Grimoffencive VI


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Guy Grimsson
Date: June 11 , 2010 until June, 13 2010
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 11th 2010
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 13th 2010

Event site:
Clayton Fair Grounds
4616 Wallbridge Road Clayton, WA 99110

To Arms!  to Arms!

     Once again the  Western border
of Grimwithshire is threatend by the loathsome Dregaters, and
though victory over them is sure, A NEW THREAT, apraches form
the East.   Pendale doth speak rough words of
encroachment and War.   Grimwith finds it’s self
beset on it’s  West and Eastern borders.   The
Barony of Wealdsmere has pledged it’s suport to Grimwith but
will that aid be sufficeint?  Will it come in
Time?   With the convergance of Four armys in one
place, will mercinaries barter for thier services? Non may
tell but this may be the decisive battle over Grimwiths
disputed borders. 

Grimoffencive 6.   JUNE 12-13th, will
offer great War senarios.  Grimwithshires Rapier and
Heavey Defender tourney.  the Nine Trials Of
Brunwolf with Axe, spear, and knife throwing, Caber,
stone and hammer toss, bardic, archery, and
hunckerhousen.  Arts and Science display’s and
classes.   Our War is renowned for having more
things to do than you could hope to get done. 

Site: is the Clayton Fair Grounds.  Coverd pole
buildings if weather is cranky, lots of open field, on site
bathrooms and possibly SHOWERS. Site opens Friday June
11th 2pm.  

Fee:  $11. for  camping.  $7.  day
fee.  $35. family cap.  NO NONMEMBER sir
charge.  We’re not published in the Crier. 

Merchants:  All are welcome. No merchant fee.

Schedual:   Friday. 2pm. Site opens.  4pm:
Nine trials of Brunwulf open

9:30 am Grimwith Rapier Defender tourney, and Nine trials

                                11.00  A&S
opens.  armor inspection, 11:30 WAR!

6pm: Nine trials Bardic competion.

8pm:  Closing cerimony and awards.

Sunday:  9am armor inspection 9:30 Grimwith Defender

12noon:  Site closed.  


Quetions contact: Sir Guy Grimsson, Autocrate. moc.teneciffoeht@daetsmub 
509 935 0989

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