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The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

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Date: July 13 , 2002 until July, 14 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 13th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 14th 2002

Lorien Wallace ku.oc.oohay@i_neirol

Come one, come all!  Well, come thirty of you anyway!  That is the class size limit so book soon for the Fiore workshop!”What is Fiore”, you say?  “Why should I bother going”, you say?  “Isn’t he that weird fencing medieval guy?  Bah!  I don’t fence!”, you say.Fiore di Liberi wrote a fighting manual, Flos Duellatorum (The Flower of Battle) in 1409ish at the request of his patron, the Marquis Nicolo d’Este, master of Ferrara, Modena, Parma and Reggio. Yes, Fiore was the fencing master of Ferrara BUT fencing in 15th C. Italy was NOTHING like we think of fencing today.  Think medieval street fighting done by haughty Italian nobles.Fiore wanted to make sure his students would survive duels, assassins and muggers, no matter what they or the bad guys were armed with.  His book starts with  grappling, moves to dagger and then what to do with a sword.  We are hoping to get into the spear and poll-axe as well.  In the class, we students will be going through these fighting positions a!
s Fiore depicted them in the order Fiore would have taught them.You would be amazed at how much of what Fiore taught his students is translatable to our modern methods of recreating combat.The best part about the workshop is the teacher – Bob Charron has been studying Fiore for some years now and is working on a translation of the manuscript for publication.  We are flying him out from Chicago where he runs the St. Martin’s Academy of Medieval Arms.  He is an excellent and patient teacher, which is fortunate as there is a lot of material to absorb in a short time.  Bob is also a Duke in the SCA so is well able to answer questions of how to apply Fiore techniques to your SCA heavy fighting.  I’m sure Fencers would also benefit as Fiore talks a lot about point control and how to take the line – this is the beginnings of fencing, after all.The cost is $100 until July 1, 2002 and $150 for latecomers.  This is Canadian dollars, guys!The site is Langara College, located at 100 wes!
t 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. From the South, take Highway 99 and the Marine Drive EAST exit right off the Oak Street bridge, go a few minutes, then turn LEFT on Cambie Street. Go up Cambie until you reach 49th Avenue, and turn RIGHT. Langara College is a few blocks along on the RIGHT hand side.From the East (Highway 1), take the Grandview Highway exit (right after Willingdon). Grandview Highway turns into 12th Avenue, which you should follow until Cambie Street where you will turn LEFT. Go down Cambie until you reach 49th Avenue, where you will turn LEFT again and go down a few blocks to the College which is on the RIGHT.The class will be held in the cafeteria in the main floor of A building (the main building).Please make cheques payable to Lorien Wallace and mail to 4686 Earles Street, Vancouver, BC, V5R 3R2. If you have questions or would rather provide a cheque in person, contact Emma, mka Lorien at (604) 430-5041 or fI.ku.oc.oohay@i_neirol someone could post th!
is to the Steps also, that would be great.

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