Montengarde 12th Night


Event Summary

Date: January 17 , 2004
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on January 17th 2004
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

The harvest was bountiful; winter stores are at an all time high and Their Excellencies  Thorwulf and Sine would like to invite everyone to come and celebrate with them at Montengardeâ??s 12th Night.  This day will include the deciding of the new A&S, Service, and rapier champions of the Barony too.

Come and participate inâ?? or watch all of the best of the society.  A&S, rapier, archery, heavy combat, and an Italian Feast.

Merchants welcome.  (contact Lady Li Xia (moc.oohay@nas_ymmirb) for more information.
Many contests.

Timeline: (subject to change)

The Archery Tournament will be taking place off site at The Calgary Archery Centre (4855 47th Ave, S.E.)
The Archery Range will open at 9:00 for registration and warm up. The shoot will begin promptly at 9:30am.

For questions about the shoot please contact Lady Annys Bradwardyn, Dragon Blinder at (403) 850-7874,

Costs: Feast – $15/feast seat (this is separate from and does not include site fee)
                         – Off-board seating will be available (on-board and off-board people cannot sit at the same table)

             Site – Adult: $5.00
                         Child (6-16): $3.00
                         Child ( <6): Free
                         Family: $15.00 (Adult, Domestic Partner, up to 3
â??Childdren (6-16)â??)
             NMS â?? all non-members will be responsible for paying the $4 NMS in addition to their site fee.

Make cheques payable to MSCA.

Reservations HIGHLY encouraged for the feast.  The only reservation is a
paid reservation.  For more information on reservations, email
ten.sulet@ofnitekcit .

Where: Calgary Marlborough Community Hall
             636 Marlborough Way NE, Calgary  T2A 2V9
When: Jan. 17, 2004
             Doors open at 9 am
             Hall closes at midnight

Event Stewards:  (Autocrats)
William Bennet  (ten.sulet@111ikerf)
1421 27 St. SW
Calgary, AB
T3C 1L4

Eibhear Oâ??Seanochan (ten.sulet@reeb-e)

Feast Steward:
Tomyris ek Arimaspi (moc.liamtoh@avidyaweerf)

For any and all questions, contact William.  For questions regarding the
feast menu, contact Tomyris.

Contests (more to come)

(Mistress Morgan writes)
In order to get going on the Traditional Montengarde Twelfth Night Contest,
which (very traditionally) includes a “Novice” focus – but in order also to
make sure others do not feel left out, here’s my proposal:

1) Novice Costume Contest

     In this instance, entrants are considered “novices” if they have been in
the SCA for one year or less (dating from Montengarde Twelfth Night of
2003), and do not have a professional or semi-professional background in
costuming (you are on your honour here to determine your own fitness for
this category!)

     Documentation not required, but encouraged. This will be “on body” but
need not be worn by the Entrant/maker, although they must be on site and
attend the judging, in order to be asked questions. Periodness, general
knowledge and technical skill will be scored, and completeness (the
accessories such as shoes, pouch, belt, etc inclusions – whether
made/bought/found/gifted – ) will also be factored in.

2) Medieval Undergarments (ie: chemises, corsets…)

      This will be divided into three (3) categories:

     a) Novice: has been costuming for less than one year, although you may
have been in the SCA for longer. “Costuming” is defined as more than just a
generic polyester t-tunic thrown together for your first events and then
worn forever after. Novices may NOT have entered any costumes in previous
competitions, or have a professional or semi-professional costuming
background. (see above)

     Documentation STRONGLY recommended.

     b) Intermediate: has made four (or less) costumes/costume elements,
considers themselves to have at least basic sewing skills, and has not
entered costumes in more than Shire or Baronial level  costuming

     Documentation expected.

     a) Advanced: has made more than four costumes, considers themselves as
“intermediate” or better seamstress/er, and has entered costumes in
Principality or Kingdom level contests

     Documentation required.

This will be “off body” (unless the entrant/maker does not mind being pawed
by the judges) and will focus on accuracy, technical expertise and
appropriate materials/completeness – ie: if it was normally embroidered,
then yours should be, but – conversely – if the item was known to never be
embellished, you should not have added an ahistorical element.

Again, the entrants are on their honour to determine their fitness to a
category: be fair, be realistic and be confident in your abilities!

     I will need judges (volunteers please email me privately) and the
donation of suitable prizes is requested.

I am proposing that the undergarment portion of this be run during the
afternoon, and that the “Novice Costuming” portion take place early in the
evening (hopefully prior to the feast.) I will be working with the autocrats
to arrange times and hopefully letting everyone know in good time, so as to
make it easy to arrange scheduling.



The format for this year’s rapier tourney will be a modified London Masters.
What is this you ask?  You’re in luck, I’m about to give a couple tid-bits

The first round will be 5 single elimination tourneys.  each having a
restriction on the weapon forms to use (single sword, sword/dagger,
sword/baton, sword/cloak, sword/buckler)  So practice up on all your forms.
The second round will be based on the first … 😀

All locals are required to have the following to enter:  subscription to the
Mouthpiece, banner appropriate to your persona, tourney tile.
Visiting combatants are required to have fun.


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