Hocktide Emprise


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): William Brannan
Date: April 16 , 2010 until April, 18 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 16th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 18th 2010

Event site:
Farwood Horse Park
4780 Dodge Road White CIty, OR 97503

Sir William Brannan of the Shire of Glyn Dwfn here with a
Hocktide Emprise Update:

Hocktide Emprise, scheduled for April 16-18, is fast

Much has changed since last year’s Hocktide!  This year
the event has been moved to a beautiful, much larger site. We
now have all the room we need for camping, fighting, riding,
archery, teaching, or just enjoying the show. 

Hocktide is a fully integrated horse event. This means the
entire site is one massive horse area. All visitors will
again be required to sign an equestrian waiver at the gate.
While horses will not be riding through your camp as you are
eating dinner, everyone will be in close proximity to horses
at some point during the weekend, much as they would have
been at a period tournament. As a note of concern, if you
have strong issues with the presence of horses, this probably
is not an event you will want to attend. For everyone else,
we promise a very rare and quite
wonderful experience you will not want to miss!

For the Equestrians among us: This is
a new site for Hocktide which includes two
outdoor arenas, one indoor covered arena and 30
acres of Horse Park
, complete with a cross country
course incorporating jumps, rising and falling terrain and
water crossings. We will make use of all these to hold four
different challenges to test horse and rider in a wide
variety of skills with Destrier, Courser, Palfrey and Hunter

For our Armored Combatants: Glyn Dwfn
is again holding their Shire Championship/Prize tournament
with a format that encourages not only a variety of weapon
combinations, but makes presentation and appearance important
as well. Additionally, we intend to make use of the fantastic
terrain and features of the horse park to hold a Summits
Muster War Practice. We call on the warriors of the Summits
and those from elsewhere in An Tir, to turn out in forces
strong enough to hold war maneuvers to train in the skills
and tactics that will serve us well should the armies of the
West again cross our borders.

For our Rapier Combatants:  There
will be a rapier prize tournament which will allow you to
impress the spectators with the skill and finesse of this
most elegant of combat forms.

For our Archers:  We will be
offering hours of course time with a competition sponsored,
once again, by our fair shire. The archery area will be
located as close as possible to everything else to allow
everyone the chance to observe this demonstration of skill at
arms. However, everyone should be warned that with the size
of the site, something is always going to be a distance from
some other events. ;>

For our Artisans:  For
all those with skills they would like to
share, please come forward and offer to teach a
class.  This new site comes complete with an onsite
kitchen and meeting room capable of facilitating a
wide range of possible instruction. We also encourage
musicians and other entertainers to come and enhance the

For our Spectators:  Come one and all to
enjoy 3 days of excitement with riding, heavy armored
and rapier combat, archery, artists, entertainers and

Speaking of merchants, we still have room for a few
more.  All we ask by way of a merchant fee is
that you pay the same gate fee as everyone else AND
that you donate one item to be offered as a prize for
one of the many competitions to be held through the long

In conclusion, let me say to those of you thinking “Is it
worth it to drive that far for one of the first events of the
season?”, please do yourself a favor and find someone who
attended last year (or someone who knows someone) and ask
them how they enjoyed this event. Then multiply the positive
response by 2.5, as that is how much bigger and better this
year will be! ;>

We are doing everything in our power to make this a premiere
and wholly memorable event!

For full detail go to Hocktide Website

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read all
this,  We look forward to seeing you at Hocktide!

Sir William Brannan



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