Newcomer’s Encampment


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Solveig Tryggvadottir
Date: May 2 , 2008 until May, 4 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 2th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 4th 2008

Event site:
Rook’s Park
308 Rook's Park Road Walla Walla, WA 99362

Canton Championship Tournament for Heavies and Rapier.


If you are a newcomer to the SCA, this event is for you!
Classes and
demos galore!

Classes include:

1. Court Etiquette – Learn about SCA rank and forms of
address; what
to expect and how to conduct yourself at court.

2. Camping SCA-style – What to bring, what not to
bring, how to fit
in,  getting along with your neighbors, traditions,
do’s and

3. Persona Development – Decisions, decisions! Who do
you want to be?
Where do you come from?  How do you dress? What things
help to get
and keep you in persona?

4. Fighting and Tournament Appreciation – Sir Styrkar
will explain
SCA-style fighting, how tournaments are conducted and how to
get the
most out of being a spectator.  Want to find out about
being a
fighter?  This is the gentleman to ask! 

5. Disguise your mundane gear.   Learn different
strategies to
disguise that mundane tent,
cooler, chair, etc.

6. Basic Bardic:  His Lordship Zarmon will teach
traditional SCA
songs.  We will be singing these songs at the Saturday
night Bardic
Circle at the Autocrat’s Campfire.

7. Dancing – as done in the SCA

8. Parenting and smalls (children) in the SCA – 
Bringing your smalls
to SCA events?  Find out what the dos and don’ts
are.  What is
available for smalls?  What does the SCA expect of
parents at events?


1. Bring your thread, material and scissors and learn to make
garb.  Baroness Rowena will teach classes on making
cloaks and using
string and chalk to measure and make a pattern for a T-tunic
other simple garb.  If you wish to make a T-tunic,
please bring solid
color broadcloth (it’s easiest to work with) One yard
will make a
tunic for a child, 2 or more yards for an adult depending on
size and
length of tunic desired.  Paper for patterns will be
supplied by the

Plug-ins for a limited number of sewing machines are
available, if
you wish to bring your portable.  The Canton will have a
couple of
Sewing machines on site and experienced sewers will be
available to
answer questions.

2. Basic nalbinding.  This class will enable
participants to make a
pair of period socks using the technique of nalbinding,
pre-dates knitting and is still used in the colder regions of
planet where thick, durable footwear and hand coverings are
Bring light colored yarn and a large-eyed crewel or tapestry
Period-style needles will be available for purchase.

3. Viking knitted wire jewelry

FIGHTING:  The Canton Heavy and Youth championships will
be held at
this event. Armor inspection will be held immediately after
court (9 a.m.) on Saturday morning

CONTESTS:   Contest winners will be announced at
Saturday evening

Disguise the Mundane Thingy:  Have something mundane
that you have
disguised to look period?  Enter it in our
contest.  Their
Excellencies, Baron Arthur and Baroness Rowena will be asked
to judge
the best effort.

Newcomer Arts & Science.  Open to those who have
been in the SCA for
less than a year.  Bring your best project, finished or
and let the known world know what you are working on.
Prizes will be awarded for the best finished and best

Best period side dish at the feast.  Autocrat will be
judging this
one J 

Best-dressed small.  For smalls aged 10 and under. 
Dress ‘em up and
show ‘em off!
Fashion contest will occur Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m.
(Before the

MEALS: Traveler’s soup and bread will be available
Friday evening.  A
breakfast of  eggs, bacon, oatmeal, bread and coffee
will be provided
by the Canton on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
Participants will
have to provide their own noon meal.

Feast:  5:30 p.m.  Our Saturday evening feast will
be a potluck.
Canton supplies Meat and bread.  Please bring side
dishes or dessert
for 10 people.

SITE:   Rooks
, Walla
Walla, WA

Site opens at noon on Friday for set-up, closes at 4 p.m.

This site is open to the public during the daytime
hours.  Please
help keep our encampment looking as neat as possible.

The Canton is currently working at presenting a more
appearance at events.  Please help us to live the dream
by doing the
Get into persona and garb as soon as you have set up your
Cover or disguise all mundane equipment.
Please use  period looking containers/vessels for all
food and drink
while on site.  Encourage your smalls (children) to do
the same.

We have reserved the large group shelter for Saturday and
There are plenty of tables for arts & sciences, classes,

Site fee for campers- Adults (12 + yrs): $8,  
Children 5-12:  $5,
Family cap:  $25
Day Trip: Adults  $5  Children  5-12:
$3   No family cap
Children under 5 free.  Non-member surcharge $3 per
Make checks payable to: Canton of Akornebir, SCA Inc.
The site is DRY. No ground fires.  Fires must be in a
brazier at
least 12 inches off the ground.

NO DRIVING ON THE GRASS! The Canton will provide assistance
in getting gear from the parking lot to the encampment.

BE OPEN AGAIN AT 6 A.M.  Please plan your arrivals and
departures with this in mind.  Day trippers who are
planning on staying late Friday or Saturday night, should
park their dragons outside the gates.

Camping with dogs?  No more than two dogs per family.
All dogs must
have proof of current vaccinations including rabies or they
will not
be allowed in.  NO exceptions.



HL Solveig Tryggvadottir, GdS (Peggy Backlund)

705 Irene St.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

(509) 529-6770

e-mail messages perferred over phone messages due to static
on the line.

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