Lionsdale Champions Tourney


Hosted By Device of Lionsdale

The Shire of Lionsdale (Fraser Valley, BC )

Event Summary:

Date: June 3 , 2011 until June, 5 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 3th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 5th 2011

As summer draws
nigh the Shire of Lionsdale prepares to choose champions once again
for armoured combat, target archery, and missile combat. These
longer days and warmer skies also provide us with opportunities to
show your prowess with a rapier, in the arts, and in bardic

Sunday morning,
wake up to the mouth-watering aroma of fresh coffee, sizzling
bacon, sausages, and fluffy pancakes prepared especially for you.
Gluten-free pancakes will be available upon request. The cost is
$8, with the proceeds to be donated to a travel fund, as yet to be

Pre-registration for available merchant space is necessary; please
contact the autocrat. Schedule details to be posted on the Shire of
Lionsdale website (
as the event draws nigh. We look forward to welcoming one and all
to frolic in the Grenewode with us.


Adults $15.
Youth (12-18) $8.
 Children (12 and
younger) free.
$5 NMS applies to all adults who do not have proof of membership.
Make cheques payable to “Shire of

the Site:

opens at 4pm on Friday and closes at 5pm on

Owner’s Rules:
-no pets, smoking only within designated areas (this does not
include your encampment),

of farm equipment, animals, and water hazards (this is a working



4:00 – Site opens
(Town cry at 8:00am)
9:00 – Opening Ceremony
9:30  Lists for Armoured Combat are open
10:00 – Heavy Championship
12:30 – Lists for Rapier Combat are open
1:00 – Rapier Competition
3:00 – Lists for Archery are open
3:30 – Target Archery Championship
6:00 – Hall space available for dance
8:00 – Bardic
– There will be an A&S competition throughout the day, details
to be posted at a later date at
Sunday: (Town cry at 8:30am)
9:00 – Pancake breakfast
10:00 – Lists for Combat Archery are open
10:30 – Missile Combat / Combat Archery Championship
3:00 – Closing Ceremony
5:00 – Site closes
– All Championship competitors must display their device or arms
during their combat
– A reminder that the previously planned Equestrian activities have
been cancelled due to weather making the site not



At this point,
the tournament style is still being decided upon by the current

The options are:
going the easy way (Round robin) or maybe a 4 life progression
(Single Sword first life, Sword and cloak second, sword and baton,
and then sword + dagger/buckler).



The same style
that we have been doing for the last few years: A bear pit with a 5
min penalty for Knights, Royal peers, and the current

Arts & Sciences:
A for fun competition.  The theme is: “Rhymes With
Lionsdale”.  EG: ale, mail, impale, kale, flail, sail,
etc. If you are interested in judging please contact Lady Kayleigh
de Leis at as[at]


For further
information please do not hesitate to

autocrat (Marion) at

or the
co-autocrat (Dannielle) at




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