Midwinter’s Feast


Event Summary

Date: February 22 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 22th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Northwood Christian Church
2425 Harvest Lane Springfield, OR 97477


Site Fee: $10, $5
13-17, $3 5-12, under 5 free (non-member surcharge $5)
Feast Fee: $10

Site opens at 10, closes at 8. Out
by 9.

Northwood Christian Church is a dry


10:00 AM
opens (for those taking 10 AM classes and teachers, gate will open
at 9:30 so you can make those classes.)
Classes at 10: Old World/New World Foods; Introduction to Tablet
Weaving: Survey of the Middle Ages 1.
10-3: Scribal Table will run 10-3 (come paint charters or cards and
learn about medieval painting) in the main hall.
10-11: Set up for Arts & Sciences Championship is between 10
and 11.
10-12: Norse Wireweaving Hands on demo in the main hall.

Course – To chase the morning travel chill from your

1:00 PM
at 1: Wool & Silk applique; Cuir Bouilli Etui (Small Hardened
Leather Cases); Tablet Weaving continues.
1-3: Demo table on making Flemish Bow strings in main hall.
1-2:30: Rapier Championship armour inspection at 1, championship
begins at 1:30.
1-when it is done: Games Championship in the main hall.

3:00 PM
Course – To embolden the spirit for the day’s
Including Bardic!

Socializing and merriment. (Court may start
somewhere around here)

5:00 PM 
Third Course – To strengthen the mind and warm the body

7:00 PM 
Fourth course – To ward away the cold for the journey

8:00 PM
Site closes

Fun things happening at

All day Feast
(courses served throughout the day)

Menu (subject to change):

Feast Stewart Lord Bastian Eisengart, and the Noble Order of the
Dirty Spoon invite you all to join us for an excellent feast of
medieval comfort foods to chase out the winters chill. This special
feast will be served all day throughout the event in in 4 courses.
Enjoy the medieval practice of taking entertainment and company
between courses, as the meal is taken at a leisurely pace. Each
course will be announced and presented in the hall to be placed on
a buffet. Revelers are invited to take their portion at any time
they wish, so if you find yourself busy when a course is presented,
fear not, the food will remain available all day. The final courses
will be served formally before the close of the event.

12:00 First Course
To chase the morning travel chill from your

A porridge of oats
Warm Bread
Fresh Butter
Jams and Jellies

3:00 Second Course
To embolden the spirit for the day’s

Indian Hen Roasted
Mushroom Pie
Fresh Bread

5:00 Third Course
To strengthen the mind and warm the body

Roasted Pig
Root Vegetables
Savory Toasted Cheese

7:00 Fourth course
To ward away the cold for the journey home

Roast Beef
Pottage of greens
Sweet Pies

Desert Auction

  • There will be a Dessert Auction at the event. Proceeds from the
    auction will go to help pay some of Ragnar Thorbjornson’s ever
    increasing medical bills. The dessert auction will be run as a
    silent auction throughout the day and closing before court begins.
    This is a cash only auction, no checks please.
  • If you would like to provide a dessert for the auction simply
    bring it to the event, along with an ingredients list to help those
    with allergies avoid any mishaps.

Classes and Demos

  • Classes for this event are pre-reg only (with a few exceptions
    – see notes on class page). The full list of classes can be found
    here: http://www.ithra.antir.sca.org/idisplay.php?topic=classes&it=5615
  • Classes are: Old World/New World Foods, Introduction to
    Tablet Weaving Part 1, Survey of the Middle Ages 1:
    Constantine to Charlemagne, Wool, Linen, and Silk Applique,
    Cuir Bouilli Etui (Small Hardened Leather Cases).
  • Pre-reg for classes is due February 20th.
  • Demo tables at the event will be Norsewireweaving in the
    morning and Mini Flemish Bowstrings in the afternoon. These are
    drop-in, informal classes. All are welcome!

Scribal Table

  • We will have a scribal tabel open for painting charters. There
    will also be cards and small items available to paint for those who
    have never painted charters before as supplies last. If you are new
    to the SCA, this can be a fun thing to try out and get to know


  • Greetings Rapier fighters of An Tir! come enter the tournament
    to become Adiantum’s Rapier Champion. Depending on how many come,
    it will either be a round Robin, or a double elimination
    tournament. Each bout will be best two out of three with three
    different weapon styles chosen by the contestants. Bring your best
    (and second and third best). Current Fighter card and membership
    card are required.

Games Championship

  • Games Championship will begin at 1. The length of the
    championship will depend on number of entrants and games played.
    Come, have fun and show everyone your gaming prowess!

Arts & Sciences championship

I encourage all who are interested
to consider entering. This is a good way to show off your new
projects and see how these things work. Ends up being a great way
to get ready for our Principality Alpine Scholar or even Kingdom
A&S. What do you need to do, you say? Read on!

The format for the Arts and Sciences
Championship is as follows:

  • Submit two entries in separate categories. Examples: paper on
    medieval subject, costume, leatherwork, knitting, woodwork
  • Documentation is required for both entries (e-mail
    idoniasherwood AT gmail DOT com if you need help with documentation
    or examples, remember, documentation does not have to be
  • Announce intent to enter by e-mailing the current champion at
    idoniasherwood AT gmail DOT com, please do so the first week of
    February (you can also let me know earlier). Include your name and
    what you plan on entering so we have time to find judges.

A few other

If you need anything special for
your entry, (access to electricity, extra table space, outdoors
set-up, etc.) please let me know when announcing your intent. If
you have any questions, suggestions or would like to enter the
competition, please send me a note!

Documentation – If you have
never entered before, or are unsure on documentation, please let me
know. I have several helpful handouts for writing documentation
that can help. I can also provide examples of documentation to
those interested.


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