Penguin Crusade III


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Sina Erdeneva
Date: April 22 , 2005 until April, 24 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 22th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 24th 2005

Event site:
Mount Elizabeth Secondary School
1491 Kingfisher Ave. Kitimat, BC V8C 1E9

. Penguin Crusade III April 22 –24, 2005

The Shire of Cae Mor invites one and all to journey north for our Third Annual Penguin Crusade!
Come spend time with the “penguins” of Tir Righ and indulge yourself in a variety of classes on this workshop weekend! Workshop Classes include Rapier, Heavy Fighting, Archery a variety of A&S Classes and of course our ever popular Feast Class, whose endeavours will be available at the served feast in the evening! Friday Night will be a fundraising tavern, no outside alcohol please. Workshop Classes begin on Saturday followed by our one of a kind Feast. Join in our annual Penguin Shoot! Sunday will bring our annual Penguin Tournaments as well as more classes. Class schedules will posted soon. Merchants are welcome…and no additional fees will be charged!!
Come and join the many who travel afar and enjoy hospitality second to none!!!
Tavern Night, April 22 (Legion)
Site opens at 4pm
Workshop Classes:
April 23 – 24 (High School)
Site opens at 8 am
Site closes at 5 pm on Sunday

Site Fees *:
Tickets bought prior to March 15th, 2005 after March 15th, 2005
Adults (16 +) $10.00 $12.00
Youth (7 – 15) 5.00 7.00
Smalls 6 and under Free
*Workshop class fees and supplies will posted with the Class Schedule.

Feast Tickets:
Tickets bought prior to March 15th, 2005 after March 15th, 2005
Adults (16+) $15.00 $17.50
Youth (7-15) 12.50 15.00
Smalls 6 and under Free

Child Minding/Babysitting will be available at the High School on the Saturday only. This is not put on by Pied Piper.
Fee: $10 the entire day (8 am – 5 pm) for one child
$ 2 for each additional child.
Or If you will only be taking one or two classes…$3 per hour per child.
Please note that only the legal parent or guardian that signs a child in will be able to take them out.
Crash space can be arranged for any who need it J Please contact the autocrat.

Site: Workshop Classes will be held at Mount Elizabeth Senior Secondary School, with the exception of the Feast Class which will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion. Tavern Night and the Feast will also be at the Royal Canadian Legion.
To the High School…
Make your best way North to Kitimat. BC.
Continue straight until you pass the Fire Hall, take the first Right onto Kingfisher (before the hill) continue straight through the Four way stop. The High School is on your right.
To the Royal Canadian Legion…
Continue straight down the hill. You will go through 2 sets of lights. Turn right at third set of lights and immediately turn right, go past the Rosario Restaurant and turn left.

Autocrat : L. Cinara beguy Urdina, 250 632 6764, email ten.sulet@aranic
Feast-o-crat: HL LiBan ingen Echtigeirn, 250 639 9301, email ten.sulet@nab_il
Tavern-o-crat: L. Wlfryd of Leedes 250 632 3709

Arts and Science Classes

Theatre without Rehearsals : Mistress Linnet Kestrel, 2 hrs.
cost: $3 for handout
min. 3, no maximum,
Discussion of how to put together and run a small acting troupe performing period material, based on my two years doing that. The assumption is that you will never have enough actors, props, confidence or rehearsal time, and the discussion is on how to work around that. Students will also read-and-walk-through some plays, to get an idea of the material available.
Handout including bibliography of period texts and sample plays
If there is a feast, and the site permits it, the students can perform
during the feast as a practicum – if so, the class needs to be scheduled for the Saturday morning.

Painting on Cloth, Mistress Linnet Kestrel, 4 hrs
cost: $5 for handout, piece of canvas, use of brushes and paint
minimum 3, maximum 10
A brief discussion of painted cloth in period (no, not everything was embroidered) and Current Middle Ages uses for a cheap, fast, and long-lasting decorating method. Followed by a hands-on session, where
students will each design and paint a small banner or hanging on canvas with acrylic paint.

Glass Tableware and Its Decoration, Mistress Linnet Kestrel, 3 hrs.
cost: $4 for handout and use of materials, $2 for glass from instructor (or bring your own)
minimum 3, maximum 10, no prereqs
Brief overview of domestic glassware in period, the common shapes and
ornamentation of goblets, bowls, etc. many of which are still in use today.
Students will have the chance to paint a glass in period style, using
modern low-fire enamel paints. Students should bring a fine-point brush and
a glass to decorate. The glasses can be fired at home in a standard oven.

Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Middle Class Metalwork,
Master Mark de Gaukler $4, 3hr
minimum 3, maximum 50/10
Slide show, and hands on (surface treatments, casting, etc). If the latter, equipment will have to be shipped, and shop space needed.

Pewter Casting in Soapstone Moulds : Master Mark de Gaukler, 4 hours
$12, includes soapstone.
minimum 3, maximum 10
Discussion of period styles (with examples). Students will carve a mould. Dust will be produced, bring appropriate clothes, face masks. Shop space needed.

Introduction to Fiore’s Flower of Battles, an early fifteenth century
swordsmanship manual. Master Mark de Gaukler, 4 hours $7
minimum 3, maximum 10
Wooden wasters (dagger, 1 handed sword, 2 handed sword), workout space needed.

Lucette cord making: Mahdrun , 2hrs $2
An introduction on how to make Lucette cord, and what to do with it after it’s made.

Long armed cross stitch ; HL Alicia le Wilfulle, 2hrs $2
An introduction to long armed cross stitch.

Basic dances of the Middle Ages: HL Stephen of Hunmanby, HL Alicia le Wilfulle, Sir John Theophilus (2hrs) $2

Calligraphy: HL Adrianna MacAverr (Buzzy) , 2hrs, $2
Learn the art of Calligraphy!

Documentation for Beginners: HL Adrianna MacAverr, 1hr, $2
Learn documentation basics for Arts and Sciences. Sources, where to look, Do’s and Don’ts.

Court of Love: HL Adrianna MacAverr, 1hr, $2

Feast Making: Gregor (Chuck),
all day long (this class runs at the R.C Legion site), $6
Learn the ins and outs of preparing and running a served feast with delicious period recipes by the much famed Gregor!!! This class fills up fast so register early!

Rapier Classes :
By, Cadet Richard Thomas, Cadet Mugain

Introduction to Junior Rapier Marshalling:
1 hr, $2
Learn the basics of rapier marshalling in the SCA.

Introduction to Capo Ferro
2-3hrs, depending on class size $4

Fighting techniques,
2hrs, $2

Off – hand Defense
2hrs, $2

Archery related Classes
By Armsmaster Ts’ai T’ien-p’u

Arrow Construction
2hrs, $2

Basic Shooting Techniques
2hrs, $2

Combat Archer Equipment construction
2hrs, $2

Heavy Fighting Classes

Joint Strengthening Part Deux Squire Victoria
1hr, $2
Learn basic movements to warm up and protect your valuable joints. This class is good for anyone who does a lot of movement, dancers, rapier fighters etc.

The art of the Counter-Punch Prince Ulf
2hrs, $2
Pole arms and sword techniques
Basic Weapon Forms (was pole arms and swords) Sir John Theophilus
1hrs, $2
War training Sir John Theophilus
1hr, $2
Using your head as more than an anvil: In fight analyzing Prince Ulf
2hrs, $2

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