Hosted by Device of Coeur du Val

The Shire of Coeur du Val (Corvallis, Benton County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Hlif Beiskaldarazi
Date: August 15 , 2014 until August, 17 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 15th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 17th 2014

Event site:
WoodLyn Library and Grounds
30849 Old Santiam Hwy Lebanon, OR 97355

Site Opens at
10:00 AM on the 15th and closes at 5 PM on the 17th


Come one and all
to the the Shire of Coeur du Val as we celebrate the
successful siege of LEBUS castle by Ludwig of
Thuringia!  Our
weekends’s offerings include a Heavy Fighting Single-Sword and
Mythical Beastie Tourney, Rapier Tourney, Archery and Thrown
Weapons Competitions, and Arts and Sciences, Bardic, and
Scholarship Competitions with prizes for all victors!  There will also be prizes for
the Best Fighting Kit and Most Chivalrous Fighter (heavy and rapier
combined), to be judged by the Laurels present and the
Populace.  There will
be dancing, and we’ll show you the steps so that everyone can
participate!  For the
very young, we’ll have our traditional fun-noodle and water balloon
joust!  Lebus is also
the event at which CDV’s shire champion is chosen, with
A&S, Archery, Heavy, Rapier, Performance, Thrown Weapons and
Scholarship categories.  The championship features
political machinations and possibly bribery. Get in on the


The Site is
WoodLyn Library and Grounds at 30849 Old Santiam Hwy, Lebanon,
IS 30849, NOT 38049. Site fee is $10.00 for adults and $5 for
children ages 13-17. 
There is a non-member surcharge of $5 for adults. Make checks
payable to “Shire of Coeur du Val, SCA inc.”.
Merchants:  There is
no merchant fee! If you would like to donate an item as a prize, it
would be appreciated and you can contact the Autocrat.



We Will Have the Following Classes

1.  Knitting Round-Table, drop-in format
knitting with expert knitter who will help you with any
questions you might have, or help you get started on a
project.  Come prepared with yarn and knitting

2.  Medieval English Country
Dance, come learn to dance, or just join in if you
already know the steps!

3.  Yoga for Fighters, a special yoga
class between 30 minutes and 1 hour long, designed
to help SCA fighters reach their full potential,
taught by a professional Yoga instructor who is also an SCA


Rules for
various Competitions:


1.     Main Tourney:
(Heavy) Single, One-handed Sword, Single-elimination, First-blood,
Destructive Double-Kills.


2.     Mythical
Beastie Tourney: (Heavy) Armored combatants must attempt to
resemble some character or likeness from mythology. “Mythology” is
rather broadly defined. All “beastie” components must
be affixed in such a way as to not endanger opponents, self or
spectators. All fighters must meet minimum An TIR and SCA armor
standards. Beasties’ powers beyond the rattan-related are
open to negotiation between fighters. An intermission will be held
mid way through tourney, during which fighters or their designated
speakers will explain their entry.



T-Rex Tourney:  (Heavy) Armored combatants must strap their upper arms to their chests
in a secure manner so that all mobility is restricted to the
forearm. They then may take up weapon of their choice, and fight to
the death (with killing force) whilst acting in a giant extinct
beastly manner. RAWR!



4.     Rapier tourney:

The King of Hearts Round Robin


In this Round Robin Tournament, combatants
shall have to trust in Lady Luck as well as skill at arms. Each
combatant will draw from a full deck of cards prior to entering the
list. The style of combat and weapon choices shall be determined by
the suit and face value of the card.


Hearts- Fight until 1st
blood from the Torso


Clubs- Fight until 1st
blood from the Head


Diamonds- Fight until All 4 Limbs
are taken


Spades- Fight until 1st
blood from any part of the body


Joker- Single sword in the
non-dominant hand to 1st blood 


The highest face value card
determines the style.


Even numbered cards- Off-hand
offensive and defensive weapons may be


Odd numbered cards- The match shall
be fought single sword.


Face cards- the choice of weapons
goes to the drawer

The combatant with the most victories shall
be declared victor. Fight with honor and

fortuna adiuvat



5.     Best Fighting
Kit, Laurels’ Choice: 
Heavy and Rapier Fighting Kits will be judged together by all
Laurels present based on authenticity and
attractiveness.  Each
Laurel will be given 2 votes, which they can cast for one person,
or split between two fighters.


6.     Chivalry
Prize:  A prize will
be awarded to the most chivalrous fighter from the Rapier and Heavy
Fighters combined, according to a vote by the populace.


7.     Archery: TBA,
probably standard IKAc.


8.     Thrown
Weapons: TBA, probably standard rules.


9.     Firelight
Bardic: Bards will entertain spectators with songs and stories by
firelight after darkness falls.  Winner is determined by audience
response (applause, etc) 


10.     Arts and
Sciences:  An area
will be designated to exhibit all Arts and Sciences entries, which
can include cooking, sewing, leather-work, spinning, weaving,
metal-work, poems in the style of a page from an illuminated
manuscript, or any other craft which traditionally falls under the
umbrella of A&S. 
Each entry should include a title and brief description, including
the region and era from which it is inspired.  Winners will be chosen by two
qualified judges.


Scholarship:  Entries
should be a research paper about any subject pertaining the the
Medieval Era.  No
length is specified. 
Sources should be given and will be part of the criteria upon which
entries are judged. 
Winners will be chosen by two qualified judges.


Championship (Calladum) Rules:


1.     Everyone is
able to compete in all seven categories, provided they meet
whatever authorization and equipment restrictions apply. Each
category counts as 1 entry into the overall championship. To be
eligible as shire champion, an entrant must make their intentions
known to the autocrat by the first day of the event and enter at
least five categories and may enter all seven. Competitors may
“hire” (bribe) others to compete as their representative in any
category.  Competitors
must represent themselves in at least one category.


2.     Calladum
categories are: Arts & Sciences, Scholarly, Archery, Thrown
Weapons, Heavy, Rapier, and Performance/Bardic.


3.     All categories
will rank all competitors throughout the event using a points
system (1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points,


4.     The Champion
will be chosen by adding the points they/their representatives were
awarded in their 5 strongest categories.  The competitor with the fewest
points will be awarded the Championship.


Information – Autocrat – Hlif Beiskaldarazi aka Molly Zimmerman,
541-621-4638, moc.liamg@sevaelnsesorsrats


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