Mihko Wegwan


Hosted By Device of Ramsgaard

The Shire of Ramsgaard (Kamloops, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: August 9 , 2019 until August, 11 2019
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on August 9th 2019
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on August 11th 2019

Event site:
Kamloops Race Central
485 Mount Paul Centre Way Kamloops, BC V2H 0A8

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This is a Level 1 event.

Mihko Wegwan (pronounced: Mee koo We gwan) means Red Feather in Woodlands Cree. This is a cross-cultural arts and sciences event; that showcases Indigenous & pre-seventeenth methodology & techniques. Mihko Wegwan will be held in the unceded territory of the Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc. The fighting arts will be represented in period tournaments for rapier, armoured, and archery. The event is an interactive learning experience (instructor-led classes) guided on principles of respect and reconciliation.

Join us for a wonderful weekend of sharing.

This site is wonderful in sun and rain with flush toilets and showers available.

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Site Fees

Fee Type Cost
Adult Weekend 25*
Adult Day  15
~All classes are included in the site fee~  
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Tournament Information

Combatants, Consorts and Populace are invited to join in Pas d’Arms, both Heavy and Rapier.

With interest we have prizes for speed tourneys as well!

Youth and Family Activities

Drop in workshops will be running throughout the event as well as a scavenger hunt and other family activities like cabbage soccer!

Volunteer Information

Help is always appreciated with set up, gate, lists and break down. We’d love your support! 

Merchant Information

Merchants welcome- please contact Event Steward

Classes Offered

Archaeology of Childhood
Instructor: Viscountess Nadezhda Toranova
Length: 1 hours
Class Size: 2-20
Description: Class is a discussion of how evidence is used to understand the lives of children though toys and other aspects of material culture. The class will focus on Northern Europe, from Russia to the British Isles with dates ranging from 7th to 12th Century.
Note: The class will NOT include information regarding human remains, including graves.

Secwepemc Flint-napping Arrowheads and Spear-tips
Instructor: Ed Jensen – Tkemlups te Secwepemc
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 15
Description: Learn about flint knapping and how to create traditional tools, implements and jewellery with specialization in stone knives, bows, arrows and spears by a Kamloops-based Secwepemc artist.

Secwepemc Birch Bark Basket Weaving 
Instructor: Rona Tomma – Adams Lake
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 10
Description: This class will cover the basics of birch bark basket making, techniques and how to make a birch bark basket. Ancient birch-bark baskets may be thought of as a precursor to plastic containers. However, unlike plastic containers, birch-bark baskets can be used for cooking due to the cellular makeup of birch-bark and clever, watertight construction.

16th Century Ottoman Turkish Clothing
Instructor: Viscountess Safiye al-Konstantiniyye
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 2-20
Description: Introduction to 16th Century Ottoman Turkish Clothing. The emphasis is on Muslim women’s clothes, but men’s can be discussed and followed up after the even if more information is desired. We will cover garments from the skin out, fabrics, accessories, footwear, some cultural notes, myths, and things to avoid, as well as how to recreate the aesthetic on a budget. This is a lecture class with for for Q&A at the end. I will bring books and my own garments as examples to look at. There is an extensive hand-out with everything we cover plus drawings, pictures and in-period illustrations. Note – there is no hands-on pattern or garment creation in the limited class time, but feel free to bring any of your projects if you have questions or would like advice on them. I’d be happy to chat after the class.

Damascening – The Art of Precious Metal Inlay
Instructor: Duke Styrkarr Jarlskald
Length: 3 hours
Cost: Included in site fee for silver, $20 for gold (additional options are available for participants who ID as Indigenous)
Class Size: 6
Description: Humans have been inlaying precious metals such as gold and silver, into harder and cheaper metals such as bronze and steel, since the Bronze Age. This class introduces the student to inlaying gold or silver foil into steel using traditional Spanish techniques. Each student will leave with a finished piece. Note: If there are advanced metalsmiths/jewelers in the group, instructor is happy to spend additional time on wire inlay.

Humour and Healing
Instructor: Opie Oppenheim – Clearwater Indian Band 
Length: 1 hours
Class Size: 15
Description: Opie Oppenheim, Elder, visual artist, jewelry carver, comedian, inventor, healer, motivational speaker and North American flute maker speaks about the events in his life that have helped shape who he is. As a Kamloops Indian Residential School survivor, he explains how he exercises forgiveness and compassion allowing him to live a healthy, vibrant life. Having endured addictions and abuse, to others and himself, he has worked diligently to cope with adversity and proudly advocates healing, by using candour, humour and forgiveness to overcome life challenges.

Introduction to Band Weaving
Instructor: Master Guidobaldo Marco Odo Romeo d’Aquila
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 1-5
Description: An introduction to the methods of inclement band weaving.

Introduction to Slahal
Instructors: Terry and Ena Point
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 2-20
Description: The class will be a brief history on the ancient nuances of the game Slahal, what they would use it for and the materials used to make it traditionally. The rules of the game will be taught and rounds played. The Shire of Raamsguard is proud to present this experienced teaching duo who have travelled up from the traditional territories of the Musqueam. Both Ena and Terry have taught extensively throughout the Lower Mainland on subjects related to Musqueam life and reconciliation.

Making Period ‘Lake’ Pigments
Instructor: Lordship Taliesin Ap Hafgan
Length: 1 hours
Class Size: 2 – 6
Description: Using Madder, Weld, Woad, Cochineal and/or Black Walnut students will learn (a very hands-on experience) how to process the dye agent, to produce pigments using two different techniques. At the end of the class each student will have 3 to 5 sample pigments, from both techniques, to take home with them.
** At the time of release, Woad was in short supply or out of stock and therefore may not be included as one of the offered pigments. 
Please bring: rubber gloves, 6 – 8 pint size canning jars with lids and seals, notepad and pen.

Secwepemc Medicines
Instructor: Rona Tomma – Adams Lake Indian Band 
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 15
Description: This class will be a discussion about the various medicines found in the Secwepemc Territory. Along with fishing and hunting, Secwepemc people relied heavily on plants for food, for medicines, and for tools and implements. Plant knowledge continues to be an essential part of Secwepemc cultural knowledge and is communicated through traditional stories, place names, beliefs and values.

Natural Dyeing: Overview of Ancient Techniques from Viking to Coast Salish Textiles
Instructor: Duchess Caoimhe (‘Keeva’) ingen Domnaille
Length: 1 hours
Class Size: 2-20
Description: An overview of the natural dye process, including information on dyeing during the Viking Age and Finnish Iron Age, and will include what she’s learning about dyeing through working with Coast Salish weavers. Caoimhe has been a historical natural dyer for over 15 years and recently has teamed up to naturally dye fiber for a variety of regalia projects with Debra Sparrow of the Musqueam Nation.

Nlaka’pamux Storytelling
Instructor: Opie Oppenheim – Clearwater Indian Band 
Length: 1 hours
Class Size: 15
Description: Opie Oppenheim, Elder, visual artist, jewelry carver, comedian, inventor, healer, motivational speaker and flute maker will talk about the meaning of the flute and legends associated with the flute. Opie makes flute in the traditional way and will share his artistic passion and stories.

Secwepemc Weapon Making
Instructor: Rod Tomma – Adams Lake Indian Band Member
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 10
Description: This class will cover techniques used to make Secwepemc weapons such a club and what they were used for. A brief history and introduction to the types of materials used to make these weapons.

What’s the Wool?
Instructor: Grainne Donnghal
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 2-8
Description: Full Description of Class: This class is for prepping fibre for spinning and felting from raw sheep fleece. Hands on components for the class will explain how to skirt, wash, prepare, and store sheep wool. Students will skirt and wash raw fleece which they will be allowed to keep for their own projects, each student will leave with at least pound of washed wool. Unfortunately the wool we prep won’t be dry in time for the next steps, but small amounts of clean dry fibre will be available for trying out basic techniques to make your raw fleece a useable resource. 
If you would like to bring a fleece that has been given to you to try and prep that, PLEASE feel free to do so. Keep in mind that not all fleeces are guaranteed to be useable, if you would like to bring an extra fleece or two for assessment of quality and usability, I am happy to do a quick walk through with students after class.
Please bring: Hand cards (if you have them). Fleece (if you want to). A pillowcase or cloth tote for transporting your washed fibre. Drop spindle for after class if you think you can’t wait to get home to spin your wool!!

Woodlands Cree Moose-hair Tufting
Instructor: Shirley Gambler – Jean Baptiste Gambler Reserve Member
Length: 2 hours
Class Size: 10
Description: Learn about techniques and introduction to Woodlands Cree Moose-hair tufting. Shirley will cover the history and how to begin a project. Centuries ago the Cree people of Northern Alberta and the Dene people of the Northwest Territory used Moose Hair Tufting as the primary method of decorating their attire. The instructor is an Elder from Jean Baptiste Gambler Reserve.


Class Schedule: 

All classes are included in the site fee.

Drop in workshops will also be running throughout the event as well as a scavenger hunt and other family activities.

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