Seagirt Summer Tourney


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Rashid al-Qasim
Date: August 21 , 2009 until August, 23 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 21th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 23th 2009

Event site:
Camp Bernard
3202 Young Lake Rd Sooke, BC V9Z 0J6

Greetings to the populace of An Tir. The Barony of Seagirt
invites you to join us for our annual Seagirt Summer
Tournament! Competitions to be held in the arenas of Rapier,
Arts and Science, Heavy Combat and Archery for prizes and to
stand as a Champion of Seagirt!

Site opens at 4:00pm Friday on August 21st and closes down
4:00pm Sunday the 23rd.

Gate Fees: (not including NMS surcharge)

Adults (19+):
cabin $30
camping $20
daytrip $15
Youth (13-18):
cabin $20
camping $15
daytrip $10

12 and under are free

Adult $30 per person for adults, $20 per person for youths
13-18; 12 and under are free.
For cabin reservations or information, contact Rashid
al-Qasim at (250-812-6661) or (preferably) by email

Non-member surcharge of $3 applies for adults. Make cheques
payable to the Barony of Seagirt.

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED (with the exception of Handicapped-assist
The site is a boyscout camp and therefor discreetly damp
(very discreet please). Showers, flush toilets, and potable
water on site. Garbage Dumpster on site at the park gate.
Fire regulations subject to Weather Conditions.



A&S Championship

1. An Artistic form with supporting documentation

2. A Science/Technological form with supporting

3. Either an Artistic form or a Science/Technological form,
documentation not required. This can be a “work in
progress” and does not need to be finished.

The idea is to have 3 separate pieces, 2 with documentation,
1 without. The entrants must be able to talk about their
work, answer a few questions from the judges.

If people wish to enter individual pieces (not for the
Championship) for feedback, they are more than welcome

Her Ladyship Morgaine will be sponsoring an on site favor
making contest but it will not be part of the Championship

Archery Championship
Standard SCA rules for archery equipment are in effect. Any
variations must
be approved by Their Excellencies.
As this is a championship shoot, each archer is responsible
for having their
own equipment to shoot with (i.e. no sharing/swapping
equipment that may
affcet the timing of the waves of shooting)
The “Death to James” Round – 2 rounds of 6 arrows. Limb hits
count 1 point.
Torso and head count 3 points.
The Period Round – A period SCA target will be used. Intended
to help the
archer focus on the center of a target. It consists of 2 ends
of 6 arrows
each untimed. All arrows within or touching the inner circle
score five
points each. All arrows outside the center eye but within or
touching the
outer circle score three points each.
The Roman Round – Each archer is allowed a standard target
and two
thirty-second speed rounds of six arrows each at twenty
yards. Scoring is
the standard 5-4-3-2-1 format.
Archers may shoot on anyone’s target, with each best arrow on
each target
counting double, arrows on one’s own target add as per the
standard format,
and all foreign arrow values subtracted from the score. The
archer with the
most total points wins.
Randomly drawn waves of archers.
Standard target. Shooting from 40 yards. Each archer gets 1
arrow per 5
points of accumulated score from the previous shoots.

Heavy Championship

Tourney format will be a 3 ring circus as fought at Sir
Envision 3 rings…
Knights and Masters fighters start in the White (chiv)
Sgts and Squires start in Red Circle
All others start in Black circle.
-When you lose you go down (towards the white circle)
-When you win, you go up towards Black circle.
-Points are ONLY awarded for wins in the black circle.
-fighting will be timed for 1 hour

Therefore New fighters can start gaining points right
Knights must win 2 before able to gain points.
White of Left, Red is in the middle.  Black on

Win in white… go to red line.
Lose in white.. go to back of white line

Win in Red go to Black line
Lose in Red go to White line

Win in Black.  1 point
Lose in black back of red line.

Someone will be required to count wins in the black
circle.  It is not hard.
Write each fighters name down and have them declare their
wins in the black circle.

Rapier Championship

Two twenty min pits All the steel you can eat. Total wins per
round counted. The winners of each pit will face off in a
best two out of three. The one difference will be that the
second pit will be one weapon only, with no off hand parrying

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