June Faire


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Renart le fox de berwyk
Date: June 7 , 2019 until June, 9 2019
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on June 7th 2019
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on June 9th 2019

Event site:
Norseland – Bremerton Airport
8707 SW Sentinel Peak Way Bremerton, WA 98312

Their Excellency’s Conchobar and Eilidh invite all to attend June Faire XXXVII: SUMMER IS COMING

Come play on our Martial Field! Enjoy war scenarios including siege, thrown weapons, and archery! Prize tourneys for heavy, rapier, archery, and thrown weapons! Archery, thrown weapons, and rapier areas! Amazing demos for siege engines, combat archery, youth combat, and so much more! Take a stroll through the Artisan’s Village, watch demos and speak with the artisans and scientists. Enjoy browsing the wares of the many Merchants and visit our amazing food!

What’s new this year? JOUSTING! Equestrian demonstrations Saturday afternoon!

What’s returning?  Amazing Arts & Sciences! War! Ballistas! Chorum Draconis! Prize Tourneys! Championships!

SWAG! Check out the amazing artwork done by our own THL Kösem of House Awry! https://www.redbubble.com/people/junefaire/works/37807180-june-faire-xxxvii All prices are at base level, the Barony of Dragon’s Laire receives no funds from any sales.

Bringing a Small or Youth to June Faire that is not your own? Please follow the instructions on the forms below



Site tokens and Wrist bands

As June Faire is both an event and a public demo, safety is a key concern! Please wear your site token at all times unless it would be a danger, such as on the war field.

Youth are required to wear wrist bands. They are colored based on SCA participant vs modern spectator and, as we can write on them, allow us to locate parents or guardians when one turns up lost.

Companion animals will also be issued a wristband which will have the Owner’s name, number, and encampment. Every one fondly remembers the cries of HOLD on the An Tir/West war field as a companion zipped across the middle.

June Faire is HOST to the Kitsap Medieval Faire demo, share with all your Modern friends and Family!

Got pics?

  • Share your June Faire memories on Facebook and Twitter by using #junefaire


There are no species restriction at this site although there is a bald eagle nest as well as several native hawk species and there is both an airport and small race way nearby.

Animals must be leashed at all times and other peoples’ pet compatible. You are responsible for your own animal’s doo — bags are not provided but trash cans are plenty. Owners with aggressive animals will be asked to take them home.

FIRE: Currently allowed braziers or other stands, at least 18″ off the ground with either a 5 gallon bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy. Fires must be monitored at all times, this includes tiki torches. Currently there is no restriction on standard fuel types (wood, charcoal, propane, etc). NO FIREWORKS ARE ALLOWED. There are no restrictions at this time https://www.bremertonwa.gov/168/Fire-Department

Site Hours

  • The site will be open at Noon on Friday June 7th.
  • Activities end at approximately 1 PM, or after Court, on Sunday, June 9th
  • Must be offsite by 3 PM Sunday, June 9th.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Equestrian activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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Registration Information

Pre-registration and Land Grab closed May 20th!

If you pre-registered and have not received an invoice or not received a confirmation, please email THL Kloe of Thira (info below).

Payment Options :

Please mail checks or money orders to: June Faire c/o Dragon’s Laire P.O. Box 99 Silverdale, WA 98383


Invoice will come with subject: Invoice from Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Kingdom of An Tir. Your PayPal invoice will come from: service@paypal.com and are emailed out on Saturdays.

Pre-Registration closes May 15th, 2019

For questions on Pre-Registration, contact THL Kloe of Thira at jf_prereg@dragonslaire.org

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Weekend (multiple days) $20*
Day trip $15*
Minors Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above with blue or white card.

Event Schedule

Schedule tentative, definitely going to change  
Time Activity Location or Notes
Friday June 7
12:00 PM Site and Gate Opens for SCA
11:00 PM Gate Closes
Saturday June 8
8:00 AM Gate Opens for SCA
9:00 AM Gate Opens for Moderns
Arts & Sciences Demos begin Arts & Sciences Village
Merchants’ Row opens Merchants’ Row
Family Scavenger Hunt begins Youth and Family Activities Pavilion
9:15 AM Opening Court and Taxes! War Field
9:30 AM Armor Inspection – all combat types War Field
10:00-11:30 AM RAPIER Scenario – I am not left handed (single sword) Rapier
10:00-10:30 AM HEAVY WAR SCENARIO – Flag Battle War Field
BARDIC – Elanor of Eccleshall 16th Cent Songs Arts & Sciences Village
10:30-11:00 AM HEAVY WAR SCENARIO – Ballista Mayhem War Field
11:00-11:30 AM HEAVY WAR SCENARIO – Kill the Commander War Field
BARDIC: Story time Arts & Sciences Village
11:30-12:00 PM HEAVY WAR SCENARIO – Invasion War Field
11:30-1:00 PM RAPIER Scenario – The Three Terrors of the Fire Swamp Rapier
Siege Demo War Field
Period Kit Tournament War Field
Youth Armored Combat Tournament War Field
1:00-1:30 pm  BARDIC: Elisabeth Piper – Medieval Harp Arts & Sciences Village
1:00-2:30 PM Rapier Scenario – Showdown in the Thieves Forest Rapier
1:00-3:00 PM Missile Combat Tournament War Field
1:00-4:00 PM Thrown Weapons Prize Tournament Thrown
1:00-4:00 PM Archery Prize Tournmanent Archery
1:00-4:00 PM June Faire Heavy Prize Tournament War Field
2:00-2:30 PM BARDIC: Sing-a-long 16th Cent Round Arts & Sciences Village
2:30-3:00 PM RAPIER Scenario – Have Fun Storming the Castle Rapier
3:00-4:00 PM RAPIER Scenario – The Final Duel Rapier
3:00-3:30 PM Equestrian Processional! Main road to the War Field
Raqs Sisterhood of Middle Eastern Dance Arts & Sciences Village
4:00-4:30 PM BARDIC: Elsabeth and Elanor 16th dance tunes Arts & Sciences Village
4:00-5:00 PM Equestrian Jousting Tournament! new War Field
Gate becomes by donation, still need forms
5:00 PM Merchants’ Row closes Merchants’ Row
Arts & Sciences demos shut down Arts & Sciences Village
6:00 PM Baronial and Royal Court Baronial Pavilion (War Field)
7:00-10:00 PM (after Court) Chorum Draconis Merchant’s Row
Sunday, June 9
9:00 AM Gate opens – donation and paperwork
9:30-10:00 AM Baronial Champion Tournaments Invocation War Field
Armor Inspection immediately after invocation Various Fields
10:00-1:00 PM Baronial Heavy Championship
Baronial Rapier Championship
Baronial Archery Championship
Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship
Siege Demo/Meet up
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM Equity and Inclusion 101: DEI in the SCA Baronial Pavilion  – bring chairs!
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Youth Armored Combat Tournament War Field
1:00 PM Closing Court & Championships Baronial Pavilion
1:30 PM Safe Journeys! See you next year!

Meal Information

Check out our fantastic Food Merchants! New this year, amazing Hawaiian food from Island Grindz!

J’ aime Les Crepes
Sweet and savory crepes, bottled drinks

Smokin Robinsons

Kurdish Kitchen Cuisine
Gyros, fries, hummus & pita, falafel

Dragon Belly Deli
Burgers, hot dogs, wraps, breakfast items, coffee

Viking Feast Ice Cream
Homemade Icelandic sky ice cream

MASA Pizza
Wood-Fired Pizza

Funnel of Love
Funnel cakes and fried candy

Island Grindz
Hawaiian Style food

Tournament Information

Saturday WAR!

Heavy armor inspection immediately following court or 9:30 AM.
Scenarios will begin at 10:00 AM. Each scenario will be about a 20-30 minutes duration:

FLAG BATTLE | Two mighty armies exchange blows on the battlefield as they fight for control of three keeps!

RULES: There will be three “keeps” with a flag in each. The two armies are on either side of the three keeps. Engagements will last a timed 5 minutes for each of 4 engagements. At the lay on, the two armies fight for control of the flag in each keep. All fighting must occur within the keep. The keep can only be entered by the specified “door way.” At the end of each five-minute engagement, the team controlling the flag within the keep will be awarded 1 point per flag controlled. The winning army will be the highest point total at the end of the four engagements. No resurrections. No missile combatants. No siege weapons.

BALLISTA MAYHEM | Warriors wade through murky marshlands as they move forward to wipe out the powerful siege engines that pose them threat.

RULES: The purpose of this scenario is to capture the opponents’ Ballista. There will be a land area to cross between an impassable marsh, upon which the opposing Ballista crews will be firing. Combat archers will also be utilized. 20 minutes scenario. 2 resurrections for all combatants except Ballista crews.

KILL THE COMMANDER | Rivals stare across the watery terrain, commanding their armies to battle with honor and purpose. Who will be sent running and who will stand victorious?

RULES: The two armies oppose each other across a field that is marked with “lakes” and land. Fighting may take place only on the land. Anyone in the water is drowned. Commanders must remain on their side of the battlefield but have free movement and as many guards as they deem necessary. The scenario ends with the death of the opposing commander. Ballistas will be active and can be “destroyed” by killing the crew. No combat archery. This is a single resurrection, 20-minute engagement.

INVASION | Archers, Ships, and Warriors come together in one epic battle of defense and invasion!

RULES: One army is on land and defending its Keep. The other army is approaching by ships and will launch an amphibious attack. The shore area the invaders must traverse will be designated as an initial wading-only (on your knees) followed by an area that can only be crossed at a walk…no hurrying or running. Ships will start at far end of War field and approach the shore. Both sides will have archers. Defenders can shoot at the ships, at the invaders as they crawl through the deep water and walk through the shallow. Once on shore, however, invaders can no longer be shot at by defenders due to crowd safety concerns. Invader’s archers will be on a single “ship” and cannot come ashore. They can however, engage the defenders throughout the scenario. Scenario winner is as follows: At the end of 20 minutes, if the defenders are still defending their Keep, they win. If at any time the invaders capture the keep, they win. If that happens with enough time to run the scenario a second time, sides will switch.

Saturday Rapier Scenarios!


Princess Buttercup has been kidnapped! Take up your sword and save the princess by being victorious in four scenarios full of Fencing, Fighting, and True Love.

***Armor Inspection, warm-ups, and pick-ups – 9:30 am

***Scenario One –
I am not left handed – 10 am

Single sword only. A hit to your sword-arm is considered a kill. Both fighters begin with their sword in their weaker hand. If you are killed, a hold is called and you switch to your stronger hand and regain all lost limbs. If you are killed a second time, you lose the bout.

Rounds and pairings will be decided based on number of attendees.

***Scenario Two –
The Three Terrors of the Fire Swamp – 11:30 am

After escaping the Fire Swamp with Wesley and being confronted by Humperdink. Buttercup announces that she dropped her crown in the Fire Swamp! Wesley and Humperdink race into the fire swamp at the same time to get it. They must avoid the flame spurts and quicksand, grab the crown, and exit the fire swamp before the ROUSs appear and tear them limb from limb, while using their swords to prevent their opponent from doing the same.

***Scenario Three –
Showdown in the Thieves Forest – 1 pm

Inigo has rounded up a band of thieves to help him retrieve his wine skin, which lies at the center of the forest. The brute squad is trying to prevent the wine from falling into the thieves’ hands, so that they’ll sober up and stop making trouble. Incorporate silly props. Put five-person teams together ahead of time, or just show up and we’ll help put teams together. This scenario will use a modified version of the Blood of Heroes rapier scenario rules:

-Each team consists of a thief (dagger only), two duelists (sword and dagger), and two brutes (sword and defensive secondary, or single sword)

-Each point in the game starts with the opposing thieves facing off inside a circle in the middle of the field with the wine skin on the ground between them. The thieves should be at least 6 feet apart. When the ‘lay on’ is called, the opposing teams engage each other. The circle, however, cannot be crossed until it has been declared ‘broken’ by the Marshals.

-The circle is broken only if the wine skin leaves it
Only the thief may touch the wine skin
There is a basket at either end of the field and goal is to place the wine skin into the basket on the far side of the field.
If you are killed, go down and slowly count to “five-one thousand”, then rise and get back into the fight
While down, you may be pinned and prevented from getting up: a member of the other team places his sword tip on your body and maintains eye contact, repeating at intervals “you are pinned”. (You can continue counting to five while pinned).
Limbs are lost as usual. You may suicide and count to five to lost regain limbs.

-No death from behind.

-A round lasts three minutes, or until a point is scored, whichever is sooner. There will be active marshaling.

The number of points that each pairing plays to, and the matchups will be determined by number of participants. The winning team gets a bottle of wine to share!

***Scenario Four –
Have Fun Storming the Castle (aka Gate Battle) 2:30 pm

Our heroes, with help from the thieves, must fight their way through the guards at the castle gate. Defenders have three lives while attackers have unlimited lives. Whichever team defends for the longest time wins.

***Scenario Five – The Final Duel 3 pm
The four fighters with the most points at the end of scenario four will take part in a single elimination bracket, which each paring fighting best of 3 passes.

-Basic Rules
RBGs will not be allowed in any scenario
Case of rapiers as a weapon combo will not be allowed in any scenario
Remember that June Faire is a demo, so fight and die honorably and with panache
Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line

-How is score kept?
Whenever you or your team wins a bout, you get one point. Report it to the List Mistress.
The victor of each scenario, as well as the overall victor, is determined by the number of points you have at the end of the scenario / end of the day. There is a small prize for the winner of each scenario and a larger prize for the overall winner.

Saturday Tournaments!

Period Kit Tourney!


  • No visible plastic except for basket hilts
  • No visible modern sports equipment (i.e. visible logos)
  • Be able to speak about your kit with bravado and gust for the crowds! This is a demo!

Documentation describing your kit including the time frame which you are attempting to recreate, images of your kit and any reference images used in its construction, and any necessary safety modifications for the sport must be submitted to Sir Gavinus Brittanicus by email on Thursday, June 6th. This is your preregistration for the tournament.

PRIZE for the winner of tournament will be a $50 gift card to Gaukler Medieval Wares. Sir Mikolajkls will be sponsoring the Chiv prize.

Heavy Prize Tourney – More info TBA. 

Rapier Prize Tourney – More info TBA

Archery Prize Tourney – More info TBA. Prize is a handmade quiver from THL Nolwenn of Dragon’s Laire (and Cranehaven)

Thrown Weapon Prize Tourney – More info TBA

Chorum Draconis!

THL Julian Sinclair of Madrone will venture cross the waters to run the Chorum Draconis! This is a double elimination Bardic Tourney with the prize provided by Master Arion the Wanderer! Bards gather round after Saturday evening at 7 PM on Merchant’s Row to display your talents, spread your word fame, and vie for the prize!

Sunday Championships!

Their Excellencies, Baron Conchobar MacEoin, Proconsul Augusti, and Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth, Proconsula, call for those who would vie for the responsibility and of honor of being one the Champions of Dragon’s Laire to join them. The Heavy, Rapier, Archery, and Thrown Weapons Championships are hosted at June Faire on Sunday. More information coming soon!

Youth and Family Activities

In addition to the amazing activities in the Arts & Sciences Village and on the War Field, there are additional activities for youth and families!

Block printing – one of the ways that clothing gained amazing patterns and decoration in the Medieval Age! Each youth will have the opportunity to block print on and then keep a bag. Donations welcome!

Stamp Scavenger Hunt! Meet some amazing members of the Barony of Dragon’s Lair, including our Baroness, and explore the event site during your hunt! Scavenger Sheets will be available right near Gate Saturday morning for ease of hunting!

Weaving tug toys for doggos! Weaving was a family activity in the lives of even the noble medieval people! Learn to weave a loose pattern and make a tug toy for a dog of your acquaintance!

Have a youth activity you’d like to do at June Faire? Contact jfchair@dragonslaire.org to be put in contact with the coordinator.

Volunteer Information


JUNE FAIRE IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO HELP THIS MIGHTY GAME RUN SMOOTHLY FOR ALL TO PLAY! PLEASE EMAIL jf_volunteers@dragonslaire.org OR SEE THE Facebook post TO SIGN UP! Our Volunteer Coordinator is THL Kösem of House Awry!

– Access to our Volunteer Tent for food and refreshments!
– A raffle ticket per shift to win one of our awesome prizes!
– No Volunteer can work more then two consecutive shifts. We want you to play too!

Want to Volunteer at GATE? Please fill out this form HERE!

CURRENT SHIFT SCHEDULE  – For the most up-to-date, please contact THL Kösem


1 PM – end of day


Camp Crew: 4 people per shift
10 AM – 12 PM
12 PM – 2 PM
2 PM – 4 PM
4 PM – 6 PM
6 PM – 8 PM
8 PM – 10 PM

Fire Watch: 2 People per shift
8 PM – 7 AM

Marshals: Heavy Torchlight Tourney: 2 People needed
7: 30 PM – 9:30 PM

Volunteer Station: 2 people per shift
10 AM – 12 PM
12 PM – 2 PM
4 PM – 6 PM
6 PM – 8 PM

Golf Cart Drivers*: 3 people per shift
10 AM – 12 PM
12 PM – 2 PM
2 PM – 4 PM
4 PM – 6 PM
8 PM – 10 PM

Set-Up and Floating: 4 people per shift
10 AM – 12 PM
12 PM – 2 PM
2 PM – 4 PM



Volunteer Station: 2 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM
5 PM – 7 PM

Chatelaine Tent: 2 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM

Golf Cart Drivers*: 3 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM
5 PM – 7 PM

Town Crier: 2 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM

Water Bearers: 4 people per shift (Looking for coordinator)
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM

Family Activities: 3 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM

Marshals: List of activities that need marshals
War Scenarios: 9:30 AM – 12 PM
Heavy Tournament: 12 PM – 1 PM
Youth Tournament: 12 PM – 1 PM
Heavy Tournament: 1 PM – 4 PM

Fire Watch: 2 people per shift
7 PM – 7 AM

Equestrian: 3 people per shift
Training and setup: 10 AM – 11 AM
Procession and Joust: 3 PM – 5 PM

Lists: List of activities that need lists
Heavy Tournament: 12 PM – 1 PM
Youth Tournament: 12 PM – 1 PM
Heavy Tournament: 1 PM – 4 PM



Volunteer Station: 2 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM

Chatelaine Tent: 2 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM

Golf Cart Drivers*: 3 people per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 2 PM

Town Crier: 1 person per shift
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 2 PM

Water Bearers: 4 people per shift (Looking for coordinator)
9 AM – 11 AM
11 AM – 2 PM

Marshals: 4 people needed For Baronial Championships
10 AM – 2 PM

Lists: 4 people needed for Baronial Championships
10 AM – 2 PM

Tear-down: The more the merrier!
1 PM – 6 PM

*Golf Cart drivers MUST be 18 years of age and have a driver’s license.

Chatelaine volunteers should be comfortable chatting with newcomers and returning SCA participants about what we do! You do not need to be from Dragon’s Laire!

Fire Watch must be sober for their shift.


We are also looking for items for the volunteer raffle! Please contact her Excellency at baroness@dragonslaire.org with questions or donations.

Merchant Information

The Norse Gypsy Forge
Drinking horns, leather journals, medieval miscellaneous (ie. jewelry, feast gear, fans, garb, knives, misc. blades)

DragonStorm Sports
Hand made knives, leather products, mugs, pouches

Moneyers Guild
Period coin replicas

Gaean Allusions Pottery
Wheel thrown/decorated stoneware with Celtic & Mythic designs.

Fa’el’s Forge
Hand forged period blades and other smithed items.

Serendipity Jewelry
Silver and stone Jewelry, and finger-less fur gloves

Nordic Trader
Nordic Wares, Viking Age museum reproductions

Sidhefire Arts
Ceramic wares. Pottery and primitive beads, buttons and baubles.

Primarily Jewelry and Scribal supplies, almost all handmade.

Burnt Village Wares
Norse stuff, archery & thrown weapons

Hawk and Dove Leather
Leather belts and pouches leather mugs and bottles

Autumn Creek
Children’s toys from wood, fabric & leather

Inky Quills LLC
Handcrafted, cold process soaps, shaving soap kits, lotion bars, shampoo bars, and soap dishes.

Frigga Green Needle
Men’s, Women’s and children’s period appropriate cloth and leather garb and accessories.

Tabby’s Hats
Period hand-made hats, coifs, haversacks, feathers

Sacked Village Archery
Quivers, arrows, atlatls, brooches, horns

Red Wolf LTD
Brooches, pins, torcs, and other nice jewelry

Fabric, books, notions, jewelry

Fire Fox Fashion
Leather goods, handmade garb, swords and knives, boots, hats, fur, horns

Dark Gift with Fire Foxleather
Hats, bottles, chain maille

Horse ‘n’ Round Studio
Hand-spun yarn, spinning supplies (including some raw wool from their own sheep)

Wild Woods
Ghana baskets, wood bowls and other small period items

Lilla Rose
Hair pins and brooches

AMR WoodCraft
Wooden mugs, furniture, wax tablets, bag handles, looms, bent wood boxes.

Hawk’s Forge
Hand forged period camp equipment

D. L. Gardner
Author – will be signing!

Gunga Jen’s Designs
Armor and critters

Classes Offered

GAT Shoot on the Archer’s Field Saturday! Look for more information soon!


Equity & Inclusion 101: DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) in the SCA (1.5 hrs) – Learn the terminology of applied courtesy, build skills to promote SCA Core Values, and practice interrupting bias to ensure chivalric virtue in our organization! Taught by Maestra Giata Magdalena Alberti, Society DEI Officer. 10:30 to 12:00 on Sunday, June 9th at the Baronial Pavilion (edge of the War Field). We recommend you bring chairs!

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