Glymm Mere’s Sergeants Trials


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Tamlin mac Grim na Westry
Date: April 19 , 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 19th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Greetings good gentles!
That’s right, the time is almost upon us; soon we will gather at the College of Wittanhaven to test and support our Sergeants’ candidates as they undergo the so aptly named “trials”. We will be holding this event on April 19th at the Evergreen State College. As if this were not enough to draw all of Glymm Mere together, we will also be holding a learning day inside. How’s that for public appeal!


Class Schedule for Learning Days during Sergents Trials at Wittanhaven
You must register to ensure that class space is available.

(11:00 – 12:30) SCA 101
Find out how the SCA works and what we’re really all about. This is a MUST
for all beginners. If you haven’t taken an SCA 101 class yet, this is for you.
Gorandookht Mamigonian
(Room#1) COST = None

(11:00 – 12:30) The Proper care and feeding of your sewing machine
Glymm Mere’s favorite Sewing machine mechanic, Natasha shares her secrets with us.
Sign up now. Natasha Orionova Zateeva
(Room#2) COST = None

(11:00 – 12:30) Beginning embroidery
12 student limit
Pre-requisite is being able to thread a needle.Class will have a hand out, mainly bibliographic info
(Room#3) Vasilisa Myshkina (COST = None)

(1:30 – 3:00) T-Tunics for real Beginners and/or rectangular construction
Fundamental SCA fashion and clothing design. Another “must” for ALL beginners. You too, can make your own garb.
(Room#1) HL Kateryn of Falconkeep

(1:30 – 3:00) Basic Beading
Our number one Baronial Beadmeistress is offering an introductory class in the
basics of beading. If you’ve always wanted to try – this is the class.
(Room#2) Natasha Orionova Zateeva

(1:30 – 3:00) Beginning needle lace.
12 student limit – Pre-requisite is being able to thread a needle.
Bring a yellow wooden pencil Class will have a hand out, mainly bibliographic info
(Room#3) Vasilisa Myshkina (COST = None)

(3:00 – 4:30) An informal discussion with Kateryn. She will be sharing information from
a class she attended on Viking beads, this past Estrella War.
(Room#1) HL Kateryn of Falconkeep (COST = None)

(3:00 – 4:30) Building the Famous Bog Coat
The bog coat is the oldest known form of clothing and extremely confortable. Larissa
is once again offering this Baronially famous class
(Room#2) Larissa

(3:00 – 4:30) Charter Painting/ Easy Tempera
Come and learn to paint within the lines. Aelesia will be teaching Carter Painting and
Jon Erik will include info and hands-on experience with “easy egg tempera”.
(Room#3) Aelesia/Jon Erik (COST = None)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact…
or Geirskogul
or, for information on the learning day or to volunteer to teach/register for classes, Jon Erik at moc.ibtta@thginkss

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