Fibers & Fletching


Hosted by Device of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Joya Cedarholt
Date: August 8 , 2003 until August, 10 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 8th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 10th 2003

.Fibers & Fletching III, August 8, 9, 10 2003

The sheep need to be shorn before the cold weather is upon us. Grain and game are plentiful. Peace has broken out in Aquaterra.
Come and join us for all pursuits peaceful.
See who becomes the next Champion of Fibers & Fletching.
Choose your wool fleece ?on the hoof? and see (or assist in) shearing.
Shoot some archery (or shoot at your friends) at the
Andrew Creagie Memorial Archery Tournament.
Learn a new game, or how to brew.
Take part in a real ?sheep-to-shawl?.
Tell a story, or sing a song at our bardic fire.
Many other peaceful pursuits are planned.

The site is a sheep farm, and completely primitive. Bring your own water, and please pack out your trash. Sorry, no electricity is available. The site is wet. Children are incorporated into this event, sorry, no pied piper.
From the event Veterinarian and the Autocrat

THL Donwenna Beast Healer and Constable Arnora are responsible for keeping resident livestock safe and SCA pet regulations enforced:
Unleashed dogs are prohibited. Dog owners must have proof of Rabies vaccination with them, because we will ask them to provide it when they
enter the event site. A Rabies tag is NOT legal proof. Please note that dogs may be tempted to chase the resident livestock, And dog owners can
get hurt if they get caught in the middle of an altercation. For these reasons, the potential for injury to humans and their dogs is higher if
dogs are present amongst our livestock activities. We will ask any person to remove their pet if it causes any problems here. Pets cannot be left unattended. Due to the hot weather, owners are cautioned to keep pets
well-hydrated.. All pet stools must be immediately picked up and disposed of
in proper stool receptacles. Pets are not allowed to defecate/urinate within camping areas. I/We appreciate pet owners efforts and understanding, as resident livestock do have priority.
THL Donwenna Beast Healer.

From the Autocrat:
Pets will be registered at the gate. We did not have problems last year, so I hope this is precautionary. The owner’s flock of sheep, horses and various birds are really streesed because of the extreme weather this year, so some precautions are in order. I’m sure that we will have a great time, just like last year.

Contact autocrat for clarification. Be cautioned that eagles and coyotes live in this area.


The National Fire Service has issued the following restrictions, which apply to Fibers & Fletching:

‘Under the restrictions, wood and charcoal fires are allowed only in designated campgrounds that have concrete or steel-grated fire stoves. Outside those areas, pressurized gas camp stoves and lanterns using jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed.

Smoking is restricted to enclosed vehicles, buildings and developed recreation sites. Restrictions are in effect until further notice.

Ignoring the restrictions can lead to maximum penalties of six months in jail and $5,000 fines. Those responsible for starting wildfires in national forests can be billed for fire suppression costs.’

Please note that there are no concrete or steel grated fire stoves on site. No wood or charcoal fires. Bring propane and butane stoves. Fires for cooking only. Candles completely enclosed in glass at least 2” taller than the candle and closely attended. There are no buildings or developed recreation sites at Fibers & Fletching, so smoking is restricted to enclosed vehicles. Bryant Fire Department will be on site enjoying Aquaterra hospitality and available to answer questions.

There are two tree farms and no fire hydrants adjacent to site. You have been warned.

RV’s are welcome, however there are no hookups.

The site opens at noon Friday. Site closes at 5 PM Sunday.

Directions: The street address is 7303 Lake Armstrong Road, Arlington.
From the I-5 corridor, this site is north of Seattle, Washington: I-5 to exit 208 (Arlington/Darrington). The exit winds to a traffic light. At the light turn east onto Hwy 530. You will pass Denny’s on the right and then Strotz’ Feed on the left. Continue 4 miles to the next light at Hwy 9. Turn left onto Hwy 9 North. Go 2 miles north on 9 to Lake Armstrong Road, a ‘Y’ to the right and one lane. Follow the road up the hill and around to the gate.

Sheep-to-Shawl information: A sheep to shawl is processing fabric from the shearing of the animal to a finished item, in this case, a ?shawl?. Actually it will be a 16 inch wide piece of fabric, length determined by how much gets done.

This begins at Mostly Fibers in Wyewood, two weeks prior to Fibers & Fletching. Since the location of Mostly Fibers will not allow sheep, donated fleece will be the starting point at this event. All steps in the process will be taught, and participation at any level, skill, task or time involvement is encouraged.

This project continues at Fibers & Fletching, where we will be shearing a sheep (the only step left out at Mostly Fibers) Again, all the steps in the process will be taught, and participation at any level, skill, task or time involvement is encouraged. Even if you know nothing about the process, you can participate.

This project is projected to finish at Autumn War, in September, stay tuned.

The steps are: shearing, skirting, picking, carding (sometimes optional), dying (optional), spinning, plying, setting the twist, weaving. The loom will arrive at Mostly Fibers already warped.

During this process, make sure to sign in. Three reasons for this: 1) so we can thank you, 2) so you can be credited with what you did, and 3) This project will be entered at Kingdom Arts & Sciences next March, and there needs to be a complete list of all the participants.

By the way, the world?s record for a sheep to shawl is just over five hours, from shearing the sheep to dyed shawl. Wow.

Champion of Fibers & Fletching
This is a competition that we have done since the first Fibers & Fletching. Every person coming on site gets a site token that has strings on it. For each thing that you do, you earn a bead. At noon on Sunday, the person with the most beads wins the Championship of Fibers & Fletching.
Guidelines: Attend the whole class to get the bead, no stepping into a class, getting a bead and leaving to go to another class. No class hopping.
Limit two of the same activity. For example: learn to spin (one hour class) get a bead. Stay spinning, get a second bead. Spin all day, great, no more beads. Likewise: only two royal rounds (archery) count for the competition.
Whoever wins receives regalia, which should be augmented in some way and brought back next year to award to the next Champion.

Andrew Creagie Memorial Archery Tournament

Andrew Creagie was a Scottish-born colonist. His friends acquired for him 3 Merino sheep (still the finest wool in the world) valued at over $800 at that time. Not understanding the gift, he ate them. That meal has gone down in history as the most expensive meal ever eaten.

The Andrew Creagie Memorial Archery Tournament is a collection of the most silly archery we can think up. More silliness is better. If you have an idea, bring it to the event and we?ll try it.

Whoever wins, determined by the outgoing Champion, will receive regalia, which should be augmented and returned to the next Fibers & Fletching.

Saturday Night Picnic and Bardic

There will be a picnic around the Aquaterra Baronial pavilion Saturday evening, bring your tourney tables and chairs. Bring your favorite story or song for the bardic (each one gets a bead). A bead will be awarded for the best decorated table (flame sources in glass, please), as determined by our Baron and Baroness.

St. Ursul?s Crusade

St. Ursul?s crusade continues. Bring a stuffed bear (or sheep?) to donate to local emergency agencies, and receive a bead for each one. NO LIVE ANIMALS

Merchant Information
Merchants please contact the autocrat for reservations and size requirements. There is no merchant fee. Also, you are important and part of the Championship. Please be available to teach something, if asked, and award a bead. If you need beads or information contact the autocrat.

Site fees: Adults $10.00, children 12 and under $6.00. $3.00 surcharge for non-members. Make checks payable to: Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.

Contact Information
Autocrat is Joya Cedarholt, mka Joy Stevens 425-334-0710, no calls after 9PM Sun ? Tues.
E-mail is moc.onuj@2tsaeww.

The Alleged Schedule

2PM’ish Capture the Flag
4PM Cat’s Cradle – Lady Roxanne – 1 hour
Skirting/Picking – Martha – about an hour
6PM Koolaid Dying – Martha – about an hour
Beginning Knitting – HL Leticia – about an hour
7PM SCA 101 – HL Aerne – depends on the questions you ask

9AM – Opening Court at the Baronial Pavilion
Following court – Siege cooking meets at the Baronial Pavilion
10AM – Herblore – Saige – about 3 hours
Wool Fiber Processing – Marie and Leo Lambert – drop in all day
Bobbin Lace – HL Kassandra – drop in all day
Sheep – to – Shawl – Drop in all day
Spinning – Drop- in
10th C Scroll seals – Master Fiacha – 2 hours
Blackwork – Beth McDougal – 2 hours
Beer – Baron Andreu – 4+ hours
11AM – Banner Construction and History – HL Rosamund – 1 hour
Hand Carding – Gudrun Abelsen – about an hour
12 Noon – SCA 101 – HL Aerne – 1 hour
Kumihimo – RagnhildR – 2 hours
1PM Chain Mail – Baron Styr – about an hour
2PM Banner Construction – HL Rosamund – 1 hour
Basic Period Jewelry Construction – Xaja – about an hour
Capture the Flag
3PM How to Gate – Master Robyrt – 1 hour
Tatting – at Pastiche – as long as it takes
4PM How to Autocrat – Master Robyrt – 1 hour
Bog Coat – Baroness Arianne – as long as it takes
5PM Weaving Worries Workshop – Master Fiacha – about an hour
6PM Basic Period Jewelry Construction – Xaja – about an hour
7PM Siege Cooking Judging at the Baronial Pavilion
8PM Picnic and Bardic at the Baronial Pavilion

All day – Costumer’s Guild Challenges
Sheep – to – Shawl
Bobbin Lace – HL Kassandra
10AM – Inkle Loom weaving – Lady Roxanne – about an hour
Basic Period Jewelry Construction – Xaja – about an hour
11AM – SCA 101 – HL Aerne – about an hour
Linen Process – Justine Wright – about two hours
Kumihimo – RagnhildR – 2 hours
1PM Indigo Dye – Justine Wright – about an hour
Capture the Flag
2PM Closing Court at the Baronial Pavilion

Alleged Schedule Notes in no particular order

Siege Cooking is very fun, and I hope many of you try it. You will be assigned ingredients and it is up to you to figure out what to make. Judging is just before court.

Herblore – 3 hours, is a walk through the property led by Saige Hawkstone. See and learn about herbs found native and their uses medicinally and otherwise. This is a walk, wear sturdy footwear. Max of 20 students.

Wool Processing – Marie and Leo process fibers for sale commercially and have graciously agreed to bring their personal equipment and teach how to process animal fiber. They may have some available for purchase already prepared. There are many wool fleeces available for adoption or Kay will shear one for you, nominal fee paid to Kay. Drop in and see Marie and Leo.

Bobbin Lace – HL Kassandra will be available to infect, I mean teach all day.

Sheep – to – Shawl began two week ago at Mostly Fibers. Please come and help us finish. Any amount of time and skill welcome.

Spinning – various spinners will be available at different time to help you learn to spin. Drop in as spinners are available.

10th Century Scroll Seals – for experienced card weavers preferred, limit 6 students.

Handcarding – Gudrun was born in Norway and carded for her mother, who was the spinner in the family. She is an amazing carder, in my humble opinion.

Beer – Brewing participation is limited to ancient gentles of at least 21 years.

Kumihimo – This is a period cord making technique. This class is 2 hours, with a max of 10 students. Each student will leave with a handout, and a length of cord that they have braided. The cost per student is $0.50

Basic Period Jewelry Construction – – Learn to make a 24” continuous necklace without using metal clasps or findings. This class is for the inexperienced to beginner level. A handout covers terms and types of materials used in basic jewelry construction. Bring to class enough beads/gemstone chips (regardless of size) to string on a 26” cord, a towel or bead board, chair, pen and paper for notes. Instructor provides beading needle and stringing material. Class limited to 6 students per session. Beads may be purchased from Khaos Beads before class begins.

Tatting – Bring your tatting shuttle

Bog Coat Workshop – Bring (if you want to make one) 1 – 2 yard piece of fabric, needle, thread. Baroness Arianne has a Bog Coat under construction.

Weaving Worries Workshop – Bring your looms, questions, whatever. This is a practical problem-solving forum.

Inkle Loom Weaving – Lady Roxanne has a loom working, so get your hands in and try it.

Costumer’s Guild Challenges – Come and see what beautiful things people are making. For more information contact the Costumer’s Guild Education Coordinator at ac.wahs@sworrubs

Linen Process – This process is completely different than animal fiber preparation.

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