Hosted by Device of Coeur du Val

The Shire of Coeur du Val (Corvallis, Benton County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Beringar von Rudesheim
Date: August 10 , 2012 until August, 12 2012
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 10th 2012
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2012

Event site:
Riverbend Hazelnut Farm
2380 SW 15th Ave Albany, OR 97321



(The return to

August 10-12,

Come one and all to The shire
of Coeur du Val as we celebrate the successful siege of LEBUS
castle by Ludwig of Thuringia! Our weekend’s offerings
include Pavillion Races,  our main tourney,
Mythical beastie tourney, Blind Man’s bash, and Firelight
tourney and Bardic. There will also be Archery, rapier and thrown
weapons competitions.  For the very young and
(and immature not-so young) we’ll have our traditional
fun-noodle water balloon joust! We will dance (we’ll teach
you how!).  There will be a potluck! New to the
event this year is CDV’s shire championship,(A&S,
Archery, Heavy, Rapier, Performance, Games, Thrown Weapons and
scholarship). featuring political machinations and possibly
bribery. Get in on the action!

The Site is 2310 SW 15th Ave,
Albany Or 97321. Site fee is $10.00, make checks payable to
“Shire of Coeur du Val, SCA inc.”.
Merchants:  There is no merchant fee! If you
would like to donate an item as a prize, it would be


Rules for various

Stone Soup
(Friday evening)

Pavillion Races:
(Friday evening). 1 complete period pavilion per entry, must be set
up so that it is self-supported. Pavillions will be set up at
designated starting line. When race commences, pavilion must be
transported to designated finish line, and completely set up again.
First one to finish wins.

Main Tourney:
(Heavy) standard Double elimination tourney

Mythical Beastie
Tourney: (Heavy) armored combatants must attempt to resemble some
character or likeness from mythology. (It should be noted that
“mythology is rather broadly defined). All
“beastie” components must be affixed in such a way as
to not endanger opponents, self or spectators. All fighters must
meet minimum An TIR and SCA armor standards. Beasties’ powers
beyond the rattan related are open to negotiation between fighters.
An intermission will be held mid way through tourney, during which
fighters or their designated speakers, will explain their

Blind Man’s
Bash: (Sir John Memorial tourney) Fighters will close their eyes,
relying on a “Second” to guide their actions. No
two-handed weapons allowed.

tourney/bardic: At crowd’s insistence, bards will alternate
with fighters for spectator’s amusement.

Archery: Tba,
Probably standard IKAc.

Thrown Weapons:
TBA, probably standard rules.

Rapier tourney:

Shire Championship (Calladum)

Everyone is able
to compete in all eight categories, provided they meet whatever
authorization and equipment restrictions apply. Each category
counts as 1 entry into the overall championship. To be eligible as
shire champion, an entrant must enter five categories. Note that it
is allowed to enter a category on someone’ behalf, and it is
also acceptable practice to hire someone to compete in your

categories are: Arts & Sciences, Scholarly, Archery, Thrown
Weapons, Heavy, Rapier, period games and

Each category is
determined by populace vote. Each member of the populace gets a
number of votes in each category equal to their place in the Order
of Precendence, as follows: Everyone gets 1 vote. People with
Awards of arms get 2 votes. Jambes/Goutes, etc 3 votes. Peers get 4
votes. Royal Peers get 5 votes. Sitting Royalty get 6 votes. Votes
are cumulative: Hence a Royal peer who is a knight, and a pelican,
and who also has a Goute De sange and an Award of Arms gets a total
of 19 votes per category.

Votes may be
split up amongst many candidates. Votes may be cast, for ANY
REASON, though the autocrat team would appreciate it if you would
at least consider the artistic/martial/skill related qualities of
each candidates entry.

Comments on
individual entries may be left on the backs of voting cards for

Votes must be
turned in at midnight Saturday night.

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