Founding Revel


Hosted by Device of Stromgard

The Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Khulan
Date: February 7 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 7th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Washington Grange Hall (No. 82)
7701 NE Ward Rd. Vancouver, WA 98682

Ivon and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady Stromgard invite one and all to
a day of competition, fun and feasting! There will be armored,
rapier and games tournaments as well as a fierce and unique
competition to determine Stromgard’s StormMaker (Arts &
Sciences Champion).

There will be various snacks served mid-afternoon to stave off the
low blood sugar beast and the served feast will be inspired by 16th
Century German recipies.
Please be prepared for the weather!  This will be an
indoor/outdoor event. 

Ivon and Hlutwige, Lord and Lady Stromgard herewith invite all
artisans to vie for the honour of being named their StormMaker,
Champion of the Arts and Sciences of the Barony of Stromgard at
Founding Revel, February 7 (2015) in the Barony of Stromgard (Clark
and Skamania Cos, WA). Those wishing to compete for this title must
inform Their Excellencies no later than An Tir 12th Night (2015)
and submit a Letter of Intent to Their Excellencies at morning
court at the event.

General Expectations of Champions;
Champions must swear fealty to the
Champions will serve for one year. Requirements and acceptability
are set by the Coronet.
The champion is expected to protect the Coronet and members of the
populace at events.
The champion is responsible for working with the Steward of the
champion’s event to arrange for the tournament to choose his
or her successor. The format of the tournament should be approved
by the Coronet.
The champion should strive to encourage participation within the
Barony in their field.
The Champion may display the regalia of their

Each competitor will be required
to research and document two (2) complete and distinct entries plus
an entry to be created on site the day of the tournament (see
“Mystery Box” below).
Competitors will be required to make a fire using flint and steel.
We recommend competitors procure a set of flint and steel with
which to practice prior to the tournament. A place for competitors
to make their fire, various tinders, wood and charcoal will be
(page 82)

Now, there is the matter of the
third entry;

Competitors are allowed to have
one person who will serve as advisor/assistant/helper. Each
competitor will be given a “Mystery Box” filled with
various items (all Mystery Boxes will have identical contents). The
competitor and their advisor will have 10 minutes to work out a
plan for the entry based on the contents of the Mystery Box. There
will be at least six areas from the arts and sciences to choose
from. Once competitors have made a decision, they and their
advisors will visit the “sideboard” for five minutes.
Competitors and their advisor may trade item for item from the
Mystery Box to the sideboard for needed/wanted items. Competitors
may also trade item for item with each other.

Time is up! Competitors and
their advisors will have three hours to create the third entry
using the items in the Mystery Box and the fire the competitor must
If you feel you have what it takes to be Stromgard’s
Champion, to be the StormMaker, wear the cloak, display your work,
prove your skill; then send your intent to:
Ivon Baron Stromgard (Gerald Barber moc.oohay@1002rebrabeg)
Hlutwige Baroness Stromgard (Lois Hale moc.liamg@egiwtulH)
StormMaker Renard le Fox of Berwick (Randy Wagner

Do it! Do it now! You know you
want to.


The Basket Auction

All good gentles are invited to donate a basket of
desirable items to add to the auction.  

The proceeds from which go to the Baronial Travel


Households or a group of friends could put together a

Each person in the group could donate something into
the basket.

Perhaps with a theme.

Items for a beginning fighter (duct tape, tool etc.),
beginning weaver (card loom, cards etc.).

While almost anything of use is welcome, here are some
other suggestions:


Service item “coupon” such as babysitting, Sewing
help, patterning

Basket lunch/picnic


Medieval children’s toys

Feasting items

Project supplies

The Feast!

Greetings all!  We are excited to have you join
us for Founding Revel this year and look forward to seeing each of
you there.  Below is the feast menu.  

Please review the menu and plan accordingly with your
feast gear.  Dishes will not be provided.  Suggested
items include plates, flatware, napkins, bowls for stew and
something to drink both hot and cold beverages from.  

No dishwashing area will be available. A space to
rinse your feast gear and bags to take them home in will be
provided.  Be prepared to remove any trash you create
(bottles, containers, etc..)

This menu is subject to update at the cook’s whim

Founding Revel 2015 Feast Menu


Herbed farmers cheese, butter, honey butter and
various crackers

Pickled vegetables

Dried fruit and nuts

Second Course

Rabbit Stew

Brown Bread

Roast portions of chicken

Marinated beet salat (beets, walnuts, crumbled

Third Course

Roast Pork with a grape pudding (texture like
applesauce but made with grapes)

Pickled cabbage

Baked barley

Brown bread


Krumkake with whipped cream and apricot preserves

Rice flour cake (for those with gluten

Birthday cake (to celebrate with friends and family
various natal days)

Beverages available throughout the day




Juice for kids only

Spiced cider will be available at feast time

Key General Populace Family Activities
StormMaker Competition Combat Tournaments
7:00 Site Setup begins Staff Only
8:00 Site open to contestants
9:00 Site opens to populace
9:30 Invocation court
Welcome, Acceptance of Sergeantry Candidates, Acceptance of Arts
and Sciences Letters of intent, Announcements
Arts and Sciences lists open Upstairs
Arts and Sciences StormMaker Tournament Begins Downstairs
10:00 Round 1 StormMaker Tournament presentations begin Downstairs
10:00 – 12:00 Family activities Upstairs
10:20 – 10:30 Round 1 StormMaker Tournament ends Downstairs
10:30-10:45 Arts and Sciences break Downstairs
10:45 Round 2 StormMaker Tournament presentations Downstairs
11:00 Armor inspection Outdoors in the designated area
Family scavenger hunt TBA
11:05-11:20 Round 2 StormMaker Tournament ends Downstairs
11:20 – 12:00 StormMaker Tournament Break Downstairs
11:45 Armored tournament begins Outdoors in the designated area
Rapier tournament begins Outdoors in the designated area
Basket Auction begins Downstairs
12:00 Round 3 StormMaker Tournament receipt of boxes Downstairs
12:00 – 12:30 StormMaker Tournament Contestants go through boxes, plan and
12:30 StormMaker Tournament Lighting of fires and begin round 3 Outdoors in the designated area
2:00 Games Tournament Begins Upstairs
2:00 – 4:00 Family activities Upstairs
2:30 Afternoon snacks Downstairs
3:00 Armored and Rapier Tournaments end Outdoors in the designated area
3:30 StormMaker Tournament Round 3 Preparation time complete Outside
3:45 – 4:05 Round 3 StormMaker Tournament presentations At the contestants fires
4:05 – 4:35 StormMaker Tournament Judges deliberation TBA
4:00 – 5:00 Active family activities TBA
5:00 Games Tournament Ends Upstairs
5:30 Court Upstairs
6:30 Feast begins Downstairs
7:00 Basket Auction winners announced Downstairs
9:00 Feast ends
Cleanup begins All the Places
10:00 Site Closes All the Places


This site is a dry site, so please remember, no alcohol
permitted in the building.
Site: Washington Grange, 7701 NE Ward Road, Vancouver, WA
98674. Site opens Saturday, 9 am, and closes at 10 pm.
 Opening Court will be at 9:30 AM
Site fee: Adults $5.00 (+$5 non-member surcharge for adults),
youths and children under age 18 are free. 
Feast fee: Adults $10.00, under 18 $5.00.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.- Barony of Stromgard.
If you are able, please visit us on Facebook at:
click on “going” to help us with planning,
and/or mention on: moc.spuorgoohay@maerts_eht that you will be
attending the event.  Thank you!
Event Steward: Khulan (Elizabeth Hester) 630-962-1620

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