, and We will announce our planned new date as soon as possible via the kingdom webpage, and We will communicate as best as is possible across all available social media platforms.

Thank you for your understanding, as We navigate these delicate actions toward our long awaited return.

Christian III


Helene III


31 Jul 2021


The dark times of plague are lifting, and it is the Crown’s wish that the populace would come together to celebrate and bear witness as new heirs are chosen. Noble and chivalrous fighters will come from every corner of the kingdom to meet in combat and vie for the Sable Throne!

This event will feature the Crown Tournament, as well as activities and contests in rapier, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, Arts, Sciences, Bardic, and more. There will not be official championships in equestrian and archery this year, as the Crown has decided to let the current champions remain so that they may fulfill their duties, now that events are resuming.

Join us at our beautiful site between two mountains to share in the pageantry of the Crown Tournament!

Event Stewards: Cassandra Deveroux and Rebecca Fletcher

As we all know, things have been changing fast lately. We are proceeding with planning of this event with high hopes that it will happen. Keep in mind that we are still waiting to hear if the Canada/US border will open in time.


Do not follow online maps. Most will steer you wrong! Follow these instead:

Directions: From I-84, take Exit 64 to Hwy 35/Mt Hood Highway. Follow Hwy 35 S. for approx. 6.3 miles to the exit for Odell. Turn right onto the exit and follow Davis Dr .7 of a mile. Veer right onto Odell Hwy/282. Odell Hwy will turn sharply left, then right. There are signs for the Fairgrounds all along the way. Follow Odell Hwy .9 mile, then take a left onto Summit Dr. (just after you pass a small brick church) Continue .5 mile and take a right onto Wyeast Rd. The fairgrounds will be on your left. The first gate on your left is the main entrance to the site.

This is a Cancelled Event event.

Registration Information

    👑 September Crown Registration 👑
NEW!: registration for the Crown tournament will also be included on the pre-reg form.
First, let me thank everyone for being patient with us as we worked to get this ready to go.
Registration for September Crown will be open from July 12th until August 24th. The form can be found here:
Pre-registration will be required for everyone attending the event. Pre-reg, RV registration and Merchants will all be on one form, and only PayPal will be accepted for advance payment. If you wish to pay by cash or check, you will still need to pre-register, but payment will be made when you arrive at gate.

Land reservations for tent camping and Eric space are now open. You can find the form at:

If you have questions, please contact our camp coordinator at:

If you have questions, please check for event info and updates on our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1393096247704267
You can also message the event team directly at: gro.ritna@nworCrebmetpeS
We hope to see you in September!


Accessibility Information


Pets are welcome! They need to be kept on a leash or contained at all times. We are responsible for cleanup and restoration of any damage or “leavings” from your pet. Please make sure to clean up after your pet and keep them under your control so that we can continue to have them at events here.

If you have questions, you can contact us at: gro.ritna@nworCrebmetpeS or check the Facebook event page : https://www.facebook.com/events/1393096247704267

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult $30
Youth, 17 & under free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Merchant Information

Merchants should use the pre-reg form to sign up:  https://forms.gle/NiMAaojtdQJcPkxi6


Announcements and updates will also be made to the “Merchants Row” Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/antirmerchantsrow

Event stewards: Rebecca Fletcher / Becki Graham & Cassandra Deveroux
Gate: Nai Martyn / Brandy Chambers
MIC: Kerryk Wolfram / Rick Prowett
Pre-reg: Gwyneth Blackthorne / Alicia Van De Kop
Camp coordinator: Jantasia / Jan Mischke & Marco / Jeremy Tate
RV coordinator: Carrick O’Ryan / Tim O’Connell
Merchants: Rebecca Fletcher / Becki Graham
Volunteer coordinator: Tessina Felice Gianfigliazzi (Geneva Borland)
Rapier: Dionadar Feradach mac Tralin mec Domongairt / Don Reynolds
Archery: Feradach the Beardless / Vern Meyers
Thrown weapons: Matthias Von Schwarzenburg /
Equestrian: Anna Elizabeth von Engelberg / Nancy Naugle Griffith





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