Fibers & Fletching


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Joya Cedarholt
Date: August 12 , 2005 until August, 14 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 12th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 14th 2005

Event site:
Stanwood/Camano Fairgrounds
6431 Pioneer Hwy. Stanwood, WA 98292

Come one and all to Fibers and Fletching V August 12 –
14, 2005 LAST MINUTE ADDITION: FEAST!!! Cost is $6, $3 for
ages 10 and under. Under 2 are free. Reserve by e-mail:
moc.onuj@2tsaeww as soon as possible. Pay at gate. A list of
ingredients will be available at gate for review for allergy
concerns. Menu: 1st remove Harvard Stew Cheese Soup Mixed
Rolls Vegetable Tray Stuffed mushroom pop ups Citrus Water
2nd remove Roast Beastie Mixed Braised vegetables Baked
Zucchini Buttered mixed pasta Hunter sauce Roasted garlic
sauce Cheese sauce Cucumber in vinegar Siege tea 3rd remove
Mini tarts Fruit and cheese Rose water This will be served al
fresco. All other plans are unchanged. Bardic/court/table
decorating remain. Come and join us for food! Revised Class
List for Fibers and Fletching How to Wrap a Sari- Eala
Marshalling 101- Master Ean Autocrating 101, a Discussion- HL
Joya 2 hrs Tassel Making- HL Fi Intro to Book Heraldry- HL Fi
Field Heralding- Jean Paul Hand Needlework- Eala Twining-
Anne Nallbinding- Lady Beth $8, limit 6 SCA Survival 101- HL
Little Bear 2 hrs Period ingredients in Modern Recipes- Kat
atte Crouch $4, limit 10, 2 hrs Linen and Linen Spinning-
Ereschine Fleece Skirting- Martha and Laurie Beginning
Lampwork Beads- 4hrs, $15, limit 6, 2 sessions Being Heard in
Bardic without Hurting Your Voice- Lisette Sewn Hose- Lady
Crinoc 2 hrs, limit 6, bring 1 yd material Crochet
(non-period style)- Laurie History of the Bayeux Tapestry- HL
Fi Multi Strand Braiding- Miren limit 8 Sufidic Voice-
Alasamdra Eastern Embroidery Eala Constabulary 101- HL Isabel
2hrs, $2, limit 24 Beads -a Timeline- HL Little Bear Wheel
Repair- Martha Wet Felting- Laurie and Anne Period Acting for
the Modern Actor- Jean Paul Rolled Hems- Lady Soelig
Fingerloop Braiding- Esclaremonde $3, limit 7 Arrow Making,
etc- Everad Advanced Spinning (non-period technique)- Beck
Vocal Performance- Lisette So You Want to Wear a Period
Colour- HL Fi Advanced Lucet- Mirien Newcomer’s
Meeting- Lady Tessa Button Making- Baroness Anastasia, bring
scissors Angora Goats/ Mohair-Beck and Laurie Dance- Lady
Soelig and Lord Alan 2 hrs How to Make Patterns from
Measurements- Eala Beginning Knitting- Anne TAM- Torn and
Romy So You Want to be a Chatelaine- Lueka Beginning
Spinning- Beck and Laurie Needle Felting- Laurie Bog Coat- HL
Pegg Leg Book Binding- Kassandra 4 hrs, $10, limit 6 Norse
Apron Dress- Mya Drop Spinning- Ryska goodwife Shipbuilder 2
hrs · Once again, we gather to learn from each other
and enrich the world of Arts and Sciences. There will be
classes of all kinds, so come and explore! · There are
many, many things going on, so keep checking the Kingdom
Calendar for updated information. · Autocrat is HL
Joya Cedreholt, phone (425) 334-0710, no collect calls, call
before 10 PM, please. E-mail: moc.onuj@2tsaeww. · SITE
Merchants are most welcome; there is no merchant fee.
· Site fee: $12 for adults 16 and older, $5 for
children 6-15, 5 and under free. NMS will apply. ·
RV’s are welcome. Limited Hookups are available at $10
per night. Pets are welcome. Please bring proof of rabies
vaccine and keep both ends of the leash attached. ·
Please make all checks payable to: Canton of Bearwood , SCA
Inc. · This year we are at the Stanwood/Camano
Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, WA 98292. Directions
to Site: Make your best way to I-5 and exit 212. Head west on
State Route 532, drive just over 4 miles to the first traffic
light and turn left onto 72nd Ave NW. Go to the end and turn
left onto Pioneer Hwy; the Fairgrounds will be ahead on the
left. Classes: In the past, the class list has not been
published for early registration. Registration is on site
only. The same is true this year. Site Information This year
we are at a fairground. This means that there are real
bathrooms and water available. The site is not paved and we
have access to some of the buildings. Also, we have a lot of
space available for camping. If you are a large household,
there is room for you. A courtesy e-mail would be nice, but
it is not necessary. However, the autocrat team would
appreciate it if the first persons from a large house arrive
with good information about the pavilions that are coming,
and reserve appropriate space. We have all attended events
with wholesale land grabs. I have really appreciated the
caliber of artists that have attended Fibers & Fletching
in past years and I know that we will not have a problem this
year. Fire: There is a burn ban in effect for Snohomish
County. The autocrat team is in contact with the local fire
department and more information will be in the event letter.
Smoking in your encampment only. Sock Contest For those fiber
fanatics who make their own socks, this contest is for you.
Any period style is eligible. One page of documentation
(without pictures) is suggested, but not required. Categories
are determined by the steps the entrant has does. For
example, if you purchase yarn, and knit a sock; you will be
scored with other people who purchased yarn and knit a sock.
Likewise for other processes. Largess Contest HRM Angharad
Drakenhefd is scheduled to grace us with her presence on
Saturday. In her honor, there will be a largess contest.
Let’s show her what artisans we have in An Tir. Please
do not submit alcohol or food items, or items that are really
fragile. The intent is to have all the entries donated to
royal largess at the conclusion of the contest. Pillaged
Village Sale The Canton of Bearwood is hosting a Pillaged
Village sale. We have cleaned out our closets of well-loved
and usable items. Come check it out. All proceeds donated to
the Kingdom Travel Fund. Food As is our tradition, there will
be a picnic around the bardic stage Saturday evening, with
another table decorating contest. If there is court business
to attend to, that will also happen during the picnic. This
year, however, we have a special treat: A bardic competition
organized by The An Tir Kingdom Bardic Champion. Bring your
stories and songs and we will all be entertained. Archery AS
we do every year, will have archery from dawn to dusk, plus
the Andrew Creagie Memorial tournament. Rapier There will be
a rapier tourney. Stay tuned for more details. Siege Engine
Golf Yes, Siege Engine Golf. (Well, some of the rules are
actually from horseshoes) There is no armor requirement.
Build a siege engine and come play with us. Wake for Master
Seigfreid There will be a wake for the late master Seigfreid
at the Eagle’s Club (just offsite) for those who knew
and loved him. Contact the autocrat team for details. Heavy
Tournament Master Eon is hosting a tournament styled after a
period style. The tourneys were held as the sporting events
of the period form this a young Knight or squire could build
his fame, as well as build his wealth. William Marshal is one
of these young Knights. At the age of 12, William was sent to
Normandy to be educated as a knight by his cousan William of
Tancarville, Chamberlain to the Duke of Normandy. It was just
a short 8 years before William would be given his colee (the
knighting blow of the sword) by his cousin William of
Tancarville. The tourney that is presented to you this day is
the same style that William Marshal would have fought in,
with some changes for SCA standards. All fighters are
considered to be mounted (on your feet). 1st good blow
anywhere on your body unhorses you (to your knees). 2nd good
blow subdues you (stop fighting). the victor will then escort
you to the ransom point where you will barter your ransom
from there you would be reequipped and reenter the field.
Side note on escorting your charges: You can and often do get
jumped at this time. When this happens: The subdued fighter
goes to their knees and stays put till the fighting moves at
least 10 feet away. Then you can go for the ransom point on
your own if you make it no ransom is paid but you get
reequipped and enter the field again. While you are making it
back to the ransom point you have no horse or weapons so all
anyone has to do is touch you and they take you prisoner and
can ransom you. The winner of the fight gets to ransom the
fighter they beat and providing the charge has not escaped or
been taken the other charge. Ransom in the past we have done
this, as a toys for tots tourney where each toy brought would
net the fighter 5 coins to fight with. I would like to see
the largess of An-Tir be represented in this way. To that end
every fighter will be given 10 coins for coming to play and
an additional 5 for every unwrapped toy for the “toys
for tots”. The populace is also welcomed to bring toys
and reward fighters or hire them to fight for them

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