Marshal Workshop


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Eoghan ÓBriain
Date: June 30 , 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 30th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Kinton Grange
19015 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Beaverton, OR 97007


The season of fighting is at hand! Tournaments and wars abound.
Events overflow our Kingdom Calendar all with one thing in common:
fighting. Nearly everyone in the Society looks forward to watching
or taking part in the carnage, whether it be on the Heavy, Rapier,
or Youth Armored Combat field. Whether it be on the list field or
the war field, the fight is our favorite past time. However,
in order for there to be such activity, there
requires the most important of people. The marshal needs to be
present. There can be no carnage without the safe oversight of the
Kingdom’s Marshals. But, nowadays, we find our Marshals too few in
number. They, the overworked, rarely appreciated, have begun to
fade away to “burn-out” with no one to take their places. I say
that this is a grave injustice to the Kingdom and the Society as a
whole! So, in order to correct this injustice, the Barony of
Dragon’s Mist will be hosting a day long workshop to train and
authorize Marshals for the glory and service of our great Kigndom.
We plan on covering Heavy, Combat Archery, Rapier, Youth Armored
Combat, and Target Archery. If you are not, yet authorized to
fight, but ready to do so, we need you to come out and get tested.
If you are interested in marshalling, there will be classes to
start your training for all disceplines. If you’ve already been
working on your Junior or Senior Marshal status and are ready for
the test, we plan on hosting authorizations for Heavy, Rapier and
YAC as well. Remember, Society Earl Marshal requires all
Senior Heavy Marshals to be familiar with Combat Archery.

And for those of you who fall in none of those categories, but
enjoy fighting, come on out and fight pick ups or help the Senior
Marshals authorize new fighters. Everyone has a hand in keeping the
dream alive. Everyone has a place at this workshop.

I know you are now asking, “When? When is the day that I might
better serve my Kingdom? When is it that I can go and earn a place
on the field of battle ensuring the safety of all?”

June 30th will see the glory of service spread in AnTir. Gate will
open at 9am and the event will close at 9pm. All adults attending
can expect to contribute $10 for entrance to this workshop ($5
Non-member surcharge applies), while youths ages 13-17 will be
charged $8 (children under 13 are free). Your gate fee will include
a light lunch and dinner. That’s right. For your trouble, we will
feed you. All you have to do is make your way to the Kinton Grange
at 19015 Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton, 97007 on June 30th by 9am
and the rest will be provided. Bring your armor. Bring your
weapons. Bring your pens. Bring a bowl and spoon. Bring your

Marshals are an important necessity in the game we play. Let’s take
the game serious for a moment and make sure we all can keep playing
it. Any authorized fighters wishing to volunteer to assist with
authorizations and any Senior Marshals wishing to volunteer to
either teach classes or perform authorizations, please contact the
Event Steward.

Schedule of events (subject to


Heavy Combat

Rapier Combat


Target Archery


Site Open for Event Staff


Site Open for Everyone


Heavy Combat Archery Class and Authorization

Equipment Construction Class

Discussion on Jr/Sr Marshal Requirements




Fighters to Armor Up

Marshalling 101: for aspiring Heavy and Rapier

Advanced Marshalling Discussion

Fighters to Armor Up

Fighters to Armor Up

Discussion on Jr/Sr Marshal Requirements


Jr. Marshal Authorizations

Jr. Marshal Authorizations

Jr. Marshal Authorizations


Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations

Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations

Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations




Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations (cont.)

Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations (cont.)

Fighter & Sr. Marshal Authorizations (cont.)

Discussion on Jr/Sr Marshal Requirements


End of all Classes/Authorizations


Gate closes. Staff meeting in the kitchen.



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