Feast of the Snow Moon


Hosted in-person by Device of Wealdsmere

The Barony of Wealdsmere (Spokane, Spokane County, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Marry Moll Firth
Date: February 11 , 2023
Site opens at: 10:00 AM on February 11th 2023
Site closes at: 9:00 PM

Event site:
Redeemer Lutheran Church
3606 Shafer Rd. Spokane Valley, WA 99206

The winter has been long and cold. The larders are getting low, but there is still plenty for a feast among friends. A call is sent out across the lands to come and enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the approaching spring. There will be a myriad of classes, fighting, A&S and competition to entertain and of course the company and laughter of our friends and family. To top it off we will have a Viking feast and raise our glasses to the year to come.

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.


Beginners and Intermediate A&S:

Beginners Arts and Science must have a 3×5 card with name, SCA name if you have one and a description of your item.

Intermediate Arts and Science must have simple documentation. Both will be prize awarded and an over all populous choice.

Half dozen Largess:

Largess Competition Dirty half dozen by populous choice. Prize award

Silent Auction:

The Feast of the Snow Moon event team is hoping to hold a silent auction to supplement the Baronial coffers. Now that the flurry of the 12th Night Peer Auction has waned, do you perhaps have an expression of your time and skills you might be willing to donate to support our fair Barony?

If you do we would love to have it, please email moc.liamg@sebroFallebosI with a picture of the item, and the following information – Donor Name, a description of the item, a minimum bid, and the approximate value.

We’ll happily post items as information is sent so that everyone can see what they may want to throw a snowball (bid) at. The last day to submit an item and have it to Isobella will be Friday evening, February 10th so they can be organized and prepared to display at Feast.

Frugal Scadian: Come one, come all crafty/creative individuals.

Times are hard and everyone is making a dollar stretch. To help show how creative everyone is we will be hosting a Frugal Scadian event. Each entrant will make an SCA time appropriate outfit out of items they can find/acquire. The catch is the entire outfit (including notions) need to cost $25 or less! Time to get creative, think thrift, back of closets, etc.

Entrants will show their outfits off at Feast of Snow moon during a runway style show. If the piece is for someone else you can have them model it, but the garb must cost under $25. You can use accessory pieces on your model such as shoes and underwear, just make sure it is clear what is being judged.

There will be a prize for the best effort (as judged by our distinguished panel) and the best catwalk by a contestant will also receive a special prize.


Subtleties Contest at Feast of the Snow Moon

Theme: Magical Nature

“Subtleties or entremets (old French meaning ‘between servings) are works of art using food and storytelling and which vary between simple frumenty to more elaborate models of fruit filled castles or allegorical figures from literature.”

For this contest, make your best version of a dessert-type food item that looks like something else – leaves, fish, birds, let your imagination run wild!

This can be anything you wish, but all entries must be edible and will be served up as the desserts course after feast so they must be of a sweet variety:

Marzipan, sugar paste, pastry, cookies, cake, fruits, cheeses – any form of edible of a sweet variety suitable for a desserts course

All entries must have a 5×7 card with their ingredients fully listed

Bonus points for documentation of any sort

Bonus points for attractive presentation

Bonus points for best representation of the theme

Entries will be on display for approx. 2 hours so be wary of spoilage

Please have entries ready for display at 4:00 pm.

Winning entry will receive a prize.

Sites for inspiration and ideas:





This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Is an online gathering
Has Classes
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers a feast or meal
Offers enhanced accessibility (check for details)

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This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Registration Information

**Gate; There is no pre-registration offered for gate at this event. There will also be no PayPal option.

There is Preregistration for the feast that evening, if you would like to join, please fallow the link listed listed below.


Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Non Member $20
Member $15
Kids (15 and under Free) $0
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Preregistration for the feast has opened. Please follow the link below. (This is for the feast only, not the gate fees.)


Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
10am Gate Opens


Rapier/Heavy Tournaments Begin

Newcomers and Sumptuary





Beginners Archery Range Etiquette


12pm Lunch


Waxed Cup Covers

Leather Pouch (part 1) $5

2-4pm Build a cup
4:30pm Court Gym
6pm Feast Gym

Meal Information

Soup Lunch:

Her Excellency, the Baroness Arnora, has graciously offered to put on a soup lunch sideboard for us, which is included in the site fee.

Vegan Vegetable Soup – gluten free, low sodium

Beef Vegetable Soup – thick broth, hearty vegetables, pasta, and beef chunks

Crusty Bread rolls




You may bring your own bowl and spoon, or we will have some available.

The lunch is included in the site fee; but there will be a donation jar – drop in a quarter or a hundo 😉 or don’t, it’s fine. The proceeds will go to purchasing Newcomers gifts for the barony.


Viking Feast Inspired:

Preregistration for feast has opened. Please follow the link below.


Feast Cost (7 and up) $10

Children 6 and under are free.

***If there are any questions, or allergies please reach out to Tessa DeMoy (Mary Moll Firth) by email or message me at any time.

***GF options can be offered if the feast crew are given a heads up.

fruit (dried and fresh), Cheese, bread

First Course;
Elk Stew (onion, beef stock, leek, parsnips, celery, turnip, red wine,)

Mushroom Soup (mushrooms, milk, butter, root vegetables)
Bread (if needed GF can be offered)

Second Course;
Roasted Chicken (garlic, coriander, sat, paper)

Honey & Rosemary Roasted Rabbit (honey, salt, rosemary, pepper, apple cider vinegar)

Garlic Mushroom Hand pies (garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper, and pastry crust)

Honey Glazed Veggies; (turnips, carrots, cabbage, leek, butter, honey, salt and pepper)

Dessert; This will be the wonderful entries from the Subtleties contest listed above.

Tournament Information

Heavy Tournament

Snow Moon Tourney

All Assembled, witness the grand possibilities of the Moonlight Inspirational Tournament (Heavy).

Upon an open field, under the light of the winter moon, the populace gathers to revel and seek the Knight of the Moon Festival. Witness great deeds, and see warriors commit wonders they never dreamed of, as they are inspired to fight, challenge, overcome self-wrought limitations, and become more than they thought they might be.

This is a tourney to be fought on the behalf of the consorts present. Do not think to limit thyself to one consort, one warrior, or just one style. Upon an open field, the consorts offer challenges to whomever they please. Warriors are free to accept (or deny, if you’re not brave enough) challenges, and if the one they are inspired by wins the bout, they receive a ribbon from the defeated. Each warrior can fight for only one consort at a time – all warriors engaged on the field must be fighting for a consort in each fight. The fighting shall continue until all parties have had enough fun.

Perhaps your inspiration wishes you to lose, by asking you to fight against great odds?  Or, perhaps to win, by fighting against great odds? Want to see a dagger fight? Single sword? Greatsword against a Duke who fights one-handed?  It’s whatever the consorts desire. Whichever consort gains the most ribbons becomes the celebrated Moonlight Inspiration, to feast with the warrior of their choosing in a position of honor that evening, sharing their inspiration with the Moonlight Revelers. Upon the Baron and Baroness’ word, they will open the feast with a toast of their choosing – a worthy position, for a most worthy Moonlight Inspiration.


Here is the registration link https://forms.gle/4F2ivB7Y4pCFtprz5



Rapier Tournament;

Marshall; Wilhelus Le Casse

This will be a non elimination, everybody fights everybody tournament. Each fight will be weapons and terms as agreed upon by the combatants. The victor will give the one who lost a rose and instruct them whom to present it to as an inspiration.

The winner of the tourney will be the one who receives the most roses.


**Tournaments are set up to be inside. If the weather is nice, the MC’s will have have the option to move the tournaments outside.

Volunteer Information

There are many ways to assist if you would like to at the event. We are needing help with gate, set up/ clean up and most definitely in the kitchen. If you would like to assist, please feel free to reach out to one of the even stewards.

Classes Offered

Classes: More information will follow as we are provided updated by the teachers.
Waxed Cup Covers;
In this class we will be making cup covers using pure beeswax and fabric. Each person will come away from the class with a waxed goblet cover of their very own!
Children over 12 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult, we will be working with hot wax and flammable materials.
There is no cost for this class but it is limited to 25 persons.
1 hour
Taught by Arnora
Leather Pouch (part 1); taught by Baron Michael (part 2 will be taught by Konr at Celtic)
Build a pouch. There is a $5 charge for materials, please RSVP to Baron Michael or even stewards by Feb 6th. There will be sharp tools used for the build. Kids are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
Beginners Archery Range Etiquette
Time: around 30 min
An informal discussion about the “Do’s and Don’ts” on the Archery Range for Archers and/or spectators to help insure everyone has a safe and fun experience.
In addition, if there’s interest, information about becoming a Junior TAM (Target Archery Marshal).
Master Will Fletcher
HL Jannet Fletcher
Newcomers and Sumptuary -Sa’ada
“Newcomer’s What’s What & How” with HL Sa’ada the Purple
All ages, free
Learn why the forms of address, the pointy metal hats, fancy necklaces, bowing, and more in the SCA, and how easy it is for you to participate and be a part of it!
Build a cup part one with I’zza. Part two firing at Celtic .
Pinch Pot Vessels
Pinch pot construction is one of the oldest methods of constructing pottery and is still being practiced today. In this class you will learn more about this method and where/when it has been used. As part of the class participants will make their own pinch pot vessel to take home which can then be fired later in a pit firing later. Clay will be included and there is no fee with this class. Aprons are encouraged as we will be playing clay and it can be messy. This class is geared towards adults and older children who like playing in the mud. All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the class.
Dance; taught by Bannthegn Viola Carrara; the dances taught will be picked at the event.
“Moon Toss Toy” with HL Sa’ada the Purple.
Use & learn some very basic hand sewing skills to make a soft, moon-shaped toy with streamers.
free & materials provided; pls RSVP a week before event; adults required to accompany and assist your youth.

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