Honey War, The 100 Beers WAR


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Volk the Grey
Date: July 8 , 2016 until July, 10 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 8th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 10th 2016

Event site:
Griffinwood Stables
8710 US Highway 101 NW Olympia, WA 98502

Honey War: The 100 Beers

Before the
Battle of Hastings in 1066 there was the Battle of Stamford Bridge.
Before Stamford Bridge there was the Battle of

Why the Battle of

Just as in
the Battle of Fulford, invaders from the Norse are crossing the
waters to do battle. Blatha An Oir is rallying their forces to once
again do battle with Glymm Mere and theirs.
History shows that the Norse were victorious and Viking shield wall
was unbroken by the English. Come to Honey War, The 100 Beers War
and see if history repeats itself.

Why The 100 Beers

Excellency Maricka of Blatha An Oir made a wager with Her
Excellency Aelisia of Glymm Mere. Each bet 50 beers that their
respective Barony would win. To the winner of the war points go 100
beers. Thus The 100 Beers War. There is no stopping the
beer… the beer must flow…
Honey War:
The 100 Beers War

July 8-10

Steward Volk the Grey:
360-359-3214 ten.tsacmoc@yargehtklov

Co- Steward
Zahra bint al-Rammah:  360-480-4823  

Site Coordinators: Dafydd
Caramon and Wolfegar von Rothenburg

MIC: Micha the

Raper MIC: Karl von

Archery MIC: Giulia

Equestrian MIC: Ivan
Leskov, 360-808-2048, moc.liamg@romra.voksel

 Aurora of

Steward: Lady Kate the Candlemaker,


Merchant list


Lady Kate the Candelmaker
– original fantasy novels


Serengeti Spice Company –
spice rubs, blends, jewelry, clothing


Silverthorne Crafts –
chainmail jewelry and art, custom leatherwork


Dark Ages Games/Bits
& Pieces – games, toys, tankards, jewelry


The Creativity Works –
clothing and accessories


DragonStorm Sports – hand
made knives, swords, leather products


Soap, Stitches, and Steel
– natural vegan soap, bath/body products, jewelry, garb,


Two Wacky Witches –
clothing, jewelry, bath/beauty products


Frakking Ballista – bath
bombs and costume jewelry


The Norse Gypsy Forge –
drinking horns, leather journals, jewelry, chainmail


Redwolf LTD – “same stuff
as last year”


Nordic Trader – viking
age jewelry


There will be a Seige Cooking
competition Saturday Stewarded over by my Brother Sergeant
HL Edmund Graham


The theme for the war is the battle of Fulford
(Northern Yorkshire, East Riding). In keeping with this, the
ingredients must be appropriate to what the combatants could have
brought with them or foraged in late summer in northern England in
1066. Seasonal and historical ingredients are
preferred.  (Long
pepper or fresh ginger are unlikely. Documentation is requested for
any exotic ingredients.)


Each entry must consist of three
dishes; each of the dishes presented must contain beer. (This is
broadly interpreted to include beer, ale, and ginger-ale or
O’Doul’s for those wishing to exclude alcohol. Pilsner,
lager, stout, etc. are all fine, but there is a preference against
extra-hoppy beers like IPA.)  BYOB.


Two mystery ingredients will be
provided; they will need to be included somewhere in the entry.


All preparation must be done
on-site. On-site pre-prep is acceptable if appropriate (e.g.:
marinating meat or soaking beans).


Mystery ingredients and detailed
instructions will be available after Saturday morning court. Judges
will circulate to all cooking sites. Contact judges or steward
staff if on-site preparations are planned for before court.


Any question to HL Edmund Graham
at moc.oohay@trevnoffirg, (253) 840-2715.

The site owners and site
Stewards have some announcements:


Animals/ furry family on
  Registered Service animals only. (except horses
specifically brought for equestrian activities of course). As to
birds and small animals. Use caution. There are large resident

Weather: Please be prepared for

Fire: There is no burn ban at
present. That is subject to change. All fire pit rules are in
place. Fire pits 18 inches off the ground. Extinguishing source
within close proximity to the fire. Fire must be attended at all

Water: There is potable water
available by the outside horse stalls

Tent stakes: Please make sure you
have accounted for and collected them allFriday July

10 am: Gate Opens for

12 noon: Gate Opens for

5 pm Archery range

12 midnight: Gate closes
– people can still come on site, but please check in when
gate opens in the morning


Saturday July

8 am: Gate

8 am: Archery range

9 am: Armor


Opening Court

   Following Court-

 Champions competition:  Heavy, Rapier and 5 man war band. Each scenario
is worth one war point.

Equestrian Championship:
Details to be announced

10 am to 2 pm: Siege
cooking – Ingredient pick up will be immediately opening

8am: Archery/ Thrown
weapons range opens. There will be a walk through range and a York

11 am: Heavy

11 am: Equestrian

11 am to 4 pm: Iron
Needle – Pick up at Gold Key

11 am Youth Armor Combat

12 noon: Rapier

1 pm: Rapier

12 to 2 pm: Glymm Mere’s
Archery Championship and Thrown Weapons Championship.

5:00 – Evening


Sunday July

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Archery Range open all activities including York and walk

3:00pm – Site





Adults: 18
and over $20.00

Day trip fee:

Member discount: $5,

Location: Griffinwood
Stables, 8710 US Hwy 101 NW, Olympia, Washington

Hours: Site opens for
merchants at 10am Friday; populace at 12pm. Site closes 3pm

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