Feast or Famine War/Hot Summer Lights IX


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Angus MacFarlane
Date: September 5 , 2003 until September, 7 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 5th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 7th 2003

Feast or Famine War (Hot Summer Lights) Shire of Druim Doineann
Sept. 5, 6 & 7 ~ Peninsula Longrifle Range, Slab Camp Rd. #2870

It is time for the small, but proud Shire of Druim Doineann to take up arms against the Barony of Seagirt. They claim the fish of the waters separating our lands belong to them. WE must defend the right to feed ourselves! We will resolve the dispute through 3 war scenarios, rapier contest, and archery competition. Arts & Science Challenges: Best Belt Favor, Best period-style poem about the War, & competition to be added by Seagirt. Additional information will be found at our website: www.olypen.com/reimer.

Primitive site: bring your own water and firewood. (Wood on site is not ours to use.) No electricity. Each camp should have a shovel/bucket in case of fire. Pets must be on leash & cleaned up after. Discreetly damp site.

Additional Competition Information:

The War of Feast or Famine War Scenarios:

  • Champion’s Skirmish: The Champion for each side will start the battle in a one-on-one battle. Each side will cheer their Champion, and jeer the opponent. As soon as a kill happens, all fighters will take the field in an Open Field Battle. When all combatants from one side are killed the scenario ends. This will be a double resurrection.
  • “Bloody Hell”: Open field battle with no resurrections. Winner will be determined the same as in the Champion’s Skirmish.
  • The Final Scenario will be determined by the Barony of Seagirt.

A & S Competitions:

  • Best Favor: Make a token for your fighter, archer, or loved one. Embroider, appliqué, paint — use your imagination!
  • Best Period-style poem about the War. Use your favorite poetry style, bonus points for the use of "Shire of Druim Doineann", "Barony of Seagirt" or "fish".
  • Final competition to be determined by the Barony of Seagirt.

Special Druim Doineann Prize:
Cooking competition: The theme is, of course, "fish". Annaline of Madrone will be judging and would like documentation to be provided with the dish. She adds, "I like creativity…" The limits of the competition are the limits of your imagination.

Druim Doineann Championship Archery Tourney
Lady Odessa of Harborcrest has much in store for the archers.
Royal Rounds, IKAC, novelty, York Rounds, One-on-One if a Marshal is available, and the ever-popular Wood’s Shoot. This year the Wood’s Shoot is to be expanded.

Site Fee: $12 adults (12 & up), $6 youth (6-11), free 5 and under. Family Cap $30 (mundane nuclear family only). Make checks payable to: Shire of Druim Doineann, SCA inc. Non-member surcharge must apply.

For additional information contact Autocrat: Angus MacFarlane (360) 417-5089 or Merchant-contact: Lady Mary of Druim Doineann (360) 452-9649 / moc.nepylo@remier.

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