Pendale’s Champion’s Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ophelia of Fern Glen
Date: June 22 , 2012 until June, 24 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 22th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 24th 2012

Event site:
Pendale Champions 2016 Site
5767 Jewel Lake Road Sagle, ID 83860

The Shire of Pendale would like to invite one and all to
celebrate the first weekend of summer at Pendale’s Championship
Tournament! Come test your might at our 3-man, heavy and
torch-light tournaments. Show off your finesse in rapier or your
eagle-eye in archery.

The format for archery champion this
year will be a regular royal round. That is, 6 shots at 40,30,20
and a speed round at 20 yards. The top 4 scores will then “duel”.
The duel will proceed thus: 2 competitors will line up on the 40
yard line. They will each knock one arrow, and on the command of
“loose” the will shoot at the target that represents their
opponent. The first to strike the bulls eye (yellow center portion
of the target) will be declared the winner, and yes if one person
actually hits the target a moment before the other, they win. If
both miss the bulls-eye, then they will advance 5 yards and repeat
the process, firing and advancing, until someone hits the
bulls-eye.  The next 2 will proceed the same, and the winner
of the second round will shoot against the winner of the first and
that will determine the overall winner.

For the Siege Cooking Championship
you will be expected to set up a table with your stove on it in
front of the Shire’s pavilion to do your cooking on. Teams can be
one or two people and you’re allowed one runner, If you chose to do
so, you may name your team for easier identification. We will only
be accepting eight (8) teams.

Wood is not available on site, but
is available for purchase down the road or may be brought in at
your leisure.

We have something for everyone in the Unusual Games (both adult
and children’s versions!) and classes for almost every interest!
Classes are now set, we’ll have classes in Herb Identification,
Recipe redaction, spinning, cheese making, garb 101, and

Also, for one dollar we will have a trailer available for you to
dump your garbage.



Merchants are highly encouraged as there is no merchant fees. So
far the merchants scheduled to be here are The Wolf’s Den
(clothing), Avanosh’s Clothing, The Grand Bazaar, The Dragon
Travern, Wheezil, and Una.

Located in the picturesque Jewel Lake area, it’s sure to be fun
for everyone!

Site Fees:
Adult $10
Youth (7-17) $5
Family Cap $35

Day Trip:
Adult $7
Youth $4

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