Lover’s Potluck


Hosted by Device of Crickstow-On-Sea

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Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Emma Blackwell
Date: February 16 , 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 16th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Positive Living Centre of Victoria
3281 Harriet Rd. Victoria, BC V9A-1S3

Lovers Potluck

  • Where:
    3281 Harriet St – the white church across from Rudd
  • When:
    February 16, 2008, 6pm to 11pm
  • Who:
    Anyone who wishes to have an evening of fun and
  • What:
    Potluck to Juno!

    Come and bring a dish
    honouring Juno – the goddess of marriage! Bread, Butter,
    and Lentil Stew will be provided…no bar on site but
    discreetly damp!

$8.00 if you do not
bring a dish
$6.00 if you do!

What to bring?
This is a discreetly damp
site. If you wish to drink something other than mint water
please bring yourself something. There will be no bar on
site! As well bring a dish of food that will feed about 10
people from the following chart:

Using the first name of your society name: (i.e. Emma)

A-J – Veg and /or Fruit — including pickled items
K-T – Meat and/or Nut Dishes
U-Z – Dessert and/or Honey dishes

Game of Luv:  In Honour of the Great Goddess
For an evening of servitude and chivalry.

What does an evening of chivalry and gracious service
look like???

The male shall shower affection and kindness
upon his mate for the evening…

  • He shall fetch her drink
    if parched
  • Pull out her chair when
    needed to be seated.
  • He shall dance with her,
    kiss her hand if both desire
  • But above all else – he
    must be ready to espouse her virtues in song, deed, poem,
    gift or whatever else “moves” him.  Remember some men
    fell desperately in love with their ladies without anything
    more than a description of their perfection…  (there
    will be time allotted for this – but is not mandatory –
    however it sure would make your other half feel good – and
    be great fun!)
  • He is not required to be
    next to his other half for the entire evening but is “on
    call” for those moments required…

The women do not get away
so easy though –

  • They must not rebuff
    their love- match….
  • They must acknowledge the
    good and virtuous works, praise him for being brave, just
    and courteous, and guide him along the path of true
    chivalry rather than letting him stray into the realms of
    pride, vanity or self-indulgence. Although we hope all will
    choose to participate this is strictly a volunteer game. If
    you do not want to participate come anyway and see the


  1. Upon arrival, women
    decorate their love sticks (hubba-hubba) (a popsicle stick
    that has been altered with holes and able to be cleanly
    snapped in half) with their chosen colors and
    fabrics.  Some items will be available at the Potluck
    – many non-period but still fun.  It is up to you how
    you wish to make your love stick decorative… A note to
    the participants – make it distinctive. 
  2. You break your stick in
    half placing the bottom half of your stick (with much
    secrecy) into the bucket.
  3. Continue to wear your
    half…  You may wear it around your neck – on your
    wrist – around your waist… it is totally up to you. 
    Men can look but not touch.
  4. At the appointed time,
    all of the interested men draw sticks.  Upon drawing a
    stick, the man is to find his other half and pledge an
    evening of chivalry and servitude… A cord or ribbon will
    be provided for the man to wear his “love stick” out in the
    open for all to see…. 
  5. A man may choose more
    than one stick if willing to go to the back of the line and
    wait until the end – and abide by all of the rules for BOTH
    halves…  A woman can also choose to go up and try to
    reclaim her stick if she doesn’t wish another half for the
    evening.   Caution to the brave ladies –  if
    another lady’s stick is chosen- she is bound by the

Tips to pick your
chosen “love stick”?  And other

The men will be blindfolded
but not obliged to take the first stick… rather a choosing
by feel and great drama…Will he remember how his loves
stick was decorated???  Did she make it distinct enough
for her mate to feel it out??? The order will be chosen by
age.  The oldest to the youngest.  Age before
beauty – and (hopefully) with age comes wisdom?

 To make this
a little more interesting we will be having the following

  • The best display
    of Love to a Lady: song, poetry, toast or
  • The most gracious
    acceptance of such displays
  • Warning: There
    will also be “prizes” for the most Shrewish or Boorish – so
    be nice.

There will also be dancing,
we hope, and plenty of time to just sit, eat, and be merry.
Also the Crickstow Calvary will be in attendance for any
wishing to apply to joining the Calvary, or for displays of
Love fighting for their Ladies honour.
And of course giving children and adults alike time to


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