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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Fearga Kavanagh
Date: February 3 , 2007
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 3th 2007
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge
1685 W 13th Avenue Eugene, OR 97402

Midwinter’s Feast and Artisan’s Retreat                                             

Barony of Adiantum

February 3, 2007                                                                                 

Eugene, Oregon 

Come and join us in the Barony of Adiantum for our annual Midwinter’s Feast and the first Annual Artisan’s Retreat!  Remember when you first got into the SCA and you and your friends geeked out on a regular basis on all the artsy things the SCA had to offer? Have you ever wanted to just sit with the Laurels, ask them questions, glaze over at the amazing amount of geeky information they can toss at you and soak up the knowledge? If you long for those glory days, come join us at the First Annual Artisan Retreat! Come geek out with other artists and learn new arts and sciences from some of the Kingdom's premier artisans. The Laurels attending will have no meetings to run to, no things to judge, and nothing to do but answer questions and chat about cool artsy things!!
There will be demonstrations throughout the day, panel discussions, and plenty of artisans doing their thing. Get one-on-one advice from artisans in such diverse fields as costuming, music, illumination, pottery and other arts–be sure to bring your works-in-progress!

After a full day of immersion in the glorious arts, join us for a delectable feast that follows the Silk Road from Mongolia to the Courts of Elizabethan England. FEAST SEATING IS LIMITED! Email Dame Fearga to secure your seat at the feast: moc.oohay@agraef.


Feast Menu:  

Feast Following the Silk Road

First Remove: China, Mongolia
Soup  and garnishes 
Chilled Pasta, radish, snow pea, on side ham, chicken
Tea eggs
Carved melon or other fruit
Pressed plums & Tamarind balls
Persimmons / persimmon paste
Tea & kefir

Second Remove: Middle East
Halawiya – lamb and chickpeas
Badinjan Muhassa – eggplant dish
Flat bread
Yogurt cheese balls
Oranges and rose water

Third Remove: Mediterranean
Chicken in Pomegranate Juice
Onion Salad Torta Bianca
Gilded egg bread
Candied limes
Candied orange peel
Quince paste
Mint tea

Fourth Remove: Elizabethan England

Baked stuffed Turkey
Selection of sauces
Boiled Garlic
Renaissance Salad
Stuffed mushrooms
Custard Lumbarde
Fruit pies
Candied anise seeds, sugar plate
Windowpane shortbread, molded shortbread

Lunch will be available for a small fee

Lunch: Peasant food
Ox-tail soup
Oat and/or rye bread
Apple butter
Soup of buttered carrots
Fruit pie
Flavored cheese
Dried fruit

 Autocrat: Dame Fearga Kavanagh (Jonna Hayden), PO Box 780, Oakridge, Oregon, 97463. 541-782-5946 (NO calls after 9PM!) moc.oohay@agraeF.
Site Information:  Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge, 1685 W 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402. This is a dry site! Opens Saturday, February 3 at 8:30AM and closes at 11 pm. Full schedule TBA. 

Site Fees: Day Only: Adult: $9.00 / Youth (5-12): $4.00 Feast Only: Adult: $12.00 / Youth (5-12): $7.00

Both Day & Feast: Adult: $17.00 / Youth (5-12): $9.00

(non-member surcharge applies) Make checks payable to Barony of Adiantum, SCA, Inc.

More information at: www.adiantum.antir.sca.org


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