Event Summary

Date: July 19 , 2013 until August, 3 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 19th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 3th 2013

From the Mayor


Greetings from the Mayor of Pennsic 42, Mistress
Chai’usun Moritugiin:

Rumors say that two large
are converging on our little town of Pennsic to see who
proves the victor. Don’t Panic! The good news is that War
brings many things to our town of Pennsic. Along with battles,
there will be
, entertainments, educational
, and many activities for young and old alike.

There have been some wonderful changes to Pennsic this year.
There is a new well supplying our town with more water and there
are water treatment facilities that will chlorinate all water on
site. We also have a new Great Hall for courtsexhibitions, and dancing at night.
Although some “homes” have been displaced by these new
features, our Department
of Planning and Zoning
is working hard to find new land for all
those displaced or for those who prefer to relocate to quieter
suburbs. The Barn that once held these activities now hosts an
expanded market and a nice new

Please read and follow the Pennsic 42 Site Rules carefully. We have
rules for a reason and almost every one of them revolves around
your safety and the safety of those around you. Just as last year,
the parking policy is that when loading and unloading (if you
are unable to pull into your camping area) you must park on the
EAST (towards I-79) and NORTH (towards the main parking lot) sides
of the streets.  By parking on only one side of each street,
you will ensure that other vehicles and emergency vehicles are able
to pass. There are also some important things you need to know such as new Troll hours,
event closing times, and new clean-up rules (please leave your
campsite as good or better than you found it)–be sure to
check the News regularly for important announcements.

As always Pennsic needs many volunteers to keep things running.
Check at Information Point in the Town Hall to find out about the new Volunteer War Point and to see how you can
help. Please also take time to thank a volunteer, a Pennsic staff
member, or Cooper staff for all the time and effort they have put
into this Pennsic–some giving up their entire vacation to
make yours memorable.

Have a Safe and Happy Pennsic 42!

Yours in Service,


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