Harvest Feast


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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Adelheide Leeawin
Date: September 27 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 27th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Longbranch Improvement Club
5213 Key Peninsula Highway South Longbranch, WA 98351

Harvest Feast 

Barony of Dragon’s

27 Sept. 2014 


Longbranch Improvement Club

4312 Key Peninsula Highway

Longbranch,WA 98351 


Join our new Baron and Baroness, Their Excellencies Conchobar
MacEoin and Elidh Keldeleth, as they celebrate the Harvest!
Experience a taste of Dragon’s Laire with a 16th century
Peasant’s Harvest Feast of locally sourced ingredients; learn
English country dancing and traditional wheat weaving; challenge
family and friends to games of cabbage ball and bocce; join the
harvest scavenger hunt; revel in the awesomeness of our mighty

As we gather to celebrate the harvest and the amazing bounty of
talent, dedication, and commitment that is the Barony of
Dragon’s Laire let us remember that with great blessings
comes the duty to aid and assist those not so blest. As the land
begins to cool and the nights lengthen the suffering of the
homeless and struggling members of our greater community increase.
Our gracious Baroness, HL Eilidh Keldeleth, asks that all attending
Dragon’s Laire Harvest Feast bring a donation of any of the
following items: canned food with pull-top lids, wet weather
camping gear (tarps, ponchos, umbrellas), socks, D and C batteries,
small propane bottles, flashlights, or soup cups that just require
hot water. A box will be provided for the collection of these
items, which will be donated to a local aid for the homeless
program. Contact Dame Madrun if you have any questions.

Site fees: $10 Adults ($5 nms applies); Youth and children

Feast Fee: $5 for adults; youth and children free. There are 80
seats available for the feast. Off-board will be permitted as space
allows. Pre-register before 13 Sept. by emailing Lady Jess at
moc.liamg@ssejysnolla with your SCA and modern name, and the number
of adults/youth/children you’d like to reserve seats for. Feast
fees ONLY should be mailed to Jessica Bennett-Dunn, 5254 Del Tormey
Pl SE, Port Orchard, WA 98366 and should include your SCA and
modern names so the proper person is credited for paying. Feast
fees can be paid in cash, check or money order. Please make all
checks and money orders payable to SAC, Inc. Barony of Dragon’s
Laire. Please note, there is NO NMS for feast.


Feast menu:

Bread with honey butter and herb butter.


First course–

Roasted chicken with herbs

Barley Broth

Soops of Carrots

Bacon and Broad Beans


Second course–

Soused Pig

Boiled Sallet of Leeks

Dish of Turnips


Followed by Applemoyse and Banbury cakes.


The feast menu may change slightly depending on availability of
ingredients. If you have any questions, please contact Countess
Elisabeth at moc.oohay@rodnaselug.


Doors at the Longbranch Improvement Club open at 10am. Tables
for feast won’t be set up until 4pm to allow room for classes and


Games and Activities:

Wheat weaving: learn the basics of wheat weaving used to make
traditional harvest figures (often called corn dollies) used to
honor the spirit of the harvest. If time permits we’ll also
decorate a harvest garland decoration for the head table at the

Scavenger Hunt: help find and bring in the harvest.  

Cabbage Ball–This is a game for the energetic and brave! Two
teams will face each other with the object of propelling a cabbage
past their opponent’s goal. The cabbage may not be touched with the
hands, but must be propelled with the feet. If it becomes airborne
it can be caught and carried in the apron. Body checking is not
encouraged but accidents happen, so beware! If the cabbage begins
to come apart, the game will continue with the largest fragment
until kicked across the goal line, it disintegrates completely or
we just get tired. Traditionally this is a game played by ladies,
with gentlemen acting as chocolate bearers, but if there is enough
interest the gentlemen can have a game too. We will make sure there
are enough cabbages.  

Bocci Ball: for the less energetic.

Dance: ‘English Country Dancing’ is a style of dance which
originated in Renaissance England and was very popular throughout
the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in parts of Europe, the American
colonies and the United States. It progressed in to other styles we
might recognize today including square dancing in which you can see
many similar patterns and methods. 


The English Country Dance was danced often in celebration, and
in daily life, by those in rural England. But could also be seen in
the Courts of Europe, especially London, in the late Renaissance.
Many of these dances are described in various plays of Shakespeare
and spoken of quite frequently in the records of the Courts of
Queen Elizabeth and King James her successor.


The origins of English country dance are very obscure, but
common features can be seen in other uniquely English dance styles
such as morris and sword dancing, which suggests the country
origin. However it also incorporated steps and styles resembling
the courtly dances of Continental Europe, especially those of
Renaissance Italy. It has been suggested that English Country dance
is a true synthesis of all these dance forms.


Little is truly documented of English Country Dance before the
17th Century. Published instructions for English country dances
first appear in The English Dancing Master of 1651, issued by John
Playford of London. 


For your dancing pleasure we present the following dances on our
dance card: 

The Carolingian Pavane

Washerwoman Bransle (Branle des Lauandieres)

Horse’s Bransle (Branle des Chevaulx)

Maltese Bransle (Branle de Malte)

Black Nag 

Heart’s Ease

Hole In The Wall

Jenny Pluck Pears



A number of these come directly from Playford. But a few come
from the other ‘Bible’ of the period, Thoinot Arbeau’s
‘Orchesography’. Still one or more are almost purely SCA creations
based on particularly loved music and movements, such as the
Korobushka. But all share stylings of ‘English Country


Event Staff

Event steward: Her Ladyship Adelheide Leeuwin (Heidi
Schulmeyer); 360 689 5386; moc.liamg@07reyemluhcSH

Gate: Lady Jess

Feast: Countess Elisabeth and THL Rycheza

Dance: His Excellency Master Arontius

Activities: Dame Madrun Gwehyddes


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