Frostbite Tourney & Fiery Feast


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ekatarina Tatiana Aleksandrovna
Date: November 10 , 2016 until November, 13 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 10th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on November 13th 2016

Event site:
Camp McLoughlin – BSA
NSA - HWY 140 Lake of the Woods , OR


Viscount Angus McClure
Memorial Frostbite Tourney & Fiery

November 10 – 13, 2016
Shire of Southmarch
Camp McLoughlin-Lake of the Woods, HWY
Klamath County Oregon

Winter will come to these
lands, will or nil.  Our only choice is in how we face
it.  In the Shire of Southmarch, we will face it with
feasting, fires and friends.  Come and join us one and all for
a long weekend of celebrating this year’s bounty and remembering of
fallen friends.  November 10 – 13 at the Camp McLoughlin Boy
Scout Camp on Hwy 140.

This LONG weekend, centered on
feasting, dancing, and bardic, begins Thursday night (site opens at
4 pm) with a soup kitchen and runs through Sunday Morning (site
closes at noon).  Southmarch is most honored to host Viscount
Angus McClure’s Memorial Tournament.  Join one of our cooking
teams, enjoy all the feasting and dancing; participate in many
classes supporting
these endeavors, or if the tourney warms your blood then enter the
memorial tournament for Angus or participate in the Shire’s
Premiere Rapier Tournament hosted by our MOD Armand.

The site fee has several
options and includes all food, and a dormitory style cabin
sleeping arrangements
.  The cabins are heated with
windows and doors.  There are private Chalets that sleep six
with individual bathrooms which rent for $75 a night.  The
private Chalets are on a pre-registration basis ONLY.

Site Fees are:

Adults for the entire weekend
$55 with a $5 membership discount

Adults for Thursday through
Friday OR for
Saturday through Sunday: $35 with a $5 membership discount
Given that this event includes all food:  Children 12 – 18 are
half price

Children 12 and under are free

Site is the Camp
McLoughlin, Boy Scout Camp on Hwy 140 at Lake
of the Woods

To see all of the weekends activities
and a schedule please check out our facebook

Event Steward : Ekaterina
Tatiana Aleksandrovna  541-331-0850 moc.oohay@acs_aniratake

Cook Steward : Ce’ith the
Wanderer  541- 331 -7339  moc.oohay@0enabsnogard

Dance Master : Arkadii


The Bull and the

A Tourney Honoring Viscount Master Angus

Warriors of
the land, you are invited to take up weapons and join us in a
celebration of combat in honor of a life taken too early, Viscount
Master Angus McClure.

Angus often
spoke of the value of possessing skills in multiple weapon styles.
So in this tourney you will be fighting in each of the three major
styles: Single weapon and shield, two weapon and Two-handed weapon.
So come qualified in each of these styles.

This will
be a double elimination prize tourney. The first three rounds will
be a set style with each fighter using the same style. Round 4 and
5 the fighters may choose two of the three styles but need not be
the same as your opponent. The final round will be luck of the
draw. So hone your skills, prepare your weapons and come join us in
honoring a great fighter, respected peer, beloved friend and family

Tournament Description and

tournament is a double elimination tourney displaying each of the
three major weapon styles.

Single weapon and Shield, (can be
sword, axe or mass weapon used in one hand)

Two-handed Weapon (A weapon wielded
with both hands)

Two weapon. (can be any single
handed weapon either sword, axe or mass weapon or any combination
of these but one in each hand is required)

Round One – Sword and shield (a single handed weapon and
shield will be used)

Round Two – Two handed weapon (a single great weapon will be

Round Three – Two weapon (A single weapon in each

Round Four (each combatant can choose any of the three
styles they wish to use)

Round Five (each combatant can choose any of the three
styles they have not used in round 4)

Final Round (weapon style shall be “luck of the
draw” with a random style selected for each



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