July Coronation


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ronan MacGuaire
Date: July 20 , 2018 until July, 22 2018
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 20th 2018
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 22th 2018

Event site:
Zumstein Family Farm
41316 NE 12th Ave. Woodland, WA 98674

Please join us for an amazing midsummer coronation of
our next Mighty King and Gracious Queen of An



Site Fee: $30 for Adults, w/$5 discount for

Youth/Children under 18 Free. 

Gate opens Friday at 10AM for Merchants, and 12 for

Saturday gate opens at 8AM. 

is no pre-registration for this event, and paypal will not be
available on site due to network signal**

Checks and cash accepted- Checks to be made out to
Barony of Dragon’s Mist, SCA, Inc. 



Merchants planning to attend: 

  • Tandy Leather

  • Red Troll

  • Gypsy Forge

  • Burnt Village

  • Tabby’s Hats

  • SCA Roving Garage

  • Soaps by

Land Reservations are
Closed at this time, please look for open

Please Note: RV reservations for this
event are now closed. For ADA accomodation, please contact the
event steward directly by email. Thank you!

**This site has no local
water, please bring what you need**

Service animals and dogs are
allowed on site, on leash and with updated vaccinations. Please
clean up after your pets. 

Need to contact

Event Steward and scheduling: Ronan
 – moc.liamg@eriaugcam.nanor

Vigil Coordination: Kendryth filia

Land Reservations: Renna

Merchants: Matthais von

Class Coordinator: Catriona



*All class fees to be
paid to the instructor*

“Robe With All-Weather

Taught by Alan Khasar

Hours, $10

This class is on how to construct a Yuan Dynasty robe/del with
sleeves that can be pulled behind the wearer’s back for temperature
or mess control.

The teacher will provide:

A handout

Pens and posterboard for pattern construction

Shank buttons

The student needs to bring:

-5.5 yards each two fabrics of different colors-decide which will
be on the outside and which will line the garment. I’m 5’9 and this
makes a garment that reaches my knees, with some leftover for
mistakes/decoration/accessories. If you’re particularly tall, like
a longer garment, or have other sizing concerns, buy more fabric.
The wider the fabric is, the better-45″ will work for children or
skinny people, but 54″ or 60″ is better.

-3.5 yards ribbon or cord matching the exterior fabric

-Thread matching BOTH fabrics


-Sewing scissors


-Way to mark the fabric

-Sewing measuring tape


Taught by Helvi av Gotland

Small pieces of glass (like those for lanterns, glass vases or
drinking glasses) can be brought by class participants, or I can
have some cheapo 5×7 or 3×5 Dollar Store picture frames with glass
on hand for class participant use. I will have a limited number of
traceable designs there, but encourage participants to bring
designs, such as a copy of their Device. We’ll need a covered space
in which to work, unless our encampment is used, in which case,
limit class size to 8. 

Class size will otherwise be limited to 10, but lookers-on are
welcome. Two kinds of faux stained glass will be presented. 1)
Using the good stuff (transparent) 2) DIY with acrylic paint and
Elmer’s glue (translucent). 

“History of

Taught by Mistress Roana Aldinoch

Everyone knows
that hops weren’t used in brewing until late period, right? Wrong.
Hops has a long and storied history throughout
Knowne World.
Come learn what we know of the use of hops that goes beyond
established lore and into the facts. No limit. Handouts for first
15. Nothing needed. 

“Sewing a Carolingian Book

Taught by Mistress Roana Aldinoch

Step one in making
a book is folding and sewing your pages together. In this class,
you will learn the proper way to establish the grain of the paper,
how to create signatures, and how to sew the signatures together. A
kit will be provided to the first six people. Others may attend to
Six kits provided
at the cost of 
$5 each.
Please bring a pencil.

If you would like to teach
at this event, please contact Lady Catriona


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