Honor War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Seamus de Mantel
Date: April 15 , 2016 until April, 17 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 15th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 17th 2016

Event site:
Chief Timothy Park
Silcott Island Clarkston, WA 99403

The season of war approaches again! Honor War returns to the
same site as last year, Silcott Island on the Snake River. As the
Sun begins to warm the land, armies march along the Snake River and
across the fields of Lyonsmarche seeking to lay claim to the
bountiful harvests of Lyonsmarche. Come to test you’re your
skill and earn your share of the fabled lentils of
Unfortunately, roving brigands have also cast a greedy eye at
our new encampments, and thus do we call for aid from our Great
Neighbors, those brave souls of the Inlands!  Ties of old call
to the Baronies of Wastekeep and Wealdsmere, as well as good
cousins throughout the lands, to come to our aid, and a share of
our bounty.  Fighting and food, merry-making and mead!
 Let us all protect these lands of our Great King and Queen
from the foul highwaymen.
Event Steward: Seamus de Mantel (Evan Painter) & Mora
MacNamara (Melissa Norton) Phone: (C) 509-416-6033;
EVENT SITE: Chief Timothy State Park, Silcott Island,
Clarkston, WA 99403
Site opens at 2pm – merchants and those needing an
earlier arrival,  please contact the event steward.  Site
closes at 3pm Sunday. 
FEES: Ages 18 & up $15, youth under 18 free.   Day
fees:   Ages 18 & up $10, youth under 18 are free.
 Non-member adult NMS $5 fee applies.  Checks payable to
HONOR WAR 2016 SCHEDULE (Subject to change)
Friday, April 15
12:00 pm – Site opens to merchants 
2:00 pm – Site Opens to populace
Saturday, April 16
9:30 am  Armor inspection for Five-Man Meelee
10:00 am – 12:00 pm  Five-Melee Tourney (see information
10:00 am – 1:00 pm  Adult Archery Championship
 Tournament + fun shoots
12:00 pm – Heavy armor inspection for war
12:00 pm – A&S championship opens to entries
12:30 pm – 3:00 pm  HEAVY WAR scenarios
2:30 pm – Rapier inspection
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm  RAPIER WAR scenarios (see information
4:00 pm – A&S and Brewing Championship
presentations/judging – Under the A&S canopy  (see
information below)
8:00 pm – War accounting at the Bardic Circle
8:30 pm – Bardic Circle 
Sunday, April 17
10:00 am – Rapier inspection (time may be moved up if fighters
are ready early)
10:30 – 12:30  – Lyonsmarche Rapier Championship
Tournament (time may be moved up if fighters are ready early)
3:00 pm – Site Closes
Five-Man Melee Tournament
News reaches our ears from the neighboring Kingdom of
Artemisia, warriors are called to stand shield to shield with their
brothers & sisters and test both Honor and skill upon the
field. The name of the 5-man melee tourney will be called “The
Battle of Five” The list for the tourney sign up at Honor War will
start on Friday night in the Brotherhood Camp. We will have armor
inspections and tourney rules at 9:30 am, with fighting to start at
10 am. The teams will be made of 5 men each with no archery or
thrown weapons, two knights max per team. Each team will have 2
shields, 1 spear, 1 mass weapon & 1 weapon of choice. Each team
will also need a voice herald to announce them onto the
Arts and Sciences Championship
Calling the skilled artisans of the Inlands to compete for the
fame and glory of the title of A&S Champion of Lyonsmarche!
 All entries must have documentation (does not have to be
wonderful, just write *something* about your entry).
 Something new this year – A&S entries will count
for War Points!  In order to receive the war point for your
entry, make sure to sign in at the A&S area, and indicate
whether you are also competing for the Championship.  Each
entry is worth 1 War Point, winning the Championship is worth 5 War
Points.  Remember that the Champion has the responsibility to
return and run the next A&S Championship next year.  In
addition to the Championship (decided by a panel of judges), there
will be a prize for Populace Choice, Best Documentation, and
possibly one for “Most Unusual Entry” (at the
discretion of the judges).
Homebrew Championship
Homebrewing Championship – Tova says that one of the
requirements is that you use yeast that ferments to make your
homebrew whether it be beer, wine, or mead.
Lyonsmarche Rapier Championshiop Tournament
Come one come all and fight for honor, fight to become the
Lyonsmarche Rapier Champion!  
A&S Classes (Classes subject to change.  Check in
Saturday at the A&S Gazebo for details, or on the Facebook
event at https://www.facebook.com/events/526699824167261/)
Cooking in Pottery – Breakfast with Tova
Largess 101: What is largess? Who is allowed to make it? What
sort of things make good largess? What sorts of things make bad
largess? What should never be largess? Learn the answers to all
these questions in this class. As well, there will be a small
hands-on largess project to make as we cover the ins and outs of
Largess.  Cost: a few dollars to cover supplies for hands-on
Brewing in the Medieval Period
Card Weaving
Medieval Period Dyes:  This class will discuss a short
history of dyes used in Europe from the 400 ce through the Middle
Ages, with the focus being on Woad, Weld and Madder. Dye pots will
be available for use but please limit your dyeing  to 6 oz of
spun fiber only, of wool, silk or linen no roving or loose fiber
please . Your fiber MUST be pre-washed AND  pre- soaked the
night before and kept wet (zip lock bag) when you arrive at the
class. This is a hands on class so please appropriate clothing .
Instructor: HL Una of Grimwith    Class size: 6
    Cost: donation for dye pots

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