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Hosted by Device of Coeur du Val

The Shire of Coeur du Val (Corvallis, Benton County, OR )

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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Nadezhda Volynskaiia
Date: March 6 , 2004
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 6th 2004
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
OSU Memorial Union
OSU MU Business Office Corvallis, OR 97339

Gryphon’s College / Gryphon’s Bransle March 6th,
8am – 10pm OSU Memorial Union, Corvallis Join us once
again as the Gryphon of the Summits cracks open the books at
Gryphon’s College! Many classes will be offered, as
well as an open fight practice. In the evening the Gryphon
puts away her books and dons her dancing shoes to enjoy
Gryphon’s Bransle. Dancing, food, and games will be
provided for your enjoyment. There is no site fee. Fees for
classes are listed below. Pre-reg forms and directions can be
found at (after
2/11/04). Pre-registration for classes is gladly accepted.
The following classes are being offered: The Early
2 hours $1 for handout, 2min/20max HL
Randal the Redowtable Explore the fascinating history behind
the movie “The Lion in Winter”. Learn about Henry
II, Richard the Lionhearted, John Lackland, and Eleanor of
Aquitaine. We will discuss the history of England from c.
1150 to c. 1250 and how it relates to Europe and Outremere.
Acanthus, Mantling, and Floral Borders 2
Hours, $1.50 for handout, 2 min/10 max Mistress Leah bat
Yehiel Those beautiful vinework and floral borders are easier
than you think! This class will go into some simple methods
for filling space and providing beautiful decoration on
scrolls. We will discuss vinework borders, acanthus leaf
twists and turns, and will also go into the design of
mantling for heraldic decorations. Students should bring a
pencil and paper. Medieval Dance 2 hours
Lady Raistlynn Come step lively and defeat the post-lunch
snoozes! Lady Raistlynn willl cover several Englich Country
dances, and a few Coeur du Val favorites. Fiddly
Crafts of the SCA
1 hour, $1.00 for handout, 2min /
15max Mistress Kaolin in Storatha A quickie overview of many
of the hand-crafts practiced in the SCA. Come and try
naalbinding, sprang, cardweaving, inkleweaving, kumihomo,
drop-spinning and more! Textiles: What an SCAdian
should know
1 hour, $1.00 for handout, 2min / 15max
(more are welcome, handouts to first 15 only) Mistress Kaolin
in Storatha Mistress Kaolin gives us a basic overview of what
a medieval person would know about fabrics, and what we
should know to re-create their look and feel.
Scrounging for fun & profit 1 hour,
$1.00 for handout, 2min / 15max (more are welcome, handouts
to first 15 only) Mistress Kaolin in Storatha Ever wonder how
to do the SCA on a budget? Get stuff second hand….. This
class will be an introduction to bargain hunting. We’ll
review good places to shop in the Willamete Valley, what to
look for, how to test items before buying them, and price
guidelines. This is mostly a lecture class, but we will be
taking a short trip outside. A handout will be provided, it
will include addresses of local stores, some basic guidelines
of what to shop for, and other handy information. If there is
time, we’ll also look at buying online, and how to find deals
on new items. Surviving the Tourney Season 1
hour, $1.00 for handout, 2min / 30 max Viscountess Nadezhda
Volynskaiia An overview of the basic skills and supplies to
enable you to have a comfortable and enjoyable tourney
season. Courtesy, Etiquette, and Manners, Oh
1 hour, $1.00 for handout, 2min / 30max
Viscountess Nadezhda Volynskaiia A guide to general courtesy
and etiquette in the SCA (An Tir). Covers coronet
identification, titles and addresses. And a sermon about the
core values of our Society. Beginning
1.5 hours, $1.00 for handout, 2min / 30max
Viscountess Nadezhda Volynskaiia Research shouldn’t be
scary, and here’s how to start. We’ll look at
resources (books, internet, magazines, people) and touch on
how to apply it. Merovingian Material
2 hours, $1.00 for handout, 2min / 30max HL
Sofia Matriani della Tempesta Learn about the time period
between the end of Roman dominance and the emergence of the
French nation. We will look at the “things” that surrounded
the people in the time period 400-800 A.D. Basic
Charter Painting
Calligraphy not included 2 hours,
$1.00 for handout HL Alainne de Lacy Learn to paint charters
for the Kingdom and Principality. HL Alainne will cover
gouache painting, and provide brushes and extra pallets. She
will also provide a list of basic supplies for charter and
scroll painting, and explain what goes into creating a scroll
of your own (scroll design and layout). Autocratting
for fun and non-profit
2 hours, $1.00 for handout,
2min / 30max HL Anika Grayson HL Anika will take you from
start to finish of an event. There is nothing to be scared
about, autocratting can be fun….and done without leaving a
mess. Intro to Food of the Middle Ages & the
1 hour $1.00 for handout, 2min / 20max Grafin
Liesel von Langental European Rivetted
2 hours, no fee 12max Viscount Bane Learn
about the tools and techniques to make European wedge
rivetted maille. We will review the history of maille and its
design, the many different styles, and have a hands-on, step
by step demonstration of how to make it. Survey of
Weapon Styles
2 hours, no cost, supply own armor and
weapons Master Aleyn the Younger Beyond sword and board lies
the great arena of this and that!! Mace and shield, axe and
shield, great sword, etc. Master Aleyn will give you a
beginning look at the basics of several weapon styles.
Beginning Harping 2 hours, 5 max Mistress
Janet of Arden Here’s your chance to satisfy your dream
of being a harper. This class is aimed at beginners, and
harps will be supplied for the first 5 people to register.
Sorry about the format, but I
evidently have issues with tables that I didn’t know about.
8am Site opens 9am Fiddly
Crafts of the SCA The Early Plantagenets Acanthus, Mantling,
and Floral Borders 10am Textiles: What an
SCA person should know 11am Courtesy,
Manners, & Etiquette, Oh My! Autocratting without leaving
bodies in your wake Fight Practice Merovingian Material
Culture Basic Charter Painting Noon
Scrounging for Fun and Profit 1pm Lunch!
2pm Intro to Food of the Middle Ages &
the SCA Beginning Harping Survey of weapon styles English
Country Dancing European Rivetted Maille Open Room for
Scribalwork 3pm Surviving the Tourney Season
4pm Beginning Research More Fight Practice
7pm Gryphon’s Bransle Pre-registration
Please make check or money order out to: SCA Inc., Shire of
Coeur du Val, and mail list of classes and payment to: GC
2004 Prereg Kim L Stump 2629 SW Pickford #4 Corvallis OR
97333-1666 Pre-registration must be received
by Friday, March 5th, 2004.

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