Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier Championships


and Device of Glymm Mere

The Barony of Glymm Mere (Thurston, Grays Harbor, and South Mason counties, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Disa i Birkilundi
Date: March 2 , 2018 until March, 4 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 2th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on March 4th 2018

Event site:
Shiloh Inn
707 Ocean Shores Blvd Ocean Shores, WA 98569


For the most current information regarding this event please see
our facebook event page at:

Kingdom A&S and QRC Facebook Event Page

There are currently issues with the event
email address. If you have any questions regarding this event
please contact me through the facebook event




Site Opens

  A&S Entrants can begin setting up their displays

7:30pm             Kingdom
Financial Committee Meeting

Memorial Gathering for Asha


Judges Class Meeting

Gather for processional

Judges meeting

Invocation Court

Queens Rapier Championship Begins 20 minutes after
the end of Invocation Court.

Judging – 1st round

Queen’s Rapier Championship begins

Judging – 2nd round

Lunch (Laurel Meeting)

Judging – 3rd round

Judging – 4th round

Evening Court

MoD Meeting or 30 minutes following court

Arts and Sciences Officers Meeting

Pelican Meeting or following MoD


Presentations Begin

Armor Inspection

9:30am Heavy Tournament Begins

Final Court following presentations




The room block for The Shilo is now closed but there are several
hotels within walking distance of the mail hotel! Here are a few

Quality Inn Ocean Shores

The Grey

Canterbury Inn

Glory Hotel

Queens Rapier

A message from Her Majesty regarding the Queens Rapier


Queens Rapier Championship is fast approaching.  In
preparation We would like to share the following information
concerning the tournament and Our plans for the Processional.

The Processional will be held during Opening Court on Saturday
morning. We ask that the rapier community show as much pageantry as
possible.  We would love to see everyone in their fancy
clothes and to bring your personal banners to display.

The order of the Processional will be simple this year, based on
the individual fighters rapier OP rank:

1. Kingdom and Principality champions

2. MoD (by OP)

3. White Scarf (by OP)

4. All other entrants (by OP)

Remember you are fighting to honor your inspiration. It is
preferable for inspirations to be present for the processional,
tournament, and finals. Please put some thought into your
introduction. The Queen would like to hear your name, your
inspiration’s name, and your requested intention to fight in the

Preparation for the tournament will occur after Opening court.
This is to allow fighters time to get into their fighting gear.

There will be a quick processional before the tournament to
create a challenge round.

The format of the tournament will be once more be a sweet 16. We
will have 4 fields and will be holding a round robin in each field.
The top 4 fighters in each field will advance to a single
elimination tournament. The finals will be best 2 out of 3.

As part of the desire for pageantry we will be using shield
boards this year. Please be prepared and have a shield board with
your heraldry on one side, and your name on the other. Shield
boards for the Lists in An Tir are expected to be of the following
dimensions 4 x 3.75, should have holes drilled in the center top
and center bottom no less than 3/16 in diameter and no more than
7/16 from the top edge and no more than 7/16 from the bottom edge.
Further the board should be thin enough to be hung by the hooks
(about 1/8). It is my hope some extra boards will be available on
the day at the list table. Please do not count of this. Come

If you brought banners for the processional plan to keep them
out on display. Pageantry is welcome. 

Some rules for the tournament. Period looking shoes will be
required. No tennis shoes will be permitted. No equipment bags will
be allowed in the room. The room is too small to have the bags
present. Think about leaving them in you room or car and just
bringing in what you need. We need to keep those area around the
field clear for people moving around the fields and populous to
watch. No case or 2 handed weapons will be allowed in the

If you are not fighting and are willing to help marshal the
tournament please contact the MIC prior to the day.

Dalla Queen

An Tir


Preregistration is now open for QRC! Follow the link below for
more information.

Queen’s Rapier Championship List Preregistration


Kingdom Arts
and Sciences Championship

For information regarding the Arts and Sciences Championship
please go to the An Tir Arts and Sciences webpage.



Here is the Ithra class schedule. All classes are on Saturday.
Class registration will be after morning court on Saturday next to

Schedule (All classes are scheduled for Saturday):

Track 1

11am- 1pm: Who is Oscar? And why should I know him? 

2:30-4:30pm: Assisi, Italian Long Arm Cross Stitch


Track 2

11am -1pm: Humors, Uroscopy, and the Doctrine of Signatures

2:30-4:30pm: 5th Century BCE Athenian Theatre


Track 3

11am -1pm: Tablet Weaving: Introduction to Double-face,

2-3pm: Applying Classical Fencing Pedagogy to Renaissance Rapier

3:30-4:30pm: Advanced rapier and dagger fencing technique.


Class Descriptions:

Who is Oscar? And why should I know

Submission Process for the Non-Herald

Anne Rose Smythe  


An Tir is a ‘self-serve’ submissions Kingdom. What this means is
the submitter is responsible for sending submission paperwork to
the An Tir College of Heralds. Sometimes, this means that the
submitter hasn’t had any face to face contact with a herald. This
class will review the process, and tools used by the College of
Heralds and College of Arms to register names and armory.


Assisi, Italian Long Arm Cross

Kassandra of Dragon�s Laire

2 hrs

$2.00 for materials and handout.  All supplies

Max 8 students

Long arm is stitching one leg of the cross stitch longer than
the other.  Design is a beautiful weaving pattern.

Assisi is a method of voiding, in which the background is worked
and the design is left empty.

Students must know how to count cross stitch.

Students will leave with a project in hand.


Applying Classical Fencing Pedagogy to Renaissance
Rapier Teaching

Magnifico Luciano Foscari

1 hr

Class Size Max:  16

In this class we will discuss applying classical fencing
pedagogy, as taught at the San Jose Fencing Master�s Program, to
the teaching of Renaissance rapier.  We will discuss the
organization of actions, creating a lesson plan, and teaching tips.
Students should bring full rapier kit.


Advanced rapier and dagger fencing

Sam Yaskovic

30 minutes

Max. 10 people. 

Students will need to have a rapier and dagger. 


5th Century BCE Athenian Theatre

Andromache of Lesbos

2 Hrs

A generalized lecture on Ancient Athenian Theatre during the 5th
century. To include genres of theatre performed, production of the
play, and the playwrights of the time frame.


Humors, Uroscopy, and the Doctrine of

Seamus O�Caellaigh

2 hrs.

Class Max: 20

A beginner class that is part of the An Tir Apothecary Guild

Basics” class set. This class focuses on some of the diagnostic
beliefs within our period. The main theories that will be covered
are Humoral theory, which cover Warm, Cool, Dry and Moist illnesses
and herbs, Uroscopy, the inspection of urine, and Doctrine of
Signatures, that states that herbs resembling various parts of the
body can be used by herbalists to treat ailments of those body

No Cost


Tablet Weaving: Introduction to Double-face,

Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais

2 hrs.

6 Students

We will cover how to set up for double face, how to read, weave,
and draft patterns. 

Please bring a prepared 2 color warp of 20 tablets with 2 light
threads and 2 dark threads in each tablet, weft thread, shuttle,
beater, pencil, and paper for notes.

Handout $2

Display and
Guild Space

Interested in sharing your work with the Kingdom? We have space
available for displays and guilds at Kingdom Arts & Sciences and
Rapier Championship! Please contact Raffaella Di Contino through
Facebook or email her at ude.wu@retiurH for more information.


Heavy Fighting

Greetings good gentles. In addition to the Rapier and Arts &
Sciences Championships and the many fine A&S presentations
happening, on Sunday morning there will be a Heavy Fighting prize
tourney. In the spirit of the event, the prize tourney will be
Arts-themed and everyone will get a prize. All entrants are to
bring an object, either hand-made or relevant to the Arts and
Sciences, for the prize pool. Winner of the tourney gets first
choice of prizes, runner-up gets second choice, etc.


Please feel free to Contact me through the Facebook event page
linked above or at my email moc.liamg@aerdna.asid.

Hope to see you soon!

HL Disa i Birkilundi

Event Steward of Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Rapier
Championships 2018


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