Midsummer in Appledore


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Glynne-Rose of Wyndhaven
Date: June 5 , 2009 until June, 7 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 5th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 7th 2009

Event site:
Keremeos Elks Rodeo Grounds
3012 River Rd Keremeos, BC V0X 1N0

Midsummer in Appledore

The Shire of Appledore to invites you to

Midsummer in Appledore

June 5th-7th

Midsummer is the venue for two exciting events compressed
into one weekend. Appledore Championship, and our annual
Feast in Fellowship.

Appledore Championship:

The theme this year is: The Hunt

Championship Candidates must declare their intentions at
Saturday morning opening ceremonies. 


Appledore is unique in choosing an all-round champion,
competitors vie for points in 6 categories;


a) Armored combat-

b) Rapier Combat-

c) Archery-

d) Arts-

e) Science-

f) Bardic-


Each category is open for all to compete, each championship
candidate is scored on a scale from 1-6 points. The candidate
with the most points at the end of the event is named
Champion for the next year.


The champion has some responsibilities to the Shire for the


1) Represent the Shire at every opportunity, be proud of the
championship and show it.

2) Assist the Shire with all events, as much as you can.

3) Learn the history of Appledore.

4) Advance your own knowledge through, practice and effort,
of the SCA and the period

of your persona.

5) Facilitate the next championship selection at the next
Midsummer in Appledore.


This year the overall theme of “The Hunt” has been chosen.
Here is a breakdown of the categories;


)The Hunt;


a) Armored combat- A simple round robin tourney for the
enjoyment of the encampment

The actual format may change depending on number of fighters


b) Rapier Combat- “Even hunters don’t
always get along”- A round robin style tournament. Watch for
some fun scenarios to get the adrenaline flowing


c) Archery-elimination shoot- 3 Arrows each-Starting at 5yrds
each competitor shoots 3 arrows at a 3D target. Shooters who
hit in the “vitals” move back 3yrds and shoot again. Shooting
continues until only one shooter remains. Watch for some fun
shoots to get the adrenaline flowing


d) Arts-Create a “piece” of artwork the would have been used
or made by hunters in your personas time period



e) Science-“Traps and snares”- create a method of capturing
small game or birds that could have been used in “period”


f) Bardic-Tell us of your hunt


As you can see these categories are very broad. Competitors
are welcome to prepare in advance of the event.


Feast in Fellowship:

Please join us on Saturday night while
we feast in Fellowship in a enchanted tavern atmosphere where
the skilled Ladies of  St Gentians table will be selling
their renown culinary delights

Day food will also be available supplied by: The Ladies of St
Gentians Table

Here is the planned menu day and evening food:

Special $5.00
2 eggs

Lunch Special $5.00
Tourtiere’s or 2 Samosa’s
Vegi’s & dip

Dinner Special $6.00
Beef on a Bun
Au jus
Green Salad

Scone with jam $2.00

Muffin $1.00

Biscuit coconut oatmeal or molasses 50¢


(Glynne Wheeler)

3018 Orchard Drive, Keremeos V0X 1N1 1-250-499-0008

Co-Autocrat HL Keinna de Savage

Championship Coordinator-
Outgoing Champion Bart Archer

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