Feast or Famine


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Althon Liesse
Date: August 4 , 2017 until August, 6 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 4th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 6th 2017

Event site:
Duneach Farms
256782 Hwy. 101 Port Angeles, WA 98363

…Greetings to all in the known world.


The Shire of Druim Doineann invites you to our Feast or Famine



We will be hosting an array of games. Everything has a game
theme. From heavy fighting to arts and sciences. People will be
able to compete alone or as houses. We will be having competition
prizes for each event. And a YORK SHOOT! Details below:

Gate opens at 12pm Friday.

Arts and Sciences: Sat 4pm

Board game triathlon

9 men Morris, Mancala and a mystery game. Winner will get a
custom made board game for a prize.


Heavy fighting: Sat 1pm

Human Checkers Game: The fighters will make up pieces on a
board. 2 people will be “commanding the troops” from the sidelines.
When two fighters are threatening each other, they will fight and
the victor “claims” their square. If a “piece” makes it to the
other side of the board and is crowned. They get to pick a fighter
to come back on the field.


Rapier: Sat noon

Bar brawl: Fighters will all be holding mugs as their offhand.
The mugs will be filled with water (to represent beer). The fighter
with the most liquid in their mug at the end of the brawl wins.

Musical Chairs: Instead of circling the chairs with music, the
fighters will be fighting. The players can’t die but they can loose
limbs. Last chair wins.


Archery:4pm Saturday 

Novelty shoot: The critters are loose and running across the
fields, destroying crops. The archers are set to hunt them

York Shoot: 3pm Will have a York shoot for score for


Thrown weapons 4pm Saturday 

Pin the Thrown weapon on the…: Various creatures are still on
the run, the archers are doing what they can but it is up to the
thrown weapons community to do their part to clear the herds. Their
will be animals that will needing slain. Only a “Kill shot” will
suffice. Certain areas will be marked and designated for a kill.
Most points wins.


Bard: During Allthing/Court
A bardic revel pun contest is bound to happen. We are looking for
bards willing to compete in a semi-formal competition. Anyone who
wishes to bring out their inner pun will be…awarded! Prizes for
the best performance.


Night games:

We will be promoting some night game competitions TBA.

Site opens: noon friday.

Site closes :4pm Sunday 

Site Fee:
Camping $15
Day Tripping: $10
NMS: $5
17 and under are free!

Site Info:
Name: Duneach Farms
256782 Hwy. 101
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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