June Faire


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Kloe of Thia
Date: June 2 , 2017 until June, 4 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 2th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 4th 2017

Event site:
Norseland – Bremerton Airport
8707 SW Sentinel Peak Way Bremerton, WA 98312

Their Excellencies Conchobar
and Eilidh invite all to attend June Faire XXXV

Come play on our Martial Fields. Enjoy tournament combat,
rapier, war combat, combat archery, siege demo, cabbage ball,
target archery, thrown weapons, youth combat, and so much more.
 Take a stroll through the Artisan’s Village.  Enjoy
shopping in the Merchant’s Village! 

PreRegistration and Event Fees

The Registration Fees are as follows:


  • Adults, 18 and older:
    • Members- $15
    • Non-members $20
    • Ages 17 and Under: Free

Day Trip:

  • Adults, 18 and older:
    • Members $10
    • Non-members $15
    • Ages 17 and Under: Free

Modern Day Trip Guests:

  • Adults, 18 and older: $10.
  • Ages 17 and Under: Free

RV and Camp Registration and Group Land:

Pre-Registration and Land Grab is now closed, and no additional
RV’s are being accepted at this time.  Looking forward to
seeing you all at June Faire!

  • Pre-Registration Information

    If you used the pre-registration form and didn’t get an email
    confirmation please check your SPAM filter. If you don’t see it,
    contact Countess Elizabeth at moc.liamg@rodnaselug
  • Land Grab Registration

    If you used the land registration form and didn’t get
    an email confirmation please check your SPAM filter. If you don’t
    see it, contact The Land Team
    at gro.erialsnogard@gnipmac_fj

For additional June Faire information visit:

SCA Event website at: http://www.dragonslaire.org/events/junefaire.php 
SCA Participate Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/410713439281300/

Modern Guest page at: http://www.kitsapmedievalfaire.org/ – Updates
coming soon – Share with all your Modern Friends!!!
Modern Guest Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Junefaire 

Twitter Feed at: https://twitter.com/June_Faire
Share your June Faire memories on Facebook and Twitter by using
T-shirts and Merchandise Available Now! https://www.redbubble.com/people/junefaire

June Faire 2016 Poster

Some Happenings at June Faire!

This is an extremely tentative list of the happenings planned
for June Faire 2017. Expect this list to expand and grow, but this
will give you a flavor of what we are planning!

Merchant Village

The merchants will be there in all their glory with great things
to buy and lots of fun to be had!  See our list of Merchants

Artisans Village

The Artisans Village will be in two areas with distinctly
different and interesting foci.

Silent Auction:

We invite all those of the kingdom to help support our
friends in Blatha an Oir. In recent past they had the trailer full
of baronial equipment stolen. To help them in their endeavors to
replace the items taken we are holding a Silent Auction in the
A&S Village on Saturday. If you wish to donate an item to the
auction please contact Diana Cartier of Dragon’s Laire
at moc.oohay@reitrac.anaid.

Family Activities:


Upon arrival till leaving
about 7:00 (except when working Gate) willing to help on
any worksheet on hand


Arriving around 08:00 until
10:00, willing to help with available worksheets 

10:00-12:00 Heraldry Divisions
1 & 2 with Skalla and Emil

12:00-1:00 Arms & Armor
Divisions 1 & 2

1:00-3:00 Jewelry Making &
Lapidary Divisions 1 & 2

3:00-4:00 Family Life
Divisions 1 & 2

4:00-5:00 Games Division

5:00 closing for

12:00-5:00, if room is available,
will set-up a medieval game call Hunkerhauser (one on one tug a war

I will have 2 personal sets of Bocce Balls available to any SCA
Persons for the event.


10am until till Closing Court
@ Noon

Martialate Activities


    • Torchlight Bear Meat Tourney on the Norseland Field
    • Torchlight Tourney on the Rapier Field
      • Friday Night Pregame – I’ll most likely kill you in
        the morning

        • Bear Pit Tourney. Wounds retained. After winning five fights in
          a row, a fighter must cede the field.
        • All participants get to keep one token to bring over to
          Saturday. This should motivate people to fight on Friday, but
          won’t penalize too severely people who can’t make it in
      • Armor inspection at 7 pm. Fighting starts at 7:30 pm. Fighting
        ends at dark.
    • Candlelight shoot on the Archery Range
      • 1 hour after sun set or as soon as it is dark.
    • Not quite a candle throw on the  Thrown Weapons Range


Saturday: War scenarios with and without combat archery
and siege

  • Heavy Field Scenarios:
    • Siege demo:
      • Watch mighty siege engine demonstrations
    • Open Field Battle:
      • Crossbows vs longbows line up in front of troops to send waves
        of arrow volleys before armies attack. This Scenario will have
        Heavy Weapons, Thrown Weapons, and Ballistae.
    • Open Field Battle:
      • Heavy Weapons including Sword & Shield, Axe, Mace and
    • Cabbage Ball (More details soon!)
    • Norse Long Ships Raid:
      • Witness a great “Beach Battle” as three Norse
        Longships try to raid a small village and the Anglo Saxons
        Villagers within prepare to defend themselves.
    • Siege demo:
      • Watch mighty siege engine demonstrations
    • Champion’s Battle:
      • The great champions of Dragon’s Laire and Baltha an Oir battle
        for the honor of their baronies.
    • Progressive Melee:
      • Watch fighters gather their forces and build their armies by
        picking the best warrior bands through combat and
    • Cabbage Ball: (Updates Coming Soon)
    • Missiles vs Heavy Charge:
      • Archers, Thrown and Siege vs Sword & Shield, Axe, Mace and
    • Sea Battle:
      • Boat to boat battles, with Islands to conquer.
    • Grand Melee:
      • Cheer your favorite warrior in the Grand Melee as we wait to
        witness the triumph of the last man standing!
    • Siege demo:
      • Watch mighty siege engine demonstrations
    • Baron Sir Gernon’s Pas D’armes Barrier Tourney
  • Archery Range:
    • A variety of fun novelty shoots and Period Looking Targets!
      • Range will open after court 
      • Range closes at 1 PM for lunch unless there is a marshal
        willing to run the range
      • Range to reopen at 2 PM until 5 PM
      • Range will close for court
      • Range opens after court until dark
  • Thrown Weapons Range:
    • Standard range, and possibly some Novelties
      • Range will open after court 
      • Range closes at 1 PM for lunch unless there is a marshal
        willing to run the range
      • Range to reopen at 2 PM until 5 PM
      • Range will close for court
  • Heavy Eric: Demonstrations of fighting

  • Rapier Field: Demonstrations of Rapier
    • Scenario One – I am not left handed
    • Scenario Two – The Three Terrors of the Fire Swamp (aka
      Burning Ship Fight)
    • Scenario Three – Showdown in the Thieves Forest (aka
      Blood of Heroes)
    • Scenario Four – Have Fun Storming the Castle (aka Gate
    • Scenario Five – My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father,
      prepare to die.
  • Rapier Vigil Field and School
    • Don Christopher Stanley’s Vigil and Prize Fight
      • 10 am to 4 pm


    • Thrown Weapons Top 10 Invitational Tournament –
      • Bring a prize to enter the tournament!  All items will be
        placed on the blanket, highest score gets first pick!
      • 10am Sharp!
    • Target Archery competition –
      • Want a custom set of Arrows made by Baron Evrard? Win this
        competition!  This will be a combination of SSAC and Fun
        Shoots for the competition. 
      • 10am until Noon.
    • Tournament shoot:
      • Current quarters SSAC and a hanging target shoot for adults and
        William tell for youths.
    • Rapier Fighter Practice: 
      • Do Garter challenges! Get lessons! Do sparring! 
      • 9am until Whenever, or Noon…. Whichever comes


  • Special Heavy Field Event:

King’s Royal Exhibition

His Royal Majesty Styrkarr Jarlskald
invites all of those great nobles of the realm,
those who have ruled these great lands,
to join him at June Faire for a most glorious exhibition of

An exhibition that gives Royal Peers an opportunity
to test each other and then receive challenges from
those that would learn from the greatest fighters in An Tir!

On the Norseland Field Sunday, June 4th 9:00 am to Noon

Hour the first – Open Fighter Practice
Hour the second – Royal Peer Challenge
Hour the third – Open Challenges


Merchants Registration is now closed.  Thank you
for all of your applications!

Merchants planning to attend June Faire

  • 7 Meadows Archery
  • AMR Wood craft
  • Autumn Creek
  • Burnt Village Wares
  • D&D Chain Maille
  • Dark Gift
  • DragonStorm Sports
  • Fa’el forge
  • Frigga Green Needle
  • Fur Connection, The
  • Gaean Allusions Pottery
  • Guild of St. Rapunzel
  • Hair by Lindsey
  • Hawk and Dove Leather
  • Inky Quills Soap
  • Iron Dragon Trading
  • Lilla Rose
  • Nordic Traders
  • Norse Gypsy Forge
  • Pastiche
  • Redwolf
  • Sacked Village Archer
  • Serendipity Jewelry
  • Serindipity spice company
  • Silverthorne Crafts
  • Sons of Odins Forge
  • Sparrowhawk Studio
  • Tandy Leather
  • The Kneadry
  • The Traveling TradingCompany
  • Tiny Ring Jewelry

Food Merchants planning to attend June Faire

  • Caveman Eats – Burges/Sausages/Fries some GF
  • Jaime les Crepes – Sweet and savory Crepes, bottled drinks
  • Pony Espresso – Coffee & Coffee drinks
  • Smokin Robinson – BBQ
  • Viking Feast Ice Cream – Ice Cream


The Site

Site Hours

The site will be open from Noon on Friday June 2nd. It will
close at 3 pm on Sunday, June 4th.

The Demo event, when we invite modern visitors to June Faire, is
happening on SATURDAY, June 3rd, only.


Latest site rules:

*Quiet hours: Midnight harkens the end of loud
noises and all drumming must cease. This is in accordance with the
city ordnance; please be considerate.
*Minor Policy: Minors attending events must have a
SCA member blue card OR have completed a “Minor’s
Consent Form”. Minors attending events without their
parent/legal guardian in all cases MUST present a properly
completed “Minor’s Consent Form” at the
*Fires: NO ground fires. Fires must be kept in a
brazier and at least 18″ off the ground. 5 gallons of water or
extinguisher readily available in your camp. Do not leave fires
unattended (including tiki torches). County burn ban overrides. NO
Water: One location in the garden area near the
merchants. Please bring container and transportation for water.
*Alcohol/Drug Use: Zero tolerance on illegal
drugs/minors. The Drug & Alcohol Policy of An Tir is intolerant
of the illegal use or distribution of drugs and/or alcohol. Modern
law enforcement will be called to the site to deal with any
unlawful activity. 
Although marijuana use is legal in Washington State, SCA rules
prohibit use of marijuana at SCA events. 
*Smoking: In camps only, please. Dispose of butts
properly (NOT on the ground).
*Parking: ALL vehicles will be given a parking
pass when checking in at the gate. Please move vehicles promptly
after unloading. To preserve our medieval atmosphere no vehicles
may stay on the site after Friday night or before Sunday afternoon.
“Move it or lose it”. Please note no parking is allowed
in the EB Warehouse Parking Lot.
*Children: Please be aware of your children’s
whereabouts. Parents/Guardians will be held responsible for the
activities of their children. The camping area is down the hill on
the level below from the event itself. WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!
*Pets: Pets must be kept leashed at all times and
waste removed.
*Volunteers: Volunteers are always needed for
gate, marshals and heralds. Please check with our Volunteer
Coordinator, Lord Marcel Boutet Your help is appreciated.
*Site must be cleared no later than 6:00 pm
Sunday. This does not mean start packing up, it means we must be
gone, i.e., OFF THE SITE. Please help the June Faire team get home
by a decent hour.
*Merchants: Only merchants who have pre-registered
with the Merchant Liaison may merchant at this event. Merchanting
is allowed ONLY in Merchant Areas designated by the Merchant


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