July Coronation


Hosted by Device of Stromgard

The Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Justin de Leon
Date: July 15 , 2016 until July, 17 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 15th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 17th 2016

Event site:
Zumstein Family Farm
41316 NE 12th Ave. Woodland, WA 98674


Hail to all who dwell in the lands of the Sable Lion!
Mighty Stromgard, home of the Storm God and birthplace of Kings,
governed by Hlutwige the wise and beautiful, and Ivon the brave and
joyous calls all of the people of An Tir to come and bear witness
to the coronation of new royalty.

Armored warriors of An Tir, likewise are you summoned forth to test
yourselves, give honor to your inspirations and prove your
worthiness to serve as An Tir’s Champion.


To pre-register for July Coronation, please follow
this link and use this form:

Facebook Event Page



People of An Tir! Here follows the final schedule for July
Coronation, made at the command of Their Royal Majesties and Their
Royal Heirs. Please note there are significant differences between
this schedule and years past!



Site opens at Noon for merchants and at 3:00 pm for everyone


7:30 pm – Marshal’s Meeting



9:00 am –

Final Court of Eirik II and Driffina II


11:00 am –

Coronation of Kjartan and Sha’ya


1:00 pm –

Squire’s Tournament


1:00 pm –

Cadet’s Tournament


1:00 pm –

Youth Armored Tournament


1:00 pm –

Exchequer’s Meeting


2:00 pm –

Ordo Equis Meeting


3:00 pm –

Seneschal Meeting


4:00 pm –

Order of the Pelican Meeting


5:00 pm –

Order of Defense Meeting


6:00 pm –

Order of the Grey Goose Shaft Meeting


7:00 pm –

Order of Chivalry Meeting



8:00 am –

Finance Meeting
  8:30 am –    Curia Meeting

9:00 am –

Lists Open for Kingdom Champion Tournament


10:00 am –

Invocation Court for Kingdom Champion


10:00 am –

Kingdom Champion Tournament (following


12:00 pm –

Order of the Laurel Meeting


3:00 pm –

Closing Court


Event Steward: Justin de Leon (Van Carter)
moc.liamg@5121noilednav (509) 991-5632

Deputy Event Steward: Kjartan Daegarsson (Matthew Widolff) –

Land Reservations: GaeiRa Runfastsdottir (Merritt
) – moc.liamg@nojznanameztih.am

Merchant Liaison: Stanton MacLlyr

Gate Coordinator: (Temporary) Finn Grim

Marshal In Charge: Einar Knuteson (Aaron Rasmussen) –

Web Presence Team: Penelope Viollet (Penelope
) moc.oohay@telloivepoleneP, Edica (Wenonah Curry) –

Khulan (Elizabeth Sundberg

Pre-registration Portal Coordinator: Jenae la Joyeaux
(Brandi Jenae’
) – moc.liamg@eanejydaL


Site Fees: Adults – $25 ($5 discount for members).
 Children (17 years old and younger) – Free.

Cash or checks only.  Make checks payable to
Barony of Stromgard – SCA, Inc.

Bringing children?  Remember they require extra

If you are not the parent or legal guardian of the
child(ren) you bring to the event, their parent or legal guardian
must fill out the paperwork before the child(ren) can come to the




Site Info:

*The site is without water, attendees
must bring their own. There is very limited shade on site so be
prepared for potential temperature extremes.*

Zumstein Family Farm
41316 NE 12th Ave.
Woodland, WA 98674






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