Hocktide Emprise


Hosted by Device of Glyn Dwfn

The Barony of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Taran mac Tarl'a
Date: May 8 , 2015 until May, 10 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 8th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 10th 2015

Event site:
J & P Ranch
1524 Dry Creek Rd. Eagle Point, OR 97524

        Join the Shire of Glyn Dwfn for
Hocktide- it’s sure to be a great event! We have many exciting
activities planned for this year and a beautiful new site.

        It is time for our Outrider, the
Summits Equestrian Champion, to pass on his title.
In addition, Glyn Dwfn will be choosing its premier
Equestrian Champion from the competitors. This
year’s site provides many new and exciting features for equestrian
activities, and should allow spectators a great view of the

        Glyn Dwfn is proud to announce that
we will be holding a tournament to determine our first ever
Cut & Thrust Champion.

        We will also hold our Heavy
Defender tournament
. Bring all the weapon types you have
and be prepared to use them.

Hocktide’s Rapier activities include a
“Capture the Documents” prize tourney and a trench battle.

         We encourage all artisans to
enter a piece in the Arts & Sciences
. The theme of this competition is “Here there
be Dragons” in honor of the central landmark of our new event site.
Bring your poems, your paintings, your embroidery, or castings;
whatever your craft, show us how you would make a dragon.
Documentation is to be very informal and can be verbal. There is a
wonderful prize for the winner, so let’s see some scaly beasts!

        We are having several
wonderful classes for this event which
include: Ground to mounted Combat, Introduction to the At’latl,
Using Pine Sap, and Medieval Embroidery Stitches.

         We are pleased to announce
that there will be Archery and Thrown Weapons
happening this year in a wonderful (and mostly shaded) spot. Due to
the unique features of this site, the archery/thrown range will be
limited to targets 20 yards and under, but it will be very close to
the rest of site so archers/throwers don’t need to trek too far.
At’latl will be farther out for the sake of safety, but it will
also be happening.

         We will also be having our
3rd annual Voice Heraldry Competition.
Please lend your voice to those who need the volume and eloquence
of a talented voice herald. There will be a prize for the herald
who most effectively keeps the populace informed of the day’s

         The Pot Luck
is back by popular demand! Bring an appetizer, side,
or main dish to the town square Saturday evening and share a meal.
Please note that desserts are NOT included in the pot luck- dessert
will be handled separately.

         Think your encampment is the
best? Let the populace decide in Hocktide’s first
Hospitality Competition. Individuals, households,
or encampments participating are encouraged to invite the populace
into their encampment after the pot luck and offer them desserts or
beverages (or both) and and show them a good time. Make sure you
have some extra seats around the fire, encourage your bards to
entertain, and plan to bribe people with food and drink to vote for
your camp. This is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and
make new friends. Ambiance is important, but this is NOT limited to
period encampments; we encourage everyone to open up their camp and
socialize. A fantastic prize will be awarded to the encampment
voted the most hospitable which will help the winners make their
camp even better.


Hocktide Event


All Day:                
Open riding

         Equestrian Authorizations

        “Auction of Promises” is open for

Cut & Thrust Workshop with the Honey Badgers



 Arena and Trail Course are open for equestrian practice

        “Auction of Promises” is open for

9:00am:               Opening
Court of Their Alpine Highnesses

 Equestrian Pageantry Competition

        Arts & Sciences Competition set

        Introduction to the At’latl (class by
Felipa of Fenwald)

Rapier list opens, armor inspection begins

Rapier “Capture the Documents” prize tournament

        Equestrian Trail and Martial
Competitions begin

        At’latl range opens

12:00pm:              Lunch

12:45pm:             Cut &
Thrust list opens, armor inspection begins

 Cut & Thrust Championship

        Equestrian Trail and Martial
Competitions continue

        Arts & Sciences Competition

Heavy list opens, armor inspection begins

Heavy Defender Tournament

         Medieval Embroidery Stitches
(class by Felipa of Fenwald)

         Archery shoot

Using Pine Sap (class by Hroᵭric of

“Auction of Promises” closes

         Court of Their Alpine

Pot Luck Feast

Hospitality Competition begins

Hobby Horse Competition



Hospitality Competition winner announced

        Rapier and Cut & Thrust Trench

        Ground to Mounted Combat (class by Doe

        Heavy War Practice

        Arena and Trail Course are open for
equestrian practice 


Site Opens at noon on Friday May 8th and closes at 3PM on

Site fee: $15 for adults ($5 NMS applies)  17 and
under free

Stall rental will be $50 for the Fri,
Sat, Sunday weekend or $20 per day. This price is per
horse and includes bedding, cleaning, and feeding (local grass
hay). If special feed is required the owner will have to provide

Well behaved pets are allowed on leash- please be prepared to
pick up after them.

Raised fire pits are allowed if attended by a responsible adult
at all times.

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