Seafarer’s Celebration V


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Tristan O'Shea
Date: July 29 , 2016 until July, 31 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 29th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 31th 2016

Event site:
Tenino City Park
319 Park Ave. W Tenino, WA 98589


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Have you
wanted to create a nautical persona within the SCA period, but
could not find enough information? Have you ever had questions
about seafaring topics? Seafarer’s Celebration V is an event to
celebrate the people of many different time periods and
nationalities that made their livelihood on the waters of the

Join us
for classes, games, an overall tournament & much more. The
tournament of sins will encompass a great many different contests
and competitions with each affording points of specific nature
(i.e. Lust, Wrath, Envy, etc).  This year we have added the
“Original Sin”…knowledge. Points can be earned
for taking or teaching classes.

Be it a
group or an individual, we will have a winner/s with prizes for
each contest as well as for the overall title. Feasting, fighting,
learning, singing and socializing! What more could one ask for? So
tune up your shanties, dust off your thrum cap, break out your
ship’s biscuits and meet us at Tenino City Park!

In lieu of
a silent auction this year we will be holding a canned food drive
to support a Tenino charity.  For every 5 cans donated you
will get one HUMANITY point which can be used against an opposing
player or team to REMOVE one of their SIN points from their
total.  Let the sinning begin!

If you
missed it before do not miss it again.
Come join all the action!



$15 for adult SCA members
All minor children are free (up to age 17)

(Non Member Surcharge of US $5 applies to all adult

Just a friendly reminder – if you are not the custodial
guardian of any children that you are bringing on site, please have
the proper paperwork filled out BEFORE you get to site.
The Minor
Medical Waiver
 form needs to be filled out by the
custodial guardian; please bring three copies (one for the
child, one for the responsible adult, and one for gate). Yes,
each child needs their own. Without the paperwork,
the child(ren) will not be allowed on site.





10:00am- Site Opens for Merchants

12:00pm- Site Opens for All



9:00 am  – Opening Court

10:00am – *Wrath Tournament- Heavy Fighting

11:00am – *Pride Tournament- Rapier Fighting

12:00pm – *Gluttony Tournament – Quarry House available to bring
Brewing and Cordial entries at this time.

1:00pm   – *Envy Tournament- Archery

2:00pm   – *Gluttony Tournament – Brewing and Cordials
(Official Judging)

3:00pm   – *Greed Tournament – Game of Chance (Dice;
Rules will be taught before tournament)

4:00pm   –

5:00pm   –  Evening Court

Immediately After Court bring tables chairs and pot luck dishes
and drinks to set up outside the Quarry House for communal potluck

    *Gluttony Tournament- Potluck Dishes (bring
entries to the Quarry House – be certain your dish is counted by a
member of event staff for points)

8:00pm   – *Lust Tournament- Family Friendly

8:30pm   – *Sloth Tournament- Tablero

9:30pm   – *Lust Tournament- Bawdy Bardic



10:00am – Closing Court- Announcement of Tournament of Sins


Class Schedule

10AM -12 Basic Mosaic by HL Giulia

Along the Spice Route by Dame Muireann ingheann ui

Basic Seamanship & Rigging by Hugh.


12-1 People should go find food because
there are more classes!


1-3PM: Elizabethan embroidery by Mistress
Elisabeth Piper,

Garment Construction by HL Disa I Birkilundi,

Woodblock Printing by HL Rosamund Winder


3-4PM: Dances of the Great Italian Seaports
by Dame Judith,

A Dozen Knots by Snorri


3-5 PM
Possement by HL Disa


Seafaring Songs by Mistress Elisabeth Piper and

Camp Etiquette co-taught by HE Francisca and HL Rosamund



Steward:  HL Tristan O’Shea –

Steward: HE Francisca de Montoya –

Coordinator:  HL Vasilisa Myshkina –

Coordinator – Lady Kate the Candelmaker –


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