Ravens’ War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Elizabeth Chatfeld
Date: August 6 , 2010 until August, 8 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 6th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 8th 2010

Event site:
Ravenskey Castle Site
5222 Kingston St Port Alberni, BC V9Y *H9


Opens: 12 noon Aug

Closes: 6pm Aug 8th

  Ravens Key Castle is being fortified, for we hear news
of War coming to the Land of Ravens. 

  The triple entente of Ravensley, Cragmere and Hartwood
will be fighting together to ward off the outlanders who
threaten to invade our home and siege our castle.

  We invite all to view the carnage that shall result,
as we rise victorious to slay these lowly villains.

   But Ravensley is not just known as a place of
war, it is also famous for enjoying the fun and pleasures of
life as well. To that end we will have many games of skill
and chance for adult and child alike. 

  We will play old favourites like kubb, hunkerdown and
maiden rescue, as well as new ones, like avoid the drunken
lout, castle siege, flood rescue and save the wounded

  Of course we will not forget our yearly Dragon Hunt
for the children or the potluck picnic by the castle for
Saturday supper.

  We invite everyone to participate in Arts and Sciences
as well, regardless of your level of expertise.

  This year for Bardic we have the theme of fun and
follies and extra credit will go to those who speak

  We are also having a heraldic display competition,
where all we ask is that you show us how you would decorate
your chair and/or table to make it look period and
identifiable as yours. 

  This year we will also have an onsite design and
sewing competition that involves teams of three, one of whom
will be asked to model the entry.  It is called Project
Runaway Bride and both supplies will be provided at the


Adults – $15 weekend fee,
Youth (13 to 18) – $12 weekend fee, 12 and under are

Adults – $12 day fee, Youth
– $10 day fee, and 12 and under are free

$40 Family Cap –
Immediate family members living at home.

NMS fees

Additional Competion

Pas de Faux

As An Tir’s A&S Champion, I will be holding a
“Champion’s Challenge Pas de Faux”
competition at Raven’s War. The theme will be

A “Pas de Faux” competition is an A&S
“Hoax” Competition where the entry is a faked
medieval object. ;)
(A similar contest was held at Stranded Mermaid and much
enjoyed by all.)

Entries must be related to war (by some stretch of the
imagination). Items could include “documenting”
the period existence of a non-period item such a plastic
armor or a super-soaker weapon; “reconstruction”
of an imaginary item such as fish-scale armor; or the
“adaptation” of a period item based on “new
insights” and “interpretation” of period
sources such as bread paddles used to row a warship.

“Documentation” is required. This should have
information on where and when the ‘object’ is
supposed to be from, how it was made, and include footnotes
and bibliography. Points are awarded for creativity and
quality of the “documentation”. The more features
included that would be in ‘proper’ documentation,
the higher the score will be, however as this is not a
serious competition, “forgeries” and
“creative interpretations” are welcome and
competitors are encouraged to have fun with their ideas.

The competitors will also be asked to present their entry to
the judges and be prepared to answer questions (which can
also be “creatively” answered. The populace is
encouraged to watch the presentations (which can be quite
entertaining). :D

There is an example posted on the False Isle site of an entry
I did for a ‘Christmas theme’ Pas de Faux held
several years ago at White Court:
http://falseisle.antir.sca.org/Stranded … auxdoc.pdf
(the actual object, shown on the last page, was a vinyl
window sticker).

For more information, contact me at ten.sulet@sucrahdj.

In service,
Alicia le Wilfulle
An Tir A&S Champion


Project Runaway Bride – On site
A&S Competition

The scenario:

A young maid is to be forced to marry a man she despises by
her father who has left her with only her undergarments to
stop her from fleeing his home. 

The maid wishes to marry her true love instead and with the
help of her two faithful companions, she plans to make a
bridal dress using the fabrics and materials they are able to
scrounge up when her father isn’t looking.

The Competition:

Teams of three – one of whom is the bride – will
be given a bag containing scissors, needles and thread when
the competition starts at 11am.  They will also be given
brief access to a pile of clothing and trim scraps from which
they must choose the material to make an over garment. They
will have until 6pm to design and sew a bridal gown that will
allow the maiden to run away and wed her true love. 

Obviously in the time allowed, perfection is not
expected… However, points will be given for
creativity, construction and authenticity. Also, those
entering the competition cannot bring their own fabric, etc
but they can use items scrounged from the site itself, such
as flowers and leaves.     







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