Honey War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Conall Riabhach Knut's Son
Date: June 21 , 2002 until June, 23 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 21th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 23th 2002

HONEY WAR VI: The Dirty Half-Dozen
June 21-23, A.S. XXXVII
Mason County Fairgrounds
Shelton, WA.

Once again the drums of war sing their siren songs. Come join the baronies
of Aquaterra and Glymm Mere as they duel in the dirt of the Mason County
Fairgrounds in their annual dustup at what has been called “the friendliest
war in An Tir.” Theme? We don’t need no stinkin’ theme!!

War points will be given in arts and sciences, siege cooking, children’s
activities, archery, rapier, and of course the war itself. Sunday morning
will feature a three-fighter team tourney sponsored by Northern Thunder, and
if weather and interest permit, the always off-center Wacky Tacky Water War.
Glymm Mere will also hold it’s baronial archery championship on Saturday.

Autocrat: Lord Yeoman Conall Riabhach, 19314 7th Ave. W., Lynnwood, WA.
98036. (425) 775-0269 or (425) 760-1851 (cell), or moc.liamtoh@llanoctpac.
Any calls after 8:00 p.m. may be taken by the answering machine, as I go to
work extremely early in the morning.

Site fees: Adults – $10/member, $12/non-members, ages 17 and up. $6 for ages
7-16, age 6 and under are free.

Contest coordinator: HL Gallant Amethyst Skye, 3422 Nassau St, Everett, WA.
98201, (425) 388-4538. moc.gnirpsdnim@riewesuoh. Please, no calls after 9

Merchantcrat: Lady Priscilla Amberfyre, 16508 58th Pl. W., Lynnwood, WA.
98037, (425) 745-3462, moc.limatoh@1erifrebma Merchant fee: $1.00 per foot
of frontage space. Merchants limited to 40 booths.

From the north or the south: Take I-5 to exit 104 US-101 North Aberdeen/Port
Angeles. Go -past- Shelton (not through) on 101. The site is approximately
3/4 to 1 mile past Wallace/Kneeland Blvd. overpass on the left side of the

Extra stuff…


Best bread made on site. This includes baked or fried: bread, pancakes,
deep-fried things, etc.
Bonus points for: Use of honey in, on or with the bread, bread appropriate
to your persona, period cooking technique, any documentation.
Please supply your own ingredients and cooking equipment, I will have some
ingredients available at sign-up.
Sign up will be at Arts and Sciences following opening court Saturday
morning. Judging same place, time announced at sign-up.

Secret Surprise Bonus Contest! No points, just for fun!
Sign up will be at Arts and Sciences following opening court Saturday
morning. Judging place and time announced at sign-up.


1. ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is open to any adult member who is willing
and able to swear undivided fealty or service to the Coronets of Glymm Mere.
Lists will close at a specified time to be determined prior to the
championship event, as will the completion time.

2. EQUIPMENT: This tournament will require the competitor to use two
different bows during the target portion and also have available SCA legal
light armor and equipment for the Glymm Mere challenge. It is suggested
that the Barony provide access to the loaner heavy armor during the
tournament and all light fighters bring their equipment for loan during the

3. SCORING: The scoring for this tournament will depend on the number of
competitors, with each portion accounting for one third of the final score.
(EXAMPLE: with 5 competitors, the winner of each portion would receive 5
points, 2nd place 4 points, etc.) Once the competition is completed, the
scores will be added and high score wins. In case of a tie, the competitor
who defeated the other in the GM challenge will be declared the winner.

4. TOURNAMENT RULES: The tournament will consist of two An Tir Royal Rounds
and a combat tourney called the Glymm Mere Challenge. The Royal Rounds may
be shot throughout the day while a specific period of time will be set aside
for the GM Challenge.

A. The Royal Rounds require the use of two different bows in two different
divisions (i.e. longbow1 and crossbow; open and longbow2; etc.)
Competitors will be shooting alongside non-competitors and may shoot as many
RRs as they wish. Tournament scores will be kept on a separate scoresheet.
Period scoring will not be allowed and the competitor will declare their
championship RR prior to beginning that round.

B. The Glymm Mere Challenge is a round robin one-on-one tourney modified
from the Kingdom Protector tournament. Each competitor must conform to An
Tir light combat armor and weapon standards, and will be limited to 12
missiles. Competitors will be inspected prior to the beginning of the
tournament and a designated marshall will inspect every arrow fired prior to
it being returned to the competitors quiver. Points for legs and arms
remain the same as in the Kingdom Protector tournament. If the quiver is
struck, one arrow is lost, if the bow is struck, it becomes unuseable; there
are no points for striking either the bow or quiver. Any arrow that touches
the ground is dead and may not be gleaned. There will be two 40” 2X12
boards placed 30 yards apart. The competitors may angle the board to their
liking. Competitors must keep both feet on the board. If either foot
strikes the ground, they are “dead”. The only exception is when legged,
they must place both knees on the board.


Sponsored by Northern Thunder, House Rolling Thunder. For further
information, contact Marius do Parthia at moc.gnitniapgnol@hsirhc

Ain’t life grand…

Kim moc.ibtta@z-animsaj

Hello all…

The theme for Honey War is going to be Children’s classes and activities — I am looking for teachers to help with any type of topic that can fit in with or involve kiddies…. I know time is short (argh!! *smile*) but I’m still trying to find some teachers for misc. topics…

So if you’re interested or want to share your knowledges, skills or talents, please let me know!! 🙂 I’m also working on AnTir / West War and July Coronation (tentative) — so if you are interested for those events too email me at moc.nedsregdab@sessalc


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