Odin’s Playground 2010


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Einar Guntharson
Date: September 10 , 2010 until September, 12 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 10th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 12th 2010

Event site:
Son’s of Norway Country Club
11901 Seux Rd Mission, BC V2V 4J


Date: September 10-12, 2010

Place: Sons of Norway, 11901 Seux Road, Hatzic Prairie BC

Autocrat : Theign Oak Guntherson: oak99(at)telus(dot)net

Co Autocrat : Hlaefdige Thora Golvic

Odin’s call by Thor’s Thunder Hammer Fall
Those who would be heroes come!
While Valkries’ wistful winging, ever seeking the ones
Fallen on the ravens’ feasting table –
To bring back the dead to Odin’s hall.
By games of skill and mindful tact we try you!
Be you ready for Odin’s Playground!

A challenge to all Saxon Dogs, Norman Pigs, French Tarts,
Danish Pastries, Sweedish Meatballs, Welsh Cakes, Scottish
Ewes, Heathen Ebens, and Mad Mongols. The True Norwegens call
you to contest in a competition of skills and games. Come
show your might and skill before Odin One Eye, and claim the
title of Odin’s Chosen.

Odin’s Chosen will recieve a camping vanity chest made by
Stuff by Adam

  • Site Fees:

  • Adult $15
  • Sunday only day fee $10
  • Youth 13-18 $10
  • Children 12 and under Free
  • Family Cap $50

$5 NMS will is in effect, please make cheques payable to
“Shire of Lionsdale”


Site Amenities

  • Flush toilets
  • Showers
  • Pool
  • Bonfire pit (depending on fire danger)
  • RV hook ups (contact autocrat regarding this)

Site Rules

  1. 5km speed limit within the site, watch out for children
    when driving
  2. Pets welcome, An Tir Leash Laws in effect, please pick up
    after your animals
  3. There is a dog off leash area near the creek
  4. Fires will depend on the fire danger durring the weekend
  5. Raised braisers and propane fires only, unless changed by
    fire danger
  6. Discretly Wet site, use common sense


Trading Blanket

Instead of traditional merchants Odin’s Playground will be
having a “Trading Blanket” time. For two hours on Sunday
morning bring your goods (hand made) and put them on the
blanket. Others will come and bargain with you with their
items or gold.

Items which are highly encouraged are: Wool, woven trim,
small hand carved items, hand made dice, buttons, furniture,
baked goods, and armour. Can be big, can be small, can be any


Pot Luck

The shire will be providing the pig. Please bring a dish
which would generously serve seven.

Please have a card with the ingredient list for your dish.



Friday September 10

3:00pm Site Opens

Saturday September 11

9:30am Opening Ceremonies
Mother Hen will be played
10:00am Long Skiny Sword Inspection
10:30am Long Skiny Sword Tourney
11:00am Archery & Thrown ranges open
ongoing games begin
11:30am Heavy Inspection
12:00 Heavy Tourney
2:00pm Field Games start
5:00pm Feast
6:30pm Evening Games
Dusk Bardic

Sunday September 12

8:30am Trading Blanket (swap meet)
9:00am Archery & Thrown Ranges open
Ongoing Games begin
Heavy & Long Skiny Sword inspections open
9:30am Heavy Hangover Tourney
Long Skiny Sword Hangover Tourney
11:00am Closing Ceremonies
2:00pm Games continue untill 2:00
5:00pm Site Closes




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