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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Leticia Troischesnes
Date: July 25 , 2003 until July, 27 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 25th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 27th 2003

Event site:
New Horizon School
1111 South Carr Road Renton, WA 98055

The Shire of Wyewood is sponsoring a weekend of hands-on fiber arts workshops. Period and modern techniques are offered, giving good cross reference between history and today. And it’s not all fiber! Check out the list below.

Overwhelmed by the number of classes? We have set up the Great Hall for those who just want to visit with other like minded fiber artists. Day trip site fee is only $5 (plus $3 non-member surcharge if applicable). Carpooling is encouraged as parking is somewhat limited.

No Fires! The Auburn Fire Department has asked that we have no ground fires, above ground fire pits, tiki torches, candles, or other open flame sources. Propane stoves and fully enclosed candles are permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.
Smokey the Bubba says, “only you can prevent event fires”

Class List Updated 7/23
Please note: Leticia will not be reading email after 10am 7/24.
Send e-mail class reservation request to Leticia; pay instructor at the event; exact change is appreciated.

  • Basic Chain Maille 101: Sat 1:00-2:15; cost $2.50; max 20
    Learn what chain maille is and is not. Also learn the European 4-in-1
    Instructor: Tobias can remember the moon landing and has been interested in chain maille just as long.

  • Beginning Bobbin Lace: Sat 10-12:45; cost $1; max 6
    The instructor will provide a pillow and 6 pair of bobbins wound with thread for them to use. She will bring a variety of bobbins and threads and several catalogs and pattern books to browse through. The student will learn how to wind a bobbin, lengthen and shorten a bobbin, how they can make their own pillow at home. The student will learn the basic moves, consisting of a cross and twist and a combination of the two. We will make a short (about 5 inches) sampler to keep. They will receive a handout. If time permits/or student wishes we can do 4 thread braid/plait and try a leaf pattern.
    Materials to make your own pillow are available for $5. Please indicate you want this kit when you pre-register.
    Kassandra has played in the SCA for 20 years, and has been doing bobbin lace for 7 years. She enjoys teaching others how to get started and have received her Magistrate from Ithra and a Jambe de Leon for her work in bobbin lace. Kassandra makes bobbin lace pillows and is currently learning to turn bobbins. You can usually find her at events teaching by the A&S activities.
    bring a comfortable chair

  • Beginning Embroidery: Sat 1-2:15; cost $1.50; max 6
    Learn how to embellish your garb or make favors for your friends. We will learn how to set up your hoop or scroll frame. Basic stitches will be tried out and small designs will be available for the adventurous. Various tools and techniques will be discussed.
    Ellen has been doing various types of embroidery for many years.
    bring a 8 – 10 inch embroidery hoop and 2 – 5 colors of 6 strand embroidery floss.

  • Beginning Tatting: Sat 1:00-3:45; cost $2; max 10
    Tatting, while not in the SCA time period, is actually one of the easiest lace forms to master. In this class you will learn the basic stitches of tatting including Picots, Chains, Rings and Joins. Learn how to read a tatting pattern so you can work on your own.
    Instructor: Miranda received her Mastery (mundane) in lace making from Belgium in 1994. Her four areas of skill are in needle lace (Point de Gaze and Point de Venise), bobbin lace, tatting and Battenberg lace. She has been playing in the SCA for 13 years.
    bring tatting shuttle, 2 balls #8 or #12 perle cotton

  • Buttons, Eyelets & Card weaving, oh my!: Sat 11:30-12:45; cost $1; max 10
    Are you intimidated by some of the techniques in the Museum of London books, “Textiles and Clothing” and “Dress Accessories”? Come for a brief discussion and a demo on cloth buttons, buttonholes, eyelets, and card woven edging. You’ll be amazed at how simple the techniques really are.
    Instructor: Lady Merouda Tremayne, JdL, is apprenticed to Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin, OL. Merouda has been playing in the SCA since 1997 and has spent that time researching and teaching women’s clothing of the 14th century in England and France.
    bring scissors

  • Class Full Carving Wood Spoons with Wilber: Sat 11:30-2:15, cost $? max 5
    Wilber has been carving spoons for longer than most of us have been alive!
    Instructor: Wilber White
    bring pocket knife or wood carving tools; adult only due to the use of sharp tools

  • Chain Maile Jewelry: 2:30-3:45, cost $2.50; max 20
    Learn at least 3 weaves used to make chain maille jewelry
    Instructor: Tobias makes, sells and teaches the art of chain maille, some day hoping to profit from it.

  • Felted Rocks: Sat & Sun 8:30-9:45; no cost; max 6 each session
    Learn the basics of making felt and at take home a small container or pouch.
    Instructor: Jake has been making felt for 3 years. He is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. He knows his felt!
    bring a round rock the size of your hand; be prepared to get wet!

  • Glass Bead Making: Sat 10-12:45; Cost $7.50, max 4 (adults only or at discretion of instructor)
    Learn to make a simple wound glass bead by lampworking. If there is enough time, you will also learn to make glass head pins.
    NOTE TO STUDENTS: You will be working around flames, hot metal and glass. Dress appropriately. Please, no loose sleeves or flammable clothing. Instructor will evaluate your clothing and may ask you to change. Your personal safety is our primary concern.
    Instructor: Artemisia has been in the SCA actively for 6+ years. She blew glass for six months before switching to lampworking about two years ago.

  • Grooming Marley: Sat 10-11:15; demo, no cost
    Marley is a docile, male Angora goat. Fleece from goats is called mohair, a wonderful, all purpose fiber. Marley’s humans will show us how to shear fleece with electric and hand shears. We will also learn how to prepare a fleece for spinning. Please DO NOT feed the goat!

  • History of Knitting: Sat 1:00-2:15; cost $1.50 max 15
    Lecture on the origins and development of knitting; what was knitted and when it was knitted as pertains to the SCA time period.
    Instructor: Nieka has been knitting for 36 years and continues to learn new things about this great pastime.
    Bring: note taking materials.

  • How to Research: Sat & Sun 10-11:15, cost $1.50; max 20 each session
    A discussion of the philosophy and techniques of research.
    Instructor: Asha is a textile historian and researcher
    bring note taking supplies, questions, enthusiasm, stories

  • Let’s Talk Wool!: Fri 7-9; no cost
    Wool fiber arts roundtable. This open forum will focus on everything wool. Bring your current project to show off.

  • Lucets: Sat & Sun 11:30-12:45; handout $1
    Learn how to make basic cording for lacing, pouches, trim etc. using a lucet
    Lady Arabella has been playing in the SCA for a number of years. Her interests include archery, dance and luceting. She learns most of her information by osmosis. Arabella’s other passion is science fiction, from one extreme to the other!
    bring spool of ¼ inch Offray ribbon, scissors, lucet (a few lucets will be available for purchase)

  • Class Full Making Lacing, period, Basic Fingerloop Braiding: Sat 10-11:15 & 4-5:15; cost $2; max 7 each session
    This class will focus on how to make fingerloop braids, which can be used as lacing cords for clothing, purse strings, hat strings, and other occasions in which a cord is required. This method of making “laces,” as they were commonly known, is documentable at least as far back to the twelfth century. Participants will make two sample braids using two different braiding techniques; the teacher will additionally demonstrate how minor variations of those techniques can produce several different patterns. will even receive four “bonus tracks”: a correction to the Compleat Anachronist on Fingerloop Braiding (approved by one of the authors), as well as directions for three laces that are NOT in the CA but are translated directly from a period manual.
    Instructor: Eslcarmonde
    bring a chair

  • Making Period Ink : Sat 3:45-4:45; cost $1; max 8
    Students will go home with the recipe and a small container of ink
    Instructor: Dame Tamlyn

  • Making Rag Paper: Sat 2:30-3:45, cost $4 max 6
    Learn to make paper from linen and cotton rags. We’ll talk about the history of paper as we work (who knew paper had so much to do with peoples underwear). Be ready to get wet and take home at least one finished piece of paper with your watermark. There will be a handout with paper making instructions and historical documentation so no one needs to try and take notes with wet hands.
    Instructor: Vivian has been playing in the SCA for 14 years
    Bring a towel, scissors and think of a simple design for your own watermark. Be prepared to get wet.

  • Needlework, Art & Function: Sat 10:00-11:15 & 4:00-5:15; cost $1; max 6 each session
    Come learn about period needlework forms. We will discuss the different stitches, needlework themes and styles used within the Medieval period and will even learn some of the more unusual stitches.
    Instructor: Ines de Santangel has been in the SCA since AS 19. Four years ago, she took a blackwork class and has been studying needlework ever since. And this from a woman who said she didn’t have the patience for it!
    bring pencil, scissors

  • Playing with Madder: Sat 10:00-2:30; Cost $?; max 8
    We will experiment dyeing with madder using a period recipe. A brief history info on madder will be discussed, but most of the time in class will be used to have fun with dyes. See the colors you can get just by using madder.
    Instructor: Mistress Gorandookht Mamigonian is Armenian from the Middle East and has concentrated most of her research in natural dyes (3 years) with those that were available in the region.
    bring note taking material, apron or wear old clothes

  • Quill Cutting: Sat 3:00-3:30 Cost $2 each quill; max 8
    How to cut a quill for writing.
    Instructor: Dame Tamlyn
    bring goose, turkey, pea hen, or swan primary wing feathers if you have them.

  • Red Dye Too: Sat 2:00-5:15; demo, no cost to watch.
    Dame Tamlyn of Wintersea will demonstrate how to extract red dye from either, cochineal, Brazilwood or Lac. (as of this printing, she was not certain which)

  • Class Full Rose Beads, from Petal to Paste: Sat 10:00-11:15; Cost $4; max 7
    This class is a hands-on let’s make a mess and learn something sort of thing. Using two pastes, one made from rose petals and the other from Camilla we will use various oils and spices to make scented beads. The process of creating a proper paste, and a short history of scented beads will be discussed while we work.
    Instructor: Vilda is a costumer and crafter of many years, mostly in the areas of SF/F and later period Historical. Having joined the SCA three years ago, she found a whole new world of costume and embellishment to learn and share. Her interests range from early 13th century French to 1940’s swing, with a wide gamut in between. Vilda learned how to make rose beads some years ago, and have since researched and worked with them, in the hope that she may present this enjoyable knowledge to as many folk as wish to learn.
    bring protective gloves, apron, container for beads

  • Sewing Garments by Hand: Sat & Sun 8:30-9:45; cost $1; max 10 each session
    How to sew garments by hand, using period techniques, so they stay that way.
    Instructor: Elisabeth d’Rossingol is a Textile arts Laurel with extensive teaching experience.
    bring scissors, needle, thread

  • Simple Woven Pouches: Sat 11:30-12:45; no cost; max 10
    Learn to weave a pouch in the round (no seams!) on a cardboard loom.
    Instructor: Aeschine Gearranagh loves anything to do with fibers!
    bring tapestry needles, awl, scissors, ruler

  • Class Full Socks from the Toes Up; Sat 8:30-11:15; cost $?; max 5
    There are SCA time period examples of knitted socks. Learn the sock knitting basics from an experienced knitter.
    Instructor: Joya
    bring 4 double pointed knitting needles and sockyarn if you have them

  • Spinning with Martha: Sat 11:30-3:45; no cost; max 10
    Martha raises her own sheep, shears, cards, spins, dyes and then weaves or knits up the yarn. There is very little about the process that Martha does not know!
    Instructor: Martha White
    Bring your own spinning wheel and fleece if you have one.

  • Tassels and Dance: Fri 6pm; no cost
    Learn to make tassels to decorate your belly dancing belt or use as a key fob. Immediately following the tassel workshop, Catrina will show a few of the basic belly dancing steps.
    Instructor: Catrina has been belly dancing for several years and has been know to join the entertainers at local restaurants. She enjoys being a fiber groupie when she is not involved with her Wyewood Seneshale duties.

  • Class Full Tools for the Fiber Arts: Sat 2:30-5:15, cost for materials and handout $8; max 8
    A hands-on workshop focused on creating tools used in the fiber arts. will have their choice of completing 2 projects from the following selection: A Small shuttle for inkle looms and tablet-weaving (Specially designed to not unwind when left hanging); Up to 10 Wooden cards for tablet weaving; A Standard sized shuttle for box looms; A simple drop spindle; Up to 3 Wooden Tapestry Needles; A Wooden Point-turner. Cymbric will supply all materials including pre-cut wood pieces; wood glue, finishing oils and any miscellaneous hardware needed, along with the shaping and finishing tools necessary to complete your chosen project(s) In some instances may be required to take turns with certain tools. The handout will include basic documentation and patterns for re-producing all of the tools offered in this class. Instructor will also have fibers and yarns etc upon which to ‘test’ your projects.
    Instructor: Dame Cymbric of the Isles is a Laurel, Royal Astronomer of An Tir, former Madrone Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, wood-worker and Fiber Arts enthusiast for ‘wayyy-too-many-years’ (with a pile of collected raw materials to prove it!)
    bring a chair and any note-taking materials you may want. Please wear garb that you can work in comfortably

  • Weld Yellow: Fri 6:00pm; no cost or limit to watch, handout $1
    This demo shows how to take a plain weedy plant, Reseda luteola, boil it with alum and dye yarn a vivid and permanent yellow.
    Instructor: Leticia, your autocrat and former An Tir A&S Champion has been messing with natural dyes for 10 years. She grows weld in her Wyewood garden

  • Woad Blue: Sat 2:30-5:15 (not a continuous class) no cost or limit to watch, handout $1
    Isatis tinctoria, the plant of mystery and lore. Leticia will spend most of the afternoon developing the woad blue dye vat. The real fun begins when the white yarn comes out of a yellow dye bath and turns blue before your eyes. Actual time will be heralded.
    Instructor: Leticia continues to research the mysteries of woad, even going to England for her vacation to interview a published author of dye technique, a woolen mill historian and professional weaver.

Fiber to Fabric
A joint effort by Joya and Leticia, this is a progressive project designed to document the process of getting fiber from a sheep to the finished product of woven yardage.
We hope you will join us with this project. Our efforts are going to be entered in the next Kingdom A&S Championship.
Starting with a purchased fleece, the team will card and spin wool into fine thread. We hope to keep the spinning going all weekend at Mostly Fibers, all the while, photographing the progress. Next we travel to Aquaterra for Fibers and Fletchings, August 8-10. There we plan to continue spinning. At the next event, possibly Autumn War, Joya and Letica will warp a small table loom and begin weaving wool cloth.

Leticia Troischesnes
Event Autocrat
Shire of Wyewood

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