Gryphon’s College & Knights Road Show


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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Amie Dudley
Date: October 1 , 2005 until October, 2 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 1th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 2th 2005

Event site:
Umpqua Community Center
806 Hubbard Creek Rd Umpqua, OR 97486

Gryphon’s College and Knights Road Show
Oct 1st and 2nd, 2005
Sponsored by Shire of Briaroak

Umpqua Community College
Jackson Hall
1140 Umpqua College Drive
Roseburg OR 97470

Welcome to another session of the Southern Campus of the Gryphon’s College
of Summits. We are offering many courses on a variety of subjects, taught by
instructors both local and from out of our area. Gryphon’s College courses are
taught on Saturday , Oct 1 in Jackson Hall, UCC. The Knight’s Road Show will
be Sunday, Oct 2, at the UCC soccer field.

Site opens 9am on Saturday Oct 1 and 10am on Sunday Oct 2, closing at 6pm both
days. No onsite camping or lodging available. Limited crash space is available:
contact Lady Amie Dudley to make arrangements. A discount will be offered at
the Super8 Motel in Roseburg exit 127.

Autocrat: Lady Amie Dudley (Amy Walker) 145 Owyhee Lane, Roseburg, OR 97470
(541)680-4262 rendragonlady AT

College Dean: Edouard de Bruyeres (541) 552-1811 or bruyere

Site fee $8.00 (plus any course fees)

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    Room # Course Title Instructor
      Turkish Coffee Edouard de Bruyeres
    30 min
    7 (8)
      Introduction to roasting your own coffee
    beans and making Türk kahvesi or Turkish coffee, made in
    a cezve. Students, may if they wish, add milk or sugar. Start
    Gryphon’s College off with about as Period as you can get for coffee.
    10:00am 12 Intro to the SCA HL Elaine de Montgris
    2 hrs
    9 (10)
      Brief intro to the Society and it’s culture;
    it’s inception, structure, and opportunities for fun!
    10:00am 15 Turnshoe 101 Randall the Redoubtable
    4 hrs
      Making a basic medieval turnshoe. Students
    will leave the class with an understanding and practical experience of
    the techniques and materials required, and a pattern tailored to their
    10:00am 16 Basic Landsknecht Garb for Men and Women HL Katrine de Saint Brieuc
    2 hrs
      During the late 15th century German and
    Swiss soldiers and mercenaries developed a unique style of clothing decoration
    that fashion historians call “puff and slash”. We will examine
    the basic clothing of the landsknecht/reiseläufer men used in combat
    and the garb of the women who followed the military units. Of primary
    interest will be hose and doublets for men, basic gowns for women and
    simple instructions to construct them. Accessories including hats/headdresses,
    shoes, purses and other items to help achieve a perfect period silhouette
    will also be discussed.
    10:00am 17 Exchequery Sara de Bonneville, An Tir Exchequer and Gyula Eperjesi Istvan, Summits
    2 hrs
    How to be a branch exchequer and why it’s
    so cool and exciting, the new Society reporting forms for 2005, signature
    card hell, financial policies, and event reporting.
    10:00am Outside Can I Really Hit Someone with That? Master Sgt Aleyn the Younger
    2 hrs
    This will be an exploration
    of weapons used in the Middle Ages other than the sword. Axes, maces,
    great weapons, spears, daggers, and (well OK) two swords. There will be
    a discussion of construction, what is legal, hints on use, and (if anyone
    brings their armor) practice with the weapons.
    12:00pm 12 Beginning Calligraphy: Gothic Hand Mistress Leah bat Yehiel, OL
    2 hrs
    7 (8)
      A basic class, in which a basic version of
    the Gothic text common from the 12th century to the 15th century, and
    used in Germany much later. The instructor will provide pens, ink, and
    paper. No experience is necessary for this class.
    12:00pm 16 16th Century German Renaissance Shirts HL Katrine de Saint Brieuc
    2 hrs
    8 (10)
      In 16th century Germany, fine linens were
    a source of pride to the wearer and maker, and are often recorded being
    given as a traditional gift from a bride to her husband. We will take
    an in-depth look at the various styles of shirts worn in the Germanic
    lands during this century by both men and women. The patterns are based
    on rectangular construction so are very appropriate for beginning costumers.
    Topics will include looking at extant garments, proper fabrics, construction
    details, smocking techniques and the finishing embellishment touches such
    as blackwork or goldwork. The student will come away with ideas to make
    their own fine linens.
    12:00pm 17 Autocrating for the Beginner Autocrat Anneka Grace
    2 hrs
    6 (10)
      Beginning autocratting, small local events.
    Learn the basics before you go and do the Crown event.
    12:00pm Outside Fighting with Glaive Sir Morgan the Truehearted
    1 hrs
    1:00pm Outside Fighting in Your Persona Sir Ataias ek paralatae
    1 hr
      A discussion on the matching one’s persona
    with one’s armor, weapons, fighting style, and approach to fighting in
    Students are encouraged to come to class with at least an idea of what
    their persona is and what they want from their fighting experience. The
    goal of the class is to walk away from it with some fresher ideas about
    how to bring one’s persona more into their fighting activities. We will
    attempt to address questions like: What should I wear? What should I use
    to fight with? How can I bring my persona into my fighting style or should
    2:00pm 12 Sow’s Ear to Silk Purse HL Elaine de Montgris
    2 hrs
    2 (10)
    Detailed examination of the difference between
    the modern dayshade and the period pavilion, and ways to give the dayshade
    a more period appearance.
    2:00pm 15 Chivalry and Courtesy Princess Liesl
    2 hrs
    9 (10)
    2:00pm 16 Tasselled Camel BellyDance Idena of the Tasselled Camel
    2 hrs
      Classic style Belly Dance. Suitable for all
    levels. Learn basic steps, combinations, posture, isolations, and many
    performance and costuming tips.
    2:00pm 17 Behind the Tapestry Vt Sir Donnan the Truehearted, Board member and Vts Nadezhda Volynskaya
    2 hrs
    A behind-the-Dream look at the legal realities
    surrounding the SCA as a corporation and explains why we have to jump
    through those seemingly useless hoops that have nothing to do with the
    medieval world and/or Dream we have created. Reviews the Governing Documents,
    the roles of the Board of Directors, Seneschal, Event Stewards/Autocrats,
    the nature of 501(c) corporations, the chain of reporting from branch
    officer all the way to the US Federal government. A must for any officer,
    anybody who wants to do big things in the Society, or anybody who just
    plain wants to know why we have to do this!
    2:00pm Outside Circle Based Sword Techniques Sir Sir Abu Nur Rustam Ibn Abdallah
    3 hrs
    7 (10)
    Starting from the most rudimentry movements,
    this class will show how to understand blows as cirular paths..le ading
    to smooth returns, combinations, and even block-to-blow transitions.
    4:00pm 12 Intermediate Calligraphy: Batarde Mistress Leah bat Yehiel, OL
    2 hrs
    4 (8)
    An intermediate calligraphy class, for those
    with some calligraphy experience. We will go in some depth into various
    seraphs, ligatures, and abbreviations, as well as working on a highly
    useful hand, the common hand for non-religious works from the 12th through
    15th centuries, in much of Europe. This class does not follow
    the Basic Calligraphy class, and the assumption will be that students
    have at least some practice with at least one calligraphic hand.

    The instructor will provide pens, ink, and paper.
    4:00pm 15 BAMO – Problem Solving in the SCA Vts Callista Balgaire
    2 hrs
    6 (10)
      This class is designed to help those in positions
    of responsibility identify the really urgent problems and deal with them
    accordingly. Also included is triaging common problems that come from
    dealing with the diverse culture of the SCA. Questions and discussion
    will be encouraged throughout the session. Taught from the perspective
    of a former Kingdom Seneschal, but applicable to anyone who has ever held
    an officer, run an event or thought they might like to..
    4:00pm 16 Tentmaking Mistress Mira Silverlock, OL
    2 hrs
    3 (10)

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