Founding Revel XXVIV


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Dryfa in Rauda
Date: February 7 , 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 7th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Woodland Grange Hall
404 Davidson Woodland, WA 98674


Autocrat: Drifa in Rauða

Founding Revel XXIX

February 7, 2009

Barony of Stromgard





Join the Barony of Stromgard as we celebrate our 29th
Founding Revel.

There will be children’s activities (including
equestrian), fighter practice, thrown weapons practive, and
Stromgard’s next baronial
arts and sciences

champion will be selected.

Cap the evening off with a lavish served feast, where musical
entertainment will be provided by Musica Draconis.

Want to enter
the Barony of Stromgard Arts and Sciences

Remember your letter of intent is due by January 3, 2009 to
the current Stromgard Arts and Sciences Champion HL
Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh

Guthrie. The letter of intent must include the following:

· Your SCA and mundane names

· A description of what your entry or entries are.
This should include the time and place, historically, of your

· Contact information, email and phone number

· The type of entrant you are, Single Entrant, or
Overall Champion (requires 3 entries)

Letters are acceptable by email (
), snail mail (call Fionna at 503-807-9032 for address)

Barony of Stromgard, Arts and Sciences Championship

February 7, 2009 at Founder’s Revel



Every February the great Barony of Stromgard holds a contest
to determine who among us will be the next Arts &
Sciences Champion.

As baronial Arts & Sciences Champion, you will be
responsible for joining their Excellencies of Stromgard in
their Court for the coming year and

lead the charge when we battle for
A & S war points. It is indeed a great honor and all are
encouraged enter.



· 3 entries are required to compete for champion.
Single entries are encouraged and welcomed. Entries may be in
the form of an object,

a performance (i.e. bardic) or a research paper. Or any combination thereof.

· Send a letter of intent by January 3, 2009 (see
requirements above) to the current Baronial A&S Champion,

HL Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh Guthrie (moc.LOA@JCfloWaeS )

· Research paper entries are due by January 22, 2009
to HL Fionnabhair.

· Attend opening court at Founding Revel on February
7, 2009 and present your letter of intent to Their

· Present your entry or entries to a panel of 3 judges
in a private setting.


Tips and

· Copies of the judging forms have been posted in the
“files” section of The Stream Yahoo Group (
:// )

Entrants are strongly encouraged to review the forms and
consider the criteria when preparing your entries,
documentation, and presentation.

· Documentation is not required, but is strongly
encouraged. The judging form contains a section on

Entrants without documentation will receive zero points for
this category.

· Documentation is intended to inform the judges about
your project and should, at a minimum, include the following

· A description of where and when the entry would be
from in period

· The process involved in the interpretation and
creation of the piece in period

· The process the entrant used in his/her
interpretation and creation of the piece as well as suitable
rationale for any departures from period?

· Source(s)-Where did you get your research (i.e.,
Bibliography or footnotes)

· Sample A & S
documentation and resources on preparing documentation is
available from the A & S Champion.

E-mail requests or inquiries about entering should be
directed to moc.LOA@JCfloWaeS 

Additionally, there will be
a populace choice A&S contest,

please bring your
latest project to set up and show it off!! 

Baron Arnsbjorn and Baroness Reginleif will gladly be accepting your tax
payments at this event.

Taxes are donations to the baronial coffers, which are used
to increase Stromgard’s
word fame through the presentation of prizes for our
contests, gifts for royalty, tokens of appreciation,

and acquisition of mercenaries when we go to war. Our
generosity is already well known, but the coffers do dwindle.
Taxes should be items that others would appreciate and use at

to encourage a more in-period flavor.

We will also be having a Basket Auction. Please pick up a
basket at Stromgard Yule Feast, buy, borrow, or steal a
basket if you can’t pick one up, fill it with all manner of
period goodness

and put it up for auction to support the Baronial Travel

Baroness Reginleif will also be
accepting Letters of Intent from those individuals wishing to
test their mettle by attempting Stromgard’s Seargentry Trials

at 10:00 AM and site closes at 10:00 PM

Please remember the gate fees cover the cost of the full

The fees are as
Adults 16 years and older $15.00, children
7yrs to 15yrs $6.00, and children
6yrs and under are free. N.M.S. of $3.00 per non-member adult

      There is a family cap of
$40.00 + $3.00 N.M.S per non-member adult. Make checks
payable to: Barony of Stromgard, SCA Inc.

The site for all this wonderful fun is
Woodland Grange Hall 404 Davidson Woodland, WA 98674 The site
is NOT handicap accessible.

      It is a discreetly wet site,
period containers please. There can be no open flame.


10a Gate

10:30a Opening Court

11a A&S Championship to start in meeting
room downstairs
 A&S Populace Choice open downstairs

12p The
Baron’s Fight Practice

2p Thrown
Weapons practice after fighting and till dark

 Children’s Equestrian

4p  Arwen
to lead children’s activities.

5p  Feast

Draconis to perform.

Night Fashion Show between courses
 Arwen/Kids story/bardic

Auction between courses or after but before court

Feast: Closing Court

10p Site Closes
Please help to clean up!

Lady Drifa in
Rauða (Ann Taylor).

Supervising Autocrat: Baron Raul
Ladvenue (Steve Wallace) (360)

Ælfwynn Fiske (Diane
Karpinski) (360)


Site Info:
Name: Woodland Grange Hall
404 Davidson
Woodland, WA 98674

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