Hartwood Birthday Bash


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Justice Fourault
Date: June 28 , 2002 until June, 30 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 28th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 30th 2002

Event site:
Camp Caillet
4161 Biggs Rd Nanaimo, BC V9R

Sean Anderson aenigma_649@hotmail.com


June 28, 29 30

Camp Caillet, Nanaimo, BC

Autocrat: Justice Fourault

Phone: (250) 245-7227

Site is dry and opens 4:00 Friday, June 28, and closes 2:00 Sunday.


$15 adult weekend fee

$7 children weekend fee

$35 mundane family weekend fee

$6 adult day fee

$3 children day fee

The Shire of Hartwood would like to invite one and all to enjoy the
festivities as they celebrate their 13th birthday! We encourage fighters to
challenge themselves and others in a Pas D’Armes, and we encourage all to
participate in the various other activities occurring on-site. This year, we
again hope to be offering a rapier tournament as well.

There will be an A&S competition for a stag in any medium, and a variety of
other on-site competitions to participate in. One of these is the best
on-site favour.

Children will also have much to do this weekend, including a Kid’s Bardic
Friday night, activities throughout the weekend, and a Children’s Court

As a Saturday evening activity we would like to encourage all to contribute
to a Pot Luck dinner. Chicken will be provided by Hartwood. We will also
have dancing by torch light, and are asking all who have torches to please
bring them for the activity. Portable holes are also needed, as the terra is
firma! It should be quite magical if we have enough!

There will be NO kitchen on-site, unless someone wants to take it on

Kitchen costs $20 to rent. In past years this has been a prosperous venture,
and those who choose to do this can make good money. If any want to take the
kitchen on, they can contact Justice for details.

Merchanting: Merchants who wish to sell their wares may do so, but please
contact the autocrat ahead of time so we can reserve spaces and see if you
need tables and such. There will be no merchanting fee, but donations of
prizes are greatly appreciated.


It is happening at the same location it has been at the last two years. From
Victoria, before you get to Nanaimo, take the Campbell River exit to by-pass
Nanaimo (just stay in the right lane, and it will happen for you). From
there, go through three sets of lights, and turn left at the Jinglepot Road
/ Mostar exit. From the North, keep on the new highway. Go though the Aulds
Road lights, and turn right at the next set of lights on Jinglepot / Mostar
exit. Take the next right onto Biggs Road. Follow this for a ways and you
will see the camp on the left hand side of the road! See you there!

Cyneburh, AoA
Seneschale, Shire of Hartwood
Company of Santiago saintjames@shaw.ca

Unto all Lords and Ladies does the Company of Santiago send greetings
and does invite them to a Grand Pas d’Armes at the Hartwood Birthday
Bash on June 29, 2002.

All knights, squires, men-at-arms and combatants are encouraged to
attend to show their skill upon the defenders. Ladies and Gentles are
invited to witness our deeds of arms, for without the gallery of
onlookers, how can a warrior display his skill and prowess? Without the
Gallery, how can a warrior have his renown spread throughout the land?

The Companions of Santiago will be defending the field and will test
the mettle of all challengers.

The Pas d’Armes will be held in the customary manner, being contested
solely for honour and renown, rather than the base spirit of victory.

The Companions will stand to defend the lists, to cross swords and to
pass a pleasant afternoon in a plaisance combat at the barrier or in the
field, with assorted weapons, and with or without counted blows.
(Paired weapons of hand-and-a-half sword, two-handed sword, hand axes,
hand maces, pole-axes, pikes, dueling pole-axes, bucklers and knightly
pole-axes shall be available.)

All who would fight in this Pas d’Armes, be they knight, squire,
sergeant, man-at-arms or warrior, should come to the field by the hour
of 12:00 noon on Saturday, to the Pas d’Arms list enclosure, bearing
their pennant and arms as are appropriate for knights to bear.

All combatants understand the Rules as written in the An Tir Book of
Combat and agree that their equipment meets the requirements of the
Rules in the An Tir Book of Combat.

The Santiago Herald shall announce the invocation.

Following the introductions, there will be a Grand Melee, in which all
combatants are invited to take to the field, armed with but one
single-handed sword and no shield, to be fought for the entertainment of
the gallery and for the joi de combat of the combatants. This combat
will use counted blows; there each combatant may be struck with five
good blows before they must retire from the field. (Blows to the leg
are counted but not acted out as in standard SCA combat.)

The defenders will form a line on the west side of the lists, holding
themselves ready to receive their challenges and then shortly to report
for combat.

The challengers will then form a line on the east side of the lists,
offering persuasive words of challenge while the previous combatants arm
and prepare to take the field.

For the challenge, the challengers should strike Charlemagne’s Tree of
Shields, choosing the shield that represents the kind of combat they
desire: (various combinations can be arranged with the shields.)

Argent: counted blows thrown typically 3, 5, or 7.
Azure: combats over the barrier.
Vert: counted blows landed typically be 3, 5 or 7.
Or: a retainer armed with but a single sword only (no shields)

It is permissible to combine the shields in the challenge, such as:
Argent (counted blows), Azure (combat over the barrier), and Or (a
friend to assist in blocking) with challenger’s choice of weapons (such
as pole-axe).

If Argent is not chosen during the challenger of Azure or Or, combat
will be conducted to the first landed blow.

Marshals will be present to stop the fights for safety or matters of
conduct. While such intervention is not expected, combatants must defer
to the Marshals or to the wishes of the gallery in any matter relating
to the tournament.

After the challenges have been met, a barrier will be erected across
the center of the field, and gentles may defend their side of the
barrier with one-handed sword (no shields). When struck cleanly between
the quarters (Body or Head), they must retire to their banner and/or
edge of the field, issue their war cry, at which point they may re-enter
the fighting. This combat will take place for ten minutes

The ladies of the gallery will then choose five of the challengers
whose virtue stands out, requesting of them single combats in any style
that is pleasing to the gallery. These gentles may in turn take this
commandment to any member of the defenders, sharing their honour with
them. These five fights will take place one after the other, for the
pleasure of the gallery and the combatants.

All combatants shall prepare for a “push of pikes”. Defenders and
Challengers shall line up to take the field against each other to do
battle to three landed blows.

If there is time, and the gallery permits, other single challenges
might be accepted by the defenders following the push of pikes.

All combatants shall prepare for a “pass of knightly pole-axes”.
Defenders and Challengers shall line up to take the field against each
other to do battle to five landed blows.

We will close the Pas d’Armes with a round of team melees between
Challengers and Defenders. Each combatant will retire from the fight
once they have been struck cleanly between the quarters (Body or Head)
three times. The combat will end when there are no companions left on
either side, or when the combatants determine that the fight should be
ended. The Defending Teams will offer combat until all challengers have
had the opportunity to meet them on the field as part of a team.

The Ladies Gallery shall be given coloured ribbons to bestow upon the
combatants, as they deem worthy during the course of the Pas d’Armes.
The colours shall be:

Gules (red) for Valour (best single move, blow, etc.)
Argent (silver) for Skill (best in overall skill)
Or (gold) for Chivalry

After the final melee is concluded, the Gallery shall chose from both
the Defenders and the Challengers those combatants who did best this day in:


After the gallery’s presentation, it is strongly recommended that the
individual combatants bear tokens of their appreciation with them that
they can present to the combatants or consorts who strike them as
particularly worthy of honour. In this way will the renown of virtuous
combatants and fair ladies be strengthened, such being the purpose of
the Pas d’Armes.
(bring a token to give to someone who impresses you)

Honesta Omni Supra

Andrais, Captain of the Company of Santiago

Birthday Bash Autocrat: Justice Fourault, (250) 245-7227,
Company of Santiago: Andrais, (604) 294-5872, andrais@shaw.ca

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