Honor War


Hosted by Device of Lyonsmarche

The College of Lyonsmarche (Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Aerngaldra Hrafnskald
Date: April 19 , 2013 until April, 21 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 19th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 21th 2013

Event site:
Lewiston Roundup Grounds
2100 Tammany Creek Road Lewiston, ID 83501

**NOTE***-  Please note that the physical location of the site
is the intersection of Tammany Creek Road & 21st Street; the
address from the EIF (2100 Tammany Creek Road) given under ‘Site
Info’ at the bottom of the page is actually the mailing address of
the site and not quite where we’d like you to end

Do not use the Google maps navigation to the site, it is
unreliable. Use MapQuest’s directions instead.

Signage to help direct you will be posted along the route to the
event site,

look for the SCA signs to help guide you.


Honor War 2013 – April 19-21

Sunlight & warmer temperatures are returning to the glorious
kingdom of An Tir; driving away the long dark shadows of winter,
spring is rushing to our lands!  And in the spring, an An
Tirian’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts

Join the College of Lyonsmarche for the most renowned and glorious
War Concerning Lentils in the entire Knowne World! This year, Honor
War is being held at an amazing, brand-new site. We will no longer
be at Hellsgate State Park as in years past, but now at the
Lewiston Round-Up grounds. What does this mean to you?

1. No more water hazard for young children or pets.

2.  The parking
situation has been Vastly Improved.

3. Lots more flushies & showers; electricity is also available
for RV’s and those with CPAP machines.

4. Not so much ‘noise-level consideration’ needed.
Revels & merriment may proceed apace!

5. We are keeping the same fee schedule as last year, with no
increases whatsoever. Huzzah!

6. Do not reserve cabins at Hellsgate Park unless you want to be
there without us.

We will have our ever-popular War of the Lentils! Also shall be
tested the mettle of those nobles who wish to vie for the honor of
being the Champion of Lyonsmarche in: Arts & Sciences, Archery,
Brewing, Bardic and Rapier. Will you gain the wordfame of winning
one of these titles this year?

In addition, we will have the third Challenge of the Copper Dragon!
This is a combined riddling contest & scavenger hunt, and both
children as well as adults are invited to play. The last few years
have seen the victors of this contest walk away with prize items
indeed worthy of a dragon’s hoard.

Contestants will be required to find as many riddles as they can
(please leave them where they are),  and answer them correctly
on their answer sheet. There will also be a handful of
‘scavenger hunt’ items to be tracked down and presented
with the answer sheet. You may play as a single player, or as a
team, but the prize(s) will be awarded the same. Get your
instructions & answer sheet packet at gate, or from

Since the ‘Falling Stars’ shoot proved very popular the
last two years, we shall see the return of this NIGHT TIME clout
shoot. At the blast of the winding horn, a line of archers will
loose their arrows mounted with glowsticks upwards to fall toward
the target area roped off and outlined with glowsticks. This will
be held Friday evening as soon as it is dark enough (approx 8 pm).
Listen for the horns to call you to the range! Bring your archery
gear, everything else will be provided.


We seek many of our Champions for the year at Honor War; there will
be contests held in Archery, Brewing, Arts & Sciences, Bardic,
& Rapier. Will you vie for the honor & wordfame that these
Championships bring?

Arts &Sciences
– This year for the Arts & Sciences Championship, the
competition will be judged according to the criteria on the An Tir
Arts & Sciences judging form. Please bring documentation, and
be prepared to give an oral presentation to the judges. Contestants
will also be invited to give a presentation on their entry in
court. This is not required, but is worth bonus points.
Please bring your entries to HL

 Rapier – The
tournament for our Rapier Champion will be Sunday morning, details
& rules available onsite. Our current Champion of Rapier is HL
Michael of Lancaster.

This championship run by our current Brewing Champion HL Istvan
Gyori, will be determined by a group of pre-determined judges who
will be judging each entry based on several aspects. The judging
criteria will be:

1) How well the entry matches the ‘ideal’ for that category.
2) The historical context and accuracy of ingredients and methods,
which can be covered through written documentation and/or a brief
presentation to the judges.
3) The overall quality of the entry.

Archery– Shooting
will be at the 10, 20 and 30 yard targets possibly with extra
points for an additional target at ground level. Shooting is
tentatively scheduled for 9-11am and 3-5pm on Saturday for the
competition. Our current Archery Champion is HL Maighread of

Bardic– Come and
entertain us in your best bardic fashion Saturday night around the
fire to compete for the honor of being Lyonsmarche’s Bardic
Champion. Our current Bardic Champion is Her Grace Mary Grace; the
HL Istvan Gyori will be running this championship in her stead.
Enjoy the hospitality & efforts of our resident excellent
brewmeistress, Tova Fransdottir who will have homebrewed beer
available to those (21 and over) who attend or compete. Similarly
to last year, this will be a populace choice championship where
those wishing to enter will perform and after all the entrants have
performed, a champion will be selected either by a group of
Lyonsmarchers who will assess how much applause each entrant
earned, or it might be done by people placing beads into bowls
similarly to how populace choice is often done for

A new “Iron Needle” contest will be offered, wherein the creativity
& sewing ability of the contestants will be tested. Mistress
Morgaina will be running this contest, details below.

Morgaina’s IRON NEEDLE: A square of linen will
be provided.The item should be made during the event, or at least a
good start on it.The contestants can make what they wish out of the
linen, use your creativity.

Points will be given for…
The item created would have been made in the period
600-1600ad.Craftsmanship.Creativity.Medieval Aesthetics.
Period techniques used to make the item and embellish the item (if
embellishment is included).Extra points for using handmade thread,
period scissors (or tearing),period needles. Morgaina will have
some modern thread, scissors, and needles available to

Merchants will be allowed onsite at noon on Friday, April 19 for
set-up. The site officially opens to the rest of the populace at 2

All dogs on site MUST be kept either on leash
or contained (crate, kennel, car) AT ALL TIMES PLEASE, . There will be a goat
onsite and dogs scare her. Please make sure your dog is happy and
quiet for your neighbors and please pick up after

No merchant fees. All vendors will either need to have an Idaho
Vendor’s license or make yourself an Idaho Temporary Seller’s
Permit which you now fill out online and print: click http://tax.idaho.gov/i-1031.cfm Please
have this form visibly posted within your merchant

If you will be bringing a minor (anyone less
than 18 years old) to Honor War, please have a parent or legal
guardian fill out the Medical Authorization Form for Minors
http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms/04_MinorMedical_US.pdf .
You will also need to get photocopy of the parent/guardian’s
drivers license for the signature. When signing the minor in at
gate, we need to see these documents, thank you.



Honor War 2013 Site


Adults (18 and
Adults (18 and up)

Adult SCA Member:
Adult SCA Member: $10

Adult Non-Member:
Adult Non-Member: $15

Youth (6-17):
Youth (6-17): $5.00

Child (0-5):
Child (0-5): Free

Family Cap:
Family Cap: $25.00 

Please note that adult non-members are charged
a $5 surcharge. The $5 NMS is applied after the site fees / family
cap is determined.  So a family with 2 non-member adults would
pay $45 + $5 + $5 = $55. One adult non-member would pay $15 + $5 =

Please make checks payable to College of
Lyonsmarche, SCA INC


(Subject to change)

Friday, April 19th,

12:00 pm – Site opens to

2:00pm – Site Opens to

8:00 pm/dark – Falling
Stars clout shoot at Archery Range.

April 20th,

10:00 am – Opening

Immediately after court- Goat
milking class/demo – Find Aerngaldra & the goat (somewhere near
the fence)

11:00 am – 2:00 pm  Adult
Archery Championship  Tournament + fun shoots

11:00 am – Heavy armor
inspection, A&S championship opens to entries, Challenge of the
Copper Dragon begins

11:30 am – 3:00 pm  HEAVY
WAR scenarios

11:30 – 1 pm – Hands-On
Introduction to Tablet-Weaving – Under the A&S

1:45 pm – 3:00 pm  – Make
A Medieval Pot- Under the A&S canopy

2:30 pm – Rapier

3:00 pm –  Cheesemaking
Basics class – Under the A&S canopy

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm  RAPIER
WAR scenarios

4:00 pm – A&S and Brewing
Championship presentations/judging – Under the A&S

5:00 pm – Baronial and
Honor War COURT – Under Baronial pavilion(s)

Dinner and general

8:30 pm – Bardic Circle &
Championship Competition

Sunday, April 21st,

10:00 pm – Rapier

10:30 – 12:30  –
Lyonsmarche Rapier Championship Tournament

3:00 pm – Site



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