Prelude to War 2, Aggressive Negotiations


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin
Date: August 8 , 2014 until August, 10 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 8th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 10th 2014

Event site:
No Site Name
90740 Poodle Creek Road Noti, OR 97461

Greetings one and all, please join us as the
Baronies of Adiantum and Terra Pomaria  meet on the field of
not quite combat to hammer out their differences in their ongoing
feud over… well we don’t really know what it’s
over but who cares! We’ll have a ton of fun fighting and
competing over whatever it is anyway. Read on for more info!

Site fees:
Adults 18+:$10
NMS applies
Children and Youths 17 and under: free

There will be heavy fighting all day with team
battles, field battles, tourneys and one on one challenges, Rapier
fighting on both war and tourney fields as well as Archery, Thrown
weapons, Arts and Science contests, Games, Bardic, Service and so
much more.

Come watch the “Ultimate Baron”
contest as Baron Pader and Baron Durin compete in a day long
non-stop contest to see who is the mightier (or who collapses
first). And there will even be Children’s Siege battles to
knock down towers for war points.

If you do not reside in one of the two feuding
Baronies feel free to join us anyway, as any war point you win (and
there are many to win) we must schmooze you to try and gain your

And did I mention the gambling? Yes

That’s right, war points may be gambled
with like coin. Every person receives 5 points at gate and may earn
more thru contest and they may be used to bet on anything and
everything. There will even be a tavern hall at night with games of
chance (see schedule under “Luky Loki” for

That’s right this just may be the first
ever period correct war (and by period I mean that you can
literally buy victory.)

So come and join us in Adiantum August
8th – 10th for our Aggressive
Negotiations and have all the fun money can buy.


1:00pm: gate opens
5:00pm: opening court
8:00pm: gate closes
-Lucky Loki’s opens
10:00pm: Loki’s closes

8:00am: gate opens
10:00am: point box ceremony
-A&S classes begin (read on for class schedule and info)
11:00am: armor inspection begins (heavy & rapier)
12:00pm: archery and T.W. fields open.
-Open field challenges begin (heavy & rapier)
-Ultimate baron contest begins.
4:00pm: gate closes
5:00pm: evening court
8:00pm: lucky Loki’s opens
10:00pm: Loki’s closes

10:00am: box ceremony
12:00pm: final court and point tally
4:00pm: site closes

Class Info

Classes will be on
one side of the Eric. We have several classes as well as a general
hangout area with shade. All are welcome to come hang out. Bring
your projects out and watch the merriment. We will have limited
chairs, so bring your own if you have one. Final class schedule
will be posted soon, so check back!

As an extra bit of
fun this year, taking classes will get you War Points to help
support your home barony! Don’t belong to either barony?
That’s fine, you get to choose where those War Points will be
going and I have heard rumors of bribery on the wind.

Wrapped Pendants – Saturday, 10-11

Taught by Ciara de Gramondt; Class fee $1

This is a class to
learn how to make a basic Norse style wrapped stone pendant. Pliers
will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have
them. If you have undrilled stones that you would like to try
wrapping, please bring them! 1 to 1.5″ in diameter is ideal. Class
fee covers wire supplies for class.

Hats & Embroidery Stitches – Saturday, 10:30 –

Taught by Yseult of Brociliande; $2 class fee; limit 12 students
(auditors welcome)

Learn how to do
four decorative stitches found on Frisian hats of the 7-9th
centuries. These stitches also show up in Anglo-Saxon and Viking
contexts. We will look at photos and/or reproductions of six hats
from the 7-9th centuries found in Frisia (Northern Netherlands),
and you will get the info you need to make two of them for
yourself. Also, a good handout on various ways to sew and finish
seems from this period. Comprehensive handout, fabric, thread and
needles provided. You bring seating, snips if you have them.

Cushions – Saturday, 11-noon

Taught by Duvessa of Movilla; no class fee

Bring one skein of
your favorite embroidery floss, everything else is provided, no
cost. You do need to know how to do some very very basic hand
sewing. Ages 4 and up welcome, but must be accompanied by a

Braiding drop-in session Saturday, 1-3
With Idonia
Sherwood; $3 with handout ($2 if you don’t need a

Want to learn how
to Fingerloop Braid (don’t know what it is, but are curious?)
drop by and Idonia will show you how. This is a braid type that is
perfect for lacing cords, draw strings and lots else! If you
already know the basic braid, stop by and learn a new one! This is
a drop-in class, so you can stop by anytime between 1 and 3. String
for samples will be provided. If you have your own, you are welcome
to bring it! Also, bring a chair and snips if you have them.

and whitework using egg tempera and period pigments – Saturday,
Taught by Antonia Crivelli; $1 class fee

Instruction and
practice in two useful scribal skills. All materials provided-bring
a favorite small brush if you have one. Suitable for teens and

Basic hand
sewing – Saturday 1-3
Taught by Matthea Volpella da
Perusia; no class fee; limit 8 students

Students will
learn the basic construction stitches used for eons to join fabric
into useful objects. Stitches covered: Running stitch, back stitch,
whip stitch, and buttonhole stitch. In addition, I will also cover
seam construction techniques.Students should bring a pair of small,
sharp scissors.

Knot that Hard: Celtic Knotwork Class – Saturday,
Taught by Ulf the Wanderer; no class fee

This class is for
novice and experienced artists.  I will supply a pamphlet with
basic knotwork designs and empty sheets for practice.  Novices
can learn how to use a simple dot pattern to draw the intricate
Celtic knotwork patterns.  More experienced students can learn
how to take these patterns to apply knotwork patterns to artistic
pieces that range in size and shape.  I will have some of my
existing patterns and several books available for study.  I
will also have several examples of pieces using knotwork. Ages 10
and up welcome.

Largesse for War

Largesse for War
Points, you say? It is true. If you have largesse to donate, you
can earn war points. You can also make largesse on site (maybe go
learn to make wire wrapped pendants with Ciara?) and earn War
Points for your Volunteer hours!

Largess can be
turned it at Arts & Sciences (classes area) for war points.

More info can be found on our Facebook Event Page

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