Masked Ball


Hosted by Device of Seagirt

The Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Anastasia Daysshe
Date: April 20 , 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 20th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Eastern Star Hall
3281 Harriet St. Victoria, BC V82 3S3

Welcome to the Spring Medieval Ball

Come Dance, Play, and see if you can solve the murder that occurs
this evening at the Manor of Fernwood. ( Eastern Star hall )

This is an SCA event, and therefore, medieval costumes will be
needed. Door charge will be 10 dollars as usual.

But wait, a murder you say. Yes, someone at the ball will be
murdered, and it will be up to you, to determine who.

Lord Taylor has invited everyone to his manor, to join him in
celebrating the wedding of his son Bartholomew, to the Lady Diana
of Dunnsbury. So please, come out to witness this grand event, and
celebrate with them this glorious day.

I need people. 20 to be exact, that can commit to a part !

Persons needed to play parts ! If you see one you want. that is not
marked as taken, Let me know, and I can send you info. Once you
decide on a character, that’s the one you get, so choose carefully,
as the initial handout has important info that cannot be

Also, remember, this is a murder mystery party. You all have
secrets, and parts to play in the murder that will occur that

At the Start of the ball, I would like all people with parts to be
there between 6:15- 630. I will give you a sheet with questions you
are to ask others, as you arrive at the ball as well as coins, that
you may use for bribery. Use them wisely. I will also explain a few
changes I will need to make to make this work at the ball.

At 8pm, there will be a murder, in a dark corner, somewhere in the
hall, and you will be handed another set of questions, in order to
attempt to determine who the murderer is. There will be a ballot
box, where you can guess your answer. ( one per person, and all
attending the ball are allowed to guess )

At 900, the box will be gone through, and those who guessed will
get a certificate.

Awards as follows
Smoking Gun award – Guessed Murderer
‘ Best costume, ‘
‘ Money Bags ‘ – Most coins at the end of the night
‘ Best Theatrics ‘

Characters needed !

Characters needed !

King Kyle – King – Currently On hold
for Either a Baron, Prince or King

Queen Genevieve – Queen – Currently On
hold for a Baroness, Princess or Queen

Sheriff of Fernwood – TAKEN
Sherilyn – Sheriff’s Wife – TAKEN
Lord Taylor – Lord of the manor

Lady Gwendolyn – Lady of the manor

Baron Bartholomew – Lord Taylors son – TAKEN
Lady Diana of Dunnsberry – Noblewoman -TAKEN
Maid Marilyn – Lady Gwendolyns Lady in waiting – TAKEN
Sir Cameron – Knight

Sir Rufus – Knight – TAKEN
Gary Gallant – Squire
Joking Jerry – Court Jester
Willie the watchman – Manor watchperson
Elizabeth the Elaborate – Vassel – TAKEN
Maid Victoria – Maid – TAKEN
Charlemagne – Chamber maid – TAKEN
Maid Monica – Maid – TAKEN
Poor Pearl – peasent TAKEN
Wyatt Worker – Serf

Dances that are getting done in no particular order. Dancing to
start at 630 pm, and on the hour for each set.( 4 sets

Some are being
taught at the ball and are stated in the

Barons Bransle – Teaching
Rufty Tufty
Hit and Miss
Gone around the Harbour
Sarasons Bransle – Teaching
Female Saylor
Hunt the Squirrel
Toltentenz – Teaching
Black Nag
Upon a summers day
Ma na Vue – Teaching Maybee
Gatheribng Peascods
Gay Gorden – Teaching
Christchurch bells
Hole in the wall

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