Kaldor Ness A&S Weekend


Hosted by Device of Kaldor Ness

The Canton of Kaldor Ness (Columbia County, OR)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Gustof Von Beohmer
Date: August 10 , 2018 until August, 12 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 10th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2018

Event site:
Marshall Farm
34058 Sykes Road S. Helens, OR 97051

A&S Workshop
Weekend     Canton of
KaldorNess St. Helens, OR               
AUG 10-12, 201

The Canton of KaldorNess
invites you to come out to the country for  A weekend of focused arts and
sciences classes.  Our
Workshop weekend featurers in depth style classes that allow you to
make, experiment, try and design in many different period and SCA

Small workshop style classes, room
to relax, try building  a brick oven and making bread,
bow making, wood working, painting, wire weaving, period saran
wrap, and so much more to explore.

list of classes and registration details at

under Events & Get
togethers.   Registration will open June
16 and close July 30.

FEES:  KaldorNess will have food on
site all weekend served picnic style outdoors,  but you may choose to eat with
us, bring your own, or just come for your classes this
year.  Prepayment of
Registration and food fees is in advance (please include a copy of
the registration form, one per person) with your check.  Contact Mistress Muireann for
questions about classes at

1. All Weekend pass with food: $20
per person for members ($7 site / $13 for food) $25 for

2. Saturday only — food and site:
$15 per person -members / $20 non-members

3. Sunday only –food and site: $12
per person for members / $17 non-members

4. Site fee only: $7 site fee / $12
non-members (no food or snacks)

Class fees are additional as indicated next to
each class below and are paid to your teacher when you take the
class.  Classes fill up based on site fees paid to Canton on a
first come first served basis so don’t delay in sending your site
and food reservations with your class requests. For food and 
site fees, make checks payable to Canton Kaldorness / SCA,

Event Steward: Gustaf Von Beohmer
(Rob Bahmer) moc.liamg@11remhabr    971-225-8205 
 Site open at 3 pm
Friday & close at 5 pm Sunday



Use of
illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Abusers will be directed to
leave the site.      As there are cats and wildlife,
please leave your pets at home.   Children must be with a
parent at all times. Most of the classes are not appropriate for
children under 16 years old.    Smoking is allowed only
in approved areas. You may not smoke at your campsite. 
 Site is discreetly wet.  Alcohol is permitted for those
of legal drinking age.  Riotous drunkenness is not
allowed.     Bardic music is encouraged.  Loud
recorded music is not and should be left at home.   The
property owners reserve the right to interpret the rules as
needed and if you cause issues,
you will be asked to leave.    Area for camping and
classes  is flat but outside and ground can be uneven. 
Bring a flashlight and any needed aid for travel on uneven ground
and  for night time use.    Portable Toilets will be
in use  on site.  





Kaldorness A&S 2018 – Class

How to make Waxed Linen 
inghean ui Mhuirneachain

Learn how to make your own waxen linen food wrap. We will use all
natural products, linen and cotton to create a more natural
substitute for plastic food wrap. This is not a meant to be a
documented historic class, just a fun and colorful way to protect
food. I will provide everything for this class, BUT if you have
fabric you want to use wash it and bring it. If you have pinking
shears please bring them.

Saturday 9am -1pm                           
1-8 students               
Cost $8.00 ($6.00 your fabric)





Engraving on

explore the art of the Medieval Engraver as it applies to softer
materials.  We�ll look at engraving on ivory (piano
keys), practicing on plastic and finishing up on a piano key of
actual ivory so you have something to take home.  This
will involve carving, sanding, polishing and the use of inks and
stains.   Could be dirty, folks!  We�ll
explore this together and see what we can come up
with!  If you have any engraving type tools, or even a
good ExActo knife bring it along.  We�ll discuss
materials, tools, and the historical application of engraving on
ivory, bone and wooden surfaces.

Saturday 9am – 1pm   
  1- 10 students    
Materials:  $5.00   

Beverage Fermentation
des Roseaux

 A primer on making
beverages through fermentation. We will discuss the basics of
beers and wines, beverages in history and expand on some historical
concepts with modern knowledge to help you begin your path in this
ubiquitous craft. During the discussion, we will be making a 5-6
batch of Golden Ale.

Saturday 9am-1pm               
1-10 students             
Free Class


Wool Felting: Make and take a Nine Man Morris game 
Eleanor de

 Make a 9 Man Morris
Game board from wool felt. Felt, rovings. and other decorations
will provided, as will game pieces. Bring scissors and your chair.
If you have a needle felting pad, and needle felting tool please
bring them. If you don’t I can provide them, I will also provide
tapestry needles for you to use. All tools (pad, felting tool, and
tapestry needle) need to be returned at the end of

9am- 1pm             
1-5 students               
Cost $5.00


Bread the Easy Way    
Renart le
fox de berwyk


How to create a sourdough starter (Friday Night)


How to create a basic loaf of rustic farmhouse bread, using flour,
water, yeast and salt. (Saturday Morning)


A basic recipe for making sourdough bread

Students will also get to bake their bread in the Stacked Brick
Oven created on site.

Handouts and along with other materials will be provided. Students
will take home their sourdough starter at the events end.
Students should bring with them a Wooden mixing spoon, a normal
tablespoon and a pint jar with a lid.
Student should also bring an apron if they want.

Friday 7:30pm – 8:30pm & Saturday 9am-1pm (You should attend both
sessions. Friday night will be making the sourdough started,
Saturday will be making and baking your
Cost $4.00


Blackwork Borders   
Arlys o

Students will learn a variety of blackwork borders suitable for
edging garments. Some are reversible, some not. They range in
difficulty from easy to moderate, but they are all beautiful.
Embroiderers will get a start on a mini-sampler to complete on
their own time. Handout, pattern chart, Aida cloth, embroidery
floss, and needles will be provided. Students need to bring their
own embroidery snips.

Saturday 2pm – 6pm             
2-10 students             
Cost $2.00


Milling Logs by Wedge and Edge   

 An entry level class
on milling freshly felled logs into dimensional lumber by the
method of hewing and riving. This is a hands on lesson with
handouts. Bring water.

Saturday 2pm – 6pm.            
1-5 students               
Cost $5.00


Charter Painting 101: Basic charter painting, working with
Eleanor de

Learn the Ins and Outs of Charter Painting. Pallets, brushes ,
paint will be provided as well as practice pieces. Not suitable for
kids under 16.

Saturday 2am – 6pm             
1-5 students               
Cost $5.00

Basic Creation of a Stacked Brick
Renart le
fox de berwyk

This class will be a hands on class on how to create a simple
stacked (dry) brick oven with an arched cement dome that you can
bake bread or pizza and/or other baked type goods. Students
should bring work gloves and have an apron or wear clothing that
may get dirty. Note taking materials if they wish, there will be no
construction materials will be provided.

Saturday 2pm – 4pm             
No student limit         
No Fee


Life in the Roman Northwest  
Aelianora de

was it like to live in the northwest Roman Empire (specifically
Britannia with tidbits from other northwestern provinces)? Topics
will range from living in the provincial cities to life on farms,
villas and in rural and army towns, villages and

This is basically a lecture class. Please bring note taking
$5.00 for the handout

Sunday 9am – 1pm                
2-10 students             
Cost $5 .00


Intro to Tablet Weaving (aka What a Tangled Web We

This class is a basic introduction to Tablet Weaving (aka Card
Weaving).  We will be discussing the basic concepts of Tablet
Weaving, some basic history, and some possible applications. 
The main focus will be starting a basic band and some techniques of
weaving, including how to manage the weft and tracking your turn
patterns.  No experience necessary!   

      Students need to provide their own
15-20 4-hole cards, and two colors of cotton yarn.  Contact
the instructor directly if you need tablet weaving cards or
appropriate weaving yarn. 

Sunday 9am-1pm                   
1-4 students               
Cost $1.00


Viking Wire Weaving with Multiple Wires or
inghean ui Mhuirneachain

This is a hands on class that will focus on two different methods
of altering basic wire weaving to enhance or embellish the way it
looks. I will supply a handout, materials and some wire cutters and
tweezers. Please bring your tools if you have them.

Sunday 9am – 1pm                
1-6 students               
Cost $5.00


Session Creating 12th Night
Delassene Kourkouaina

This is you opportunity to help create decorations for
12th Night 2019. Come with a willingness work on
assigned projects. All materials will be supplied.

Sunday Starts at 9am             
No student limit         
No Fee


AVAILABLE AT www.cantonofkaldorness.org  Under Events and Get


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